Chapter 125 – Operation End

“To think you can claim that what you just did was an achievement, how ridiculous can you get! You lost 8 people, 8 high level 70 users to one monster! How am I supposed to explain this to the higher ups now?” In an office inside of the Yietal ship, throwing a tantrum, the commander of the Yietal fleet heavily reprimanded Zythos.

“It couldn’t be helped, the Inzektor that was hosting the core was too powerful to deal with,” Zythos mumbled.

“Of course it’s powerful, it’s a level 80! Did you not fight it in your simulations? Well of course you did, but the reality is much different than the simulations. You were overconfident on your assault, and when there was no turning back, you press onwards. Which is why you should have let the other squads wear it down first before you charge in for the kill,” the Fleet Commander proclaimed as he smacked Zythos in the head. “Instead of rushing to your deaths you could have weakened other forces. Nevermind that, I have some orders that just came in from Headquarters.”

“Orders?” Zythos grew curious about what they had to say about the results.

“From the battle, we could see that you and several others had been able to eliminate the Swarm Host’s and after this mission, you will all be commended and promoted. However, a troublesome factor appeared. Because of your idiot friend Chester who riled up the swarm of Inzektors, he created an opportunity for one of the members in the NX fleet to show off which caught the eye of the members in the Alliance. Although it isn’t a huge promotion to like Fleet Commander due to lack of personnel and ships. He will more than likely be the leader of his on platoon after we return, and judging from his display in skill the higher-ups judged that he may interfere with our plans,” the commander stated as he read off a document.

“So what do you think we should do?”

The commander began to brief Zythos about the current situation. “Our mission is to assassinate him within the next few months while we’re out here. Unfortunately, there are no enemies around here, if he were to land on the planet that’s a different story. During this two months, the Alliance will be sending two convoys, the first one is a few weeks away where they will refuel our ammunition and supply us more combatants in case of an attack by the Inzektor race. The second one is a month later where several more fleets would arrive, and we subjugate the Inzektors on the planet and colonize it as our own. This is the last opportunity we have to take him down, but before that, I will have one of our members watch over him.”

“So what should I do now?” Zythos asked.

“For now review why you were so failed badly on your assault on the core. I think your father will want to hear from you personally about these results later on. Alright, you’re dismissed, get your face out of my sight” the commander replied as he looked away, ignoring Zythos as he resumed his paperwork.

Zythos slowly left the room and closed the door behind before letting out a sigh, his friend got himself killed because he wanted more achievements and Zythos got his teammates killed because he rushed too much without thinking.

He returned to his room dejected, thinking where he had gone wrong.

“What a brat, I can’t believe I have to watch over him. If it weren’t for the clan leader, I wouldn’t even bother doing so.” When Zythos left the room, the commander let out a few curses before he turned on his BMPU.

“How can I help?” A deep voice responded to him. Seeing the person the commander grinned and said, “The mission changed, we are no longer observing the NX fleet, we’re now targeting one of their members.”

“… is it who I think it is?” The voice responded with certainty. The commander gave the nod before stating, “Find a chance to eliminate him and try to make it inconspicuous. If you get caught remember your duties.”

“Acknowledged,” the voice responded before ending the call.

“Hmph, so many pawns, but all of them are useless. Hopefully, this turns out better or else my head will be served on a platter when we get back. But if I can get this done all that awaits me is money and glory. Hahaha and I don’t have to lift a single finger to achieve it!” The commander couldn’t help but smirk. However, his facial expression changed as he gazed upon the pile of documents he has to handle.

Thinking for a moment, he made another call, “Ah, can you get one of the members on the bridge who is experienced in handling the paperwork to come to my room? Yes? Okay, thanks.”

‘Being a boss was way too easy’ the commander thought.

“A promotion, eh?” Luon stood alone on a deck, viewing the large planet before him. For an Inzektor infested planet, it was filled with green lush. According to the documents recorded on the mission briefing, this planet used to inhabit a numerous amount of citizens in the early days of the alliance, it was prosperous until the Inzektors attacked multiple battlefronts causing it to ruin. Luon was looking forward to exploring the place which had been deserted by humanity for a few centuries.

After the battle was over Luon rested for a few days before meeting up with the other members of the team, the campaign had killed about 5% of their forces in total. Most of who died were new recruits from various solar systems. Hearing the results, Luon was pleased to hear about his promotion for redirecting the swarm of Inzektors. If he hadn’t the number of casualties would have been increased by a few more percentages.

“But still her face was quite funny,” Luon joked as he recalls the sight of Belle asking about how he obtained the explosives and the excessive cost of them.

After their first training camp, Luon had collected a large number of explosives and tested their lethality over time. He reckoned that the easiest way to deal with small-fry Inzektors is by using them. The reason that it isn’t used often was that higher level Inzektors can survive against them explosives and it was costly.

Higher level beings usually have a defensive mechanism to such simple attacks, and unless one had fired off a nuke, there was no way to defeat them unless one was equally as powerful. Which is why most people neglect to pick up explosives. Another reason being is that it wasn’t a material that the government supplied, so the cost had come out of his pockets. Despite this, he still had the gall to ask Arisa and Belle for some money back.

With the money, he could buy more explosives and materials, and he could use that to kill