Chapter 565: Icy Blood Demonic Bee

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That ice bee was swatted away by Lugexiya with great force and it smashed straight into the surface of the ice not far away. No one knew where this little freak came from but it was extremely tenacious. It had an astonishing vitality. It struggled a few times on the ice surface before flying upwards again. After fluttering about in the sky as if it was drunk, its last bit of vitality was burned away and it fell into the ice below. It completely melted away in front of everyone.

“Little brother, are you alright?” Looking at Lugexiya holding his wrist as he emitted miserable screams, Midi’er was worried and in distress. She knew her younger brother very well. Although his temperament was impetuous and a little naughty, he would never scream like this unless he was feeling great pain which came from the bottom of his heart.

“Big sister, it hurts……” Lugexiya looked pale and his lips were trembling.

When she saw this, Midi’er pulled away Lugexiya’s hand which was covering his wrist. Her complexion turned pale in an instant. She saw that the skin and flesh on his wrist had already begun to fester. However, that wasn’t the main point. The main point was that his flesh was eaten away at a speed which was visible to the naked eye. Moreover, it seemed to be spreading. No one had thought that the poison of such a tiny ice bee would be so strong. This frightened everyone.

“What should we do? What should we do?” Midi’er used her dragon power to cover the wound, however, she discovered that it was useless. She was extremely agitated and she didn’t know what to do.

At that time, Li Qing who had always been silent among the group made a move. He waved his Ice Sword and sliced off the festering skin and flesh on Lugexiya’s wrist. In addition, his sword qi instantly froze the wound which stopped the bleeding. As for that festering skin and flesh, it fell onto the ice surface and turned into a pool of blood before long. This scene made people shudder.

Lugexiya let out a muffled groan and started to sweat] profusely. Although it was still painful, compared to the pain he felt when that poison was eroding his flesh, it was much better. Moreover, Midi’er timely used her dragon power to cure him.

“Li Qing, thank you.” Midi’er thanked with heartfelt gratitude. If it was not for Li Qing making a prompt decision, she feared that Lugexiya would have to suffer for an even longer time. Just looking at that terrifying poison, she knew that if the festering skin and flesh wasn’t cut off in time, Lugexiya’s body would eventually turn into a pool of blood.

“It’s okay.” Li Qing indifferently said as he stood to the side as he held his sword. His cold nature was still the same. In this group, other than occasionally talking to Barbarian Bull and Long Yi, he didn’t pay attention to anyone else.

“That was so scary! What is that thing?” Crystal patted her chest. Fortunately, she wasn’t the person who was stung. Otherwise, she would have to suffer the pain of having a large piece of her flesh cut off.

“I never heard that Origin Ice had this kind of poisonous bee. In the past when I came here together with Long Yi, we didn’t see anything like it. Big Sister Wushuang never told us anything about it.” Yu Feng was utterly shocked. One should know that Lugexiya was a dragon and members of the Dragon Race were known to have the strongest physique. Regardless of physical or magical defense, dragons were the strongest. Unexpectedly, this tiny ice bee was able to easily pierce through their scale armor.

“Don’t worry too much about it, we should hurry to Ice Palace. If a few of these things appear, it’s not scary. However, it’s a different case if a group of them appears.” Liuxu said.

Everyone became serious and increased their speed towards the Ice Palace.


In the Water God Space, a light blue cloud was floating in the sky. Long Yi laid on the cloud as he felt extremely comfortable. It was as though he was lying on a huge bed of water. At this moment, he was looking at water screen above and was lost in thoughts as he looked at the fishes which were swimming around. As a matter of fact, his mind had already flown to the highest heaven at this moment.

The Water God was sitting at the edge of the cloud as she unconsciously kicked her legs around. She was in a daze as she thought of something.

After a long time, the pitch-black pupils of Long Yi moved. Looking at the familiar back view, he discovered the common point between the Water God and Wushuang. Their temperament was very similar when they were quiet. The calm and indifferent aura allowed others to feel a sense of peace.

