Chapter 153: A Very Big Gang Fight

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character couldn’t stay calm at all as he walked with Liu Qing Qing to eat Mala soup.

The two of them held hands the entire time, making him feel rather absent-minded until they came back for afternoon classes.

His gaze would occasionally drift and he would glance at Wei Lan.

After doing this a few times, she finally felt his gaze and turned around to look at him.

Wei Lan is the girl he’s been in contact with the longest. Su Ke also admitted that for a girlfriend, she was his first choice.

However, after he held Liu Qing Qing’s hand, his heart felt otherwise even though he didn’t know why.


Even though he did his best to refuse Liu Qing Qing’s confession in the beginning, after this amount of physical contact, this little girl has been working tirelessly.

Don’t tell him this was the legendary ‘boys chasing girls is like crossing mountains; girls chasing boys is like piercing through a layer of muslin’?

The more he thought about it, the more confused he got.

In a moment, even Li Fei Fei, Zheng Mo, Hong Chen, Liu Fei Hong, Du Wan, and Qin Zheng all came out.

“Oh my god! What happened to me?”

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Su Ke felt that after he got the system, he had managed to establish close ties with so many women, which has never happened before.

The school bell then suddenly rang, jarring Su Ke out of his chaotic thoughts.

His mind had wandered during the entire class; he totally didn’t remember anything the teacher said.


At this moment, someone suddenly shouted “Elder Brother Su!” from the classroom door, so Su Ke turned around and instantly frowned once he saw who it was.

It wasn’t just anyone, but the son of the school’s dean, Li Da Xing.

The same Li Da Xing who had been taught a lesson in the school cafeteria was now peeking through the door and staring at Su Ke.

Although Su Ke didn’t like him, the guy did come all this way to look for him, so he couldn’t just ignore him.  As soon as Su Ke stood up and walked over to him, Wang Xiao Gang recognized him and stood up as well to encourage Su Ke.

When Li Da Xing saw Su Ke walking over, he quickly nodded before repeating, “Elder Brother Su!” His expression was a little awkward, and Liu Chao, who was behind him, also looked really embarrassed.


A year one student calling him ‘Elder Brother Su’ (1) was very normal. However, no matter how he looked, this person seemed really suspicious and obviously carried ill-intent.


“Do you need something?”

“That’s right! I borrowed money from you before!”

Since the other party spoke politely, then Su Ke wouldn’t retaliate.

Seems like they want to settle their accounts.

“That’s not it, Su Ke. I didn’t come here for the money. Just take it as compensation, Elder Brother!”

Li Da Xing also recognised the situation and quickly stopped Su Ke’s actions. He waved his hand and said, “Elder Brother Su Ke, I’m having a bit of trouble this time. Please help me!”

“En?” Su Ke was rather surprised when he heard this. This kid uses his father’s position to tyrannize the school, some people even sucking up to him and following along aimlessly.

In what way could Su Ke help him!

“Did I hear you right? You want me to help you? How?”

Let’s not mention whether he could actually help or not, but the two of them had some old grievances between them.

“Elder Brother Su Ke, you have to help me this time! People from outside the school have come to bully me. Please, I’m begging you!” Li Da Xing was really anxious when he saw the expression on Su Ke’s face.

“This time, it’s really not my fault!”

“En?” Su Ke had his interest piqued.

Don’t tell me that this kid provoked an outsider? With his personality, that’s definitely a possibility.

Su Ke’s gaze changed again as he looked at him with a quizzical look, so Li Da Xing quickly told the whole story.


At noon today, Li Da Xing took a few friends to eat outside.

Unknowingly, he had provoked some people and those people were from Wei Hai 8th middle school. Both sides took action. Even though it was a draw, nobody suffered any losses.

The people from the 8th middle school then issued a challenge, collected their names, and let Li Da Xing recollect himself before coming to find them.

After returning to school, Li Da Xing wanted to find someone to help him and investigate who the brat was. It turns out that this brat was a bad egg in school that fights with gangs and frequently brings 20+ people out to fight.

Even though Li Da Xing was in year 1 of high school, he knew that even if he could find some people from school to help, there wouldn’t be very many because he’s been in school for such a short period of time. However, if he told his old man, Li Da Xing would directly lose face (2).


After thinking it through, he still decided to rely on Su Ke in the end. He was rather scared though because Su Ke is a good fighter. He could personally attest to that.

Also, he had fought with some other hooligans before and won!

If Li Da Xing could get his help, then his current situation will be assured.

Su Ke stood in the corridor and listened to Li Da Xing’s explanation.

Once he finished, he shook his head and resolutely said, “Not interested!”

Li Da Xing quickly grabbed Su Ke’s arm once he saw him turn around and try to walk away. “Elder Brother Su, I’m begging you! I, Li Da Xing, will remember your magnanimity!”

He was so anxious, his eyes were bright red. This time, someone was finding trouble at his door. If he was schooled in his own base, he’s afraid he would have no more face to see anyone.

“Do I need you to remember my magnanimity?”

Su Ke then directly shrugged off Li Da Xing’s hand, turned around, and returned to class.

Li Da Xing’s life or death situation had completely nothing to do with him.


Wang Xiao Gang, who was standing behind Su Ke the whole time, patted his shoulder as he exclaimed, “You b*st*rd! Boss Su, I feel that you wish to become 17th high’s gang leader!”

As they sat back down in their seats, Su Ke exclaimed, “If you want to be, go do it! It’s way too troublesome!”

Su Ke was instinctively unwilling to cooperate with Li Da Xing.

That kind of person is not worth knowing.

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However, even after second period, Su Ke couldn’t change his mind because Li Fei Fei was at the door.

“You want me to help him out!?”

Su Ke was rather surprised that Li Fei Fei would speak up for Li Da Xing.

“Ai! Just do as you see fit! I can’t stand a big man crying in front of me! However, if you can help, just help. His father is the school dean! You beat up his son last time, so there’s no telling what kind of trouble he’ll make for you!”


Li Fei Fei was also feeling rather  helpless. In turned out that after Li Da Xing left, he went to find Li Fei Fei and loudly cried in front of her. She wanted to leave school immediately, but she stayed; against her better judgment.

“Okay, we’ll see when the time comes!”

Su Ke naturally wouldn’t reject Li Fei Fei. It was nothing more than a small effort on his part. Right now, he has intermediate level Jeet Kune Do, so dealing with some students won’t take much effort.

Once school ended, Su Ke headed for the school gates, but before he could leave, he saw a group of 30+ people milling about in front of the school.

‘F*ck! So many people!’

Some were wearing school uniforms, which were definitely from 8th middle school.

Each one had their arms crossed over their chests as they stared at the school gates, giving off the imposing manner of a gang.


  1.  Technically, in Mandarin, the word they use, 哥, means older brother. I usually don’t translate the entire thing because I feel it sounds really bulky and awkward in English.
  2. Being humiliated, basically.


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