Chapter 152: Embracing a Beauty

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Su Ke2Su KeMain Character was laying down in bed when he unknowingly went into the system space.

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The completed tasks on the screen were increasing, but there was three at the top of the list that Su Ke couldn’t complete.

“Task: Receive Wei Lan’s First Kiss. Reward: High School Science (Intermediate).”

“Task: Receive Luo Fei Yan’s First Kiss. Reward: High School Science (Expert).”

“Task: Receive Li Fei Fei’s First Kiss. Reward: One Wish.”

If he got a high understanding of science, taking the college entrance exams would be a piece of cake. The wish reward was even more tempting because it’s currently his only viable method to deal with Wu Yi Ren.

Task: Eliminate Yang Pei Er’s Anger. Reward: Computer Hacking Skills (Beginner).”

Once he saw the task, Su Ke choked with resentment. The reward was very alluring, but how does he get rid of Yang Pei Er’s anger? Where should she vent it?

There weren’t any clues at all.

Su Ke was a victim as well, so why should he be her punching bag?

The more he thought about it, the gloomier he became.

Su Ke hid his head under the covers and yelled ‘Sleep! Sleep!’ inside his heart.

Right as he entered the room, Su Ke saw Wang Xiao Gang excitedly shouting and welcoming him, “Hey! Su Ke, how is it? Did you fail?”  

Wang Xiao Gang’s grades were quite a bit better than Su Ke’s, so their examination venues were different. Because of this, they didn’t meet when they were taking the exams.

Su Ke just shrugged before responding, “It was fine!”

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Wei Lan looking at him with a tinge of unhappiness.

Looks like the impact of the exam is still lingering on him.

“Nothing! Buddy, let me tell you some good news!”

Wang Xiao Gang then grabbed Su Ke’s shoulder as he continued, “Bro, I probably failed this time, especially in maths and science. They were so difficult. I reckon that I’ll get mixed up with your exam venue. Next time it’ll be my turn there!”

Su Ke smiled as he playfully yelled, “Get out!”

His examination venue was the 3rd last venue in the entire grade, which is also known as the concentration camp for the lowest-ranking students.

Since Wang Xiao Gang said such a thing, it must mean that he thinks he did that bad.

Su Ke walked to his seat with Wang Xiao Gang following close behind as he said, “I reckon that you’ll be disappointed this time. I worked really hard and did quite well. The task of guarding the sixteenth examination venue will be left with you. I’ll advance this round!”

Wang Xiao Gang leaned against Su Ke’s table and jokingly said, “Boss Su Ke, what did you say just now? YOU want to advance? Did I just have an auditory hallucination!?” Boss, you’ve always been in the sixteenth venue. Your positioning is very stable, so how can you just leave when you want to?”

“You’re like the eternal unmoving sun, moon, and stars. Your the man above Mount Tai who has witnessed the rise and fall of the sixteenth venue. You’re like the Yang Tze river, watching coldly on the sidelines as countless students of the sixteenth venue were caught cheating; cleansing an uncountable number of heroes!”

Wang Xiao Gang was very poetic as he strongly expressed his admiration of Su Ke.

Su Ke lightly hit Wang Xiao Gang’s back as he exclaimed, “Scram! You wait and see, brat!” Since the teachers still needed two days to mark their exams, the results will be out between Monday morning and the afternoon.

Once class had ended, Su Ke thought that he should go see Liu Qing Qing since Liu Fei Hong told him to accompany her if he had the\ time. Her relationship between the double-headed wolf brothers was also rather stiff at the moment, so they had no idea if there was going to be an accident.

As soon as Liu Qing Qing saw Su Ke appear outside of her classroom, she was very shocked as she exclaimed, “Brother Su Ke!”

The expression on her face was one of pleasant surprise as she ran over.

The school uniform that she was wearing was somewhat loose-fitting, muting Liu Qing Qing’s vitality, but this carried another flavor.

“Qing Qing!”

Su Ke was standing at the door and attracting quite a bit of attention.

Even though this wasn’t the first time this has happened, it was still somewhat unsuitable.

As soon as she was standing right in front of him, he smiled and asked, “What do you want to eat today? My treat!”

Just like Li Fei Fei who liked to go to the school canteen, Liu Qing Qing had a soft spot for eating out.

She had a wide smile on her face as she responded, “Wang Huan and Li Yan are doing something today, so I was just going to go home and eat! You came at the right time! What about Mala soup?”  

“En, no problem!”

Naturally, he wouldn’t raise any objections.

The two of them followed the after-school crowd and headed for the school gates.

“Brother Su Ke, how did you do on the exams this time around?”

Of course, she definitely knew about the exam that the 3rd years had to take.

Even though Su Ke could tell that his grades had improved, he couldn’t give an accurate estimate on his score, so he could only vaguely answer, “Hei hei! Not too bad, not too bad!”

The mala soup shop was at the opposite side of the school, so they had to walk through the street to get there.  

Su Ke saw that there were quite a lot of cars and was about to remind Liu Qing Qing to be careful when he saw her suddenly turn her head and smile sweetly at him, directly grabbing his hand.

Her soft, boneless hand and her smooth, tender fingertips was as soft as silk. Su Ke was momentarily stunned by the very delicate feeling.

Truthfully, even though he’s gotten to know quite a few girls recently, this was the first time he’s ever held a girl’s hand.

Liu Qing Qing could feel Su Ke’s peculiarity as she tugged lightly on his hand and exclaimed, “Brother Su Ke, let’s go!”

Similarly, this was also her first time holding a guy’s hand.

Her heart was a mess and she was scared that Su Ke would slip out of her grip.

She pretended to be calm on the surface like it didn’t mean anything to her, but her palms were slightly sweaty.

“Eh! Okay!”

Su Ke didn’t know why, but his heart felt very complicated. He was feeling some excitement, surprise, and sweetness. However, he was also feeling rather guilty as he glanced around while they walked.

He didn’t see Wei Lan, so he reckoned that she had long gone home.

He didn’t see Li Fei Fei either, so that must mean she’s still reading in the classroom.

Still good, still good!

Su Ke had just returned to the present when he saw a student riding a bicycle out of the school. There was a sharp turn right at the entrance, so the cyclist was heading right towards Liu Qing Qing, so he quickly pulled her in by her hand and exclaimed, “Careful!”

Liu Qing Qing was just thinking about Su Ke’s hand, causing her heart to pound and making her completely oblivious to the student cyclist.

The force of his pull caused her to stumble and fall right into his arms, causing her to unconsciously hug him to stabilize herself.


  1. A kind of spicy broth.

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