“What are you thinking about?” Long Yi extended his hand as he poked the Water God’s waist. He smelled the faint fragrance which lingered in the air. It was Wushuang’s unique fragrance.

Turning around, the Water God looked at Long Yi who was using one of his hands as a pillow as he used the other to play with her beautiful hair. He had a pleased expression on his face. As if the doing of ghosts and gods, her legs which hung down from the cloud moved and she shrunk into Long Yi’s bosom. She seemed like a little cat when she laid in Long Yi’s embrace.

Long Yi was startled. Wushuang used to do this all the time. Seeing how the Water God shrunk into his bosom, Long Yi felt as though the woman he was holding was Wushuang.

Obviously, the Water God was also surprised by her own subconscious movement. She was clearly controlling this body but some of the actions she made in front of Long Yi puzzled her. Could it be that the physical instinct was stronger than the consciousness? For instance, the marvelous telepathy between Long Yi and her… The intimate action with Long Yi caused her heartbeat to speed up.

“As of right now, are you the Water God or are you Wushuang?” Long Yi caressed the beautiful hair of the woman in his bosom and asked.

“At first, I always thought that it was me… Now, I’m not sure. Perhaps, since my consciousness entered this body, I am already no longer purely the Water God.” The Water God leaned on Long Yi’s chest and listened to his rhythmically beating heart. She felt a kind of warmth and safety she had never felt before. This was a kind of happiness for her. Who would have thought that she had never known anything about happiness before?

Long Yi thought about it and a smile appeared on his face. He agreed with this point. For instance, when his consciousness had entered the body of Ximen Yu, some of his usual behavior was affected by that young thug at times. Furthermore, there was that biological familial love which he wasn’t able to part with. Otherwise, with his usual deposition, he wouldn’t enter the quagmire of war just for the sake of the Ximen Clan.

“I only have four days left……” The Water God muttered as if she was talking to herself as she poured her heart out.

Long Yi raised his eyebrows and a feeling of pain shot through his chest.

“Are you sad?” Looking up, the Water God asked. She caressed Long Yi’s chest.

“Mmm.” Long Yi made a bitter smile and nodded his head.

“Does that mean you like me? Or is it just that marvelous relationship you have with Wushuang’s body?” A light flashed through the Water God’s eyes.

Long Yi shook his head. No one knew what Long Yi was saying… It was unknown whether he was saying he didn’t like her or not.

However, the Water God didn’t care about it and she simply stared at Long Yi’s lips for some time. All of a sudden, she sealed Long Yi’s lips with hers. The soft and warm feeling filled her body and she even felt like her private part turned a little moist. It was kind of a pleasant sensation.

As for Long Yi, he closed his eyes and he indulged himself in the soft and warm lips. He started to hallucinate and he felt as if the woman kissing him no longer had Wushuang’s appearance. Instead, she had a hazy face and only her clear pupils were visible.

The Water God simply relied on her instincts to kiss Long Yi and she sucked on his lips. Moreover, her entire body started to heat up. She became intoxicated in the feeling.

Long Yi’s breathing started to speed up and he started to take the initiative. He used the tip of his tongue to explore deeper into her mouth. He teased her fragrant tongue.

The two people got more and more engaged and her kissing skills became more and more skillful. Moreover, they felt like their consciousness had left their body and fluttered in the sky together. This kind of passion was a kind of supreme joy.

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The Water God tasted the flavor of ** for the first time. If her consciousness was in her own body, she might have never gotten this intimate with Long Yi. There was no way she would have felt such a pleasant sensation. However, her consciousness occupied Wushuang’s body and there was marvelous telepathy between Wushaung and Long Yi. As a result, she trusted Long Yi instinctively and she was extremely sensitive to his aura.

More importantly, the Water God knew nothing about the love between human beings. In that aspect, she was truly like a blank piece of paper. However, because of the connection between Wushuang and Long Yi, she tasted that kind of peculiar taste. It was very easy to get addicted once they tasted the feeling of **. What’s more, the Water God was curious. After dabbling in it once, she wanted to taste that kind of flavor again. She got caught up in an irresolvable situation.

At this moment, Long Yi had already pushed her down on the cloud and his big hand directly reached into her magic robe.  He fondled her plump and snow white **.

Letting out a moan, she felt that her private parts were tingling all over. After that, the claws of Long Yi gradually moved down and slowly slid into her thighs. He began to stroke her inner thighs lightly. He kept teasing her but his finger always maintained the distance of an inch or half an inch away from the center.

Such teasing made the inexperienced Water God feel distressed and she snorted in dissatisfaction. Moreover, she lightly bit down on his tongue that was invading her mouth.

Long Yi readily took the hint. He no longer teased her and his big hand pressed towards that small moist gorge.

The entire body of the Water God quivered and the muscles of her entire body stretched taut. Then, with a shivering feeling transmitting all over her body from her private part, her mind became a blank space. She had unexpectedly reached the peak.

Long Yi still had his eyes closed and when he felt that she had reached the peak, he wanted to explode. He turned over, pulled off the clothing of the Water God and he kissed her cheek. All of a sudden, he suddenly felt a wet and salty taste. He was instantly startled. He slowly opened his eyes and suddenly discovered that the illusory figurine in his mind had already gone far away. In front of him was a tear-stained appearance of Wushuang.

The fire of lust within Long Yi was instantly extinguished as if cold water was poured on him. Wushuang also had a Pure Yin Physique, so she might lose her power once she lost her virginity. Moreover, if his little brother entered her body, he would truly become a popsicle. Besides, this was the body of Wushuang. It was unfair for her if her first time was taken away when her body was controlled by another person.

After a good while, the Water God came back to her senses from her lingering **. She saw that Long Yi was somewhat sad as he looked at her.

“Why are you crying?” Long Yi asked.

“I don’t know. It’s just that, just a moment ago, I felt that my heart fluttered and became empty.” The Water God shook her head with red eyes.

Long Yi comforted her beautiful face in silence.

“I still have four days left. Why don’t I become your lover like Wushuang for the next four days?” The Water God faintly said. With regards to the feelings between men and women, she finally understood that it was not only sweetness but also inexplicable grief.

Long Yi shook his head and said, “I want you for a lifetime.”

The Water God was startled and she sighed gently. She snuggled into Long Yi’s bosom.

The light blue cloud slowly drifted away and that man and women who were snuggling up with each other gradually became indistinct.

Time quickly passed. It had already been two days. In these two days, Long Yi and the Water God had been staying together in this beautiful Water God Space as if they had forgotten about all their worries. They talked and laughed as they held hands. It was as though they were a pair of sweethearts. However, they limited themselves and they would only hug each other. That kind of ** behavior didn’t happen in the two days.

At this moment, the two people were sitting together on a water element sofa inside the Water God Hall. Long Yi was flipping through those books he had found in the shrine of Lost City and he asked the Water God whatever he didn’t understand. Without hiding anything, she told him everything. However, when he asked about the seven main gods, she always replied with the same line. “You will understand everything in the future.” After seeing that there were no results, Long Yi tactfully no longer asked about that. In the past, he had asked the Dark God, and the Dark God simply told him that he didn’t have the power to know about it. When he asked the Lightning God, he had also answered vaguely. Now, Long Yi was pretty strong and he was able to wear the Lightning God armor for a little while. However, when he asked the Water God about the matters regarding the seven main gods, she would dismiss his question with a single sentence. In any case, he could be regarded as the inheritor of the Lightning God. However, everything was still unknown to him. He really wondered about what exactly happened to those gods.

The Water God leaned close to Long Yi. This simple action gave her endless satisfaction. She was swinging her delicate jade legs and she suddenly noticed that her legs had a strong contrast with Long Yi’s leg. His legs were big and dark skinned, whereas, hers was small and it was snow-white. She suddenly felt as though it was extremely interesting.

Bending her toe slightly, she lightly scratched Long Yi’s feet.

Long Yi put away the book and looked down. Lifting up his big leg, he gently caressed her legs.

“It’s tickling me……” She chuckled and was unwilling to be outdone. She used her other leg to tickle Long Yi’s feet.

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At this moment, these two people were playing like children. Their legs tickled or scratched the others’ legs.

“Hello, I am seeing you for the first time, please take care of me. My name is Long Yi, what is your name?” The big toe and index toe of Long Yi walked over step by step as if they were legs of their own. They went over to the Water God’s jade legs.

The Water God chuckled and mimicking the appearance of Long Yi, she stuck up her crystal-clear big toe and said, “My name is Xiya, please treat me kindly.”

“Xiya!” Long Yi muttered repeatedly. As it turned out, main gods also had names. He looked at the slender jade leg of the Water God and was somewhat lost in thoughts. He suddenly recalled that he used to regularly play this game with Little Qi when they were young in his previous world.

“What’s wrong? Is my name unpleasant to the ears?” Seeing as Long Yi was lost in thought all of a sudden, Water God asked.

Looking up, Long Yi shook his head with a smile. He stood up and placed her on his lap.

Subconsciously, the Water God reached out her hands and hugged the neck of Long Yi and she suddenly felt that she and Long Yi seemed to be merged together in this posture.

“Xiya, accompany me for a dance.” Long Yi said with a low voice. Holding her slender waist, he began to move.

Closing her eyes, the Water God felt the world in the heart of Long Yi. In that world, under the hazy moonlight, melodious music drifted in the air and in the midst of fluttering fiery-red maple leaves, a pair of man and woman could be vaguely seen dancing along with the music. The boy was very tall and he resembled Long Yi. As for the girl, she was very dainty and she had long pitch-black hair.

The Water God was somewhat intoxicated and she was unable to differentiate whether this happiness was the happiness of that man and woman or was the happiness that belonged to her.

Suddenly, these two people trembled and that scene in their mind disappeared as if it was an illusion.

“Something has happened outside.” Water God sighed softly.


At this moment in Origin Ice, a large number of ice bees had emerged from god knows where. These ice bees had a blood-red stinger on their tail and they were of the same species which stung and wounded Lugexiya.

Those ice bees covered the entire sky. This swarm of densely packed bee was everywhere as far as the eye could see, forming a huge bee cloud which seemed to stretch on to infinity. One could clearly hear the buzzing sound even if they were several dozen li away.

“Don’t stand there in a daze, quickly enter the Ice Palace!” Liuxu shouted loudly. When they had just summoned the Ice Palace from the depth of the layer of ice, they saw this swarm of bees rapidly flying towards them. There seemed to be millions upon millions of them and they already knew the terrible aspect of these ice bees. The attack power of just one was already very powerful. If this swarm of millions upon millions of bees stung them, they were afraid that even their bones would not be left.

Everyone ran into Ice Palace in terror. Activating the barrier of Ice Palace, they made Ice Palace slowly sink into the ice again.

Just after the Ice Palace had completely sunk into the layer of ice, this swarm of ice bees instantly covered this world.

“What a close call!” Everyone was relieved. Fortunately, they had already learned of the method to employ this Ice Palace from Aunt Ou. Otherwise, they would have truly been in danger.

Other than Yu Feng, it was the first time for other people came to the Ice Palace. As such, they started to look around curiously.

Yu Feng roughly knew the layout of the Ice Palace. When the led everyone to the square of the Ice Palace, she suddenly exclaimed, “Strange, Why is the statue of the Ice Palace’s goddess missing?”

“What is so strange about it? Maybe someone moved it elsewhere.” Lugexiya said and everyone else didn’t think too much about this.

However, Yu Feng knew the importance of that statue for the Ice Palace. In the past, that woman from the Ice Palace was extremely respectful to that statue. Even when it was touched accidentally, she would kneel down and beg for forgiveness. It was obvious that the statue was extremely important. How could it be gone?

Even though she knew that it was extremely weird, she didn’t have much time to think. She saw that the ice bees were digging through the layer of ice which covered them. Seeing this, everyone looked at each other and made a wry smile.  Weren’t these ice bees supposed to be insects? Why were they able to dig a hole?

Soon, the defensive barrier of the Ice Palace was covered with dense ice bees. Then, they would stick up their tail stinger and attack crazily at the barrier. The stinger at their tail was very sturdy. Unlike common bees whose stinger would fall off after stinging once, they could continuously sting four or five times before their tail stinger falls off. Even after their corpse melted away, they possessed an extremely strong corrosive property. It quickly depleted the Ice Palace’s defensive barrier.

Although the defensive barrier of the Ice Palace was very strong, it would not be able to bear the continuous attack of such a large swarm of ice bees. In less than half a day, the defensive barrier began to fluctuate. It was clear that the barrier had already started to turn unstable. With the numbers of ice bees in this swarm, it was only a matter of time before this barrier was broken.

“Heavens, I am so unlucky. I take back my words, Origin Ice is not fun at all.” Crystal lamented in panic. Members of the Dragon Race was naturally very powerful. However, one should know that just one ice bee was already so poisonous and doughty. In front of them, there were millions upon millions of them. No matter how strong one was, it was impossible to withstand the attack from the swarm of ice bees. They would have a chance if they ran away now. If they were surrounded, they could only wait for death.

“If I had known that these abnormal things could dig a hole earlier, I would have already fled for my life.” Lugexiya bitterly said.

“Don’t talk nonsense. Now, we’ll make the Ice Palace rise above the ice once again. We’ll run away the instant the barrier breaks. As I see it, it seems that these ice bees are unable to fly very high. At that time, immediately activate your barrier to protect yourself and fly as high as you can.” Liuxu calmly made the judgment.

Having heard what was said, everyone became happy. The words of Liuxu truly made a lot of sense. Generally, the swarm of bees couldn’t fly very high. After activating their barrier to keep out these ice bees, they would soar into the skies. It would be possible for them to retain their life.

The Ice Palace slowly began to rise along with the defensive barrier, but everyone’s complexion became pale as they felt that the plan of Liuxu might be a little difficult to carry out. Now, these ice bees had blotted out the sky. Moreover, on the periphery, there were fist-sized ice bees and their tail stinger was as thick as a finger. The ice bees that were attacking the barrier were only the lowest leveled ice bees. In addition, their personal barrier was much weaker than the defensive barrier of the Ice Palace. None of them had any idea if they would be able to withstand the attack of these ice bees as they fled.

“Big sister, we will not die in this goddamned place, will we? I still haven’t gotten married yet, I don’t want to die.” Lugexiya shrunk back behind Midi’er in fear and muttered.

“Shut your mouth. You useless fellow, if you open your mouth again, I will throw you out.” Midi’er reached out her hand and grabbing Lugexiya’s ear and scolded. She didn’t want to let this kid know that she was actually terrified in her heart as well.

“Okay, okay, big sister, please let it go, I am still wounded.” Lugexiya hastily begged for mercy. After Midi’er let him go, he suddenly muttered gloomily, “Only if Long Yi was here… Everything would have been fine.”

Right, only if he was here. Everyone had this feeling in their heart in succession. At an unknown time, Long Yi had already turned into the supporting pillar of everyone. Even Lugexiya who hated and feared him remembered him at the critical moment.


At this moment, Long Yi and Water God Xiya returned to Origin Ice from the Water God Space. Seeing that huge swarm of ice bees from far away, they were shocked.

“What kind of terrible thing is that?” Long Yi exclaimed loudly.

“It’s the Icy Blood Demonic Bee. It seems that the seal is already broken and the swarm is attacking the Ice Palace. Your friends are in danger.” Xiya frowned and said.

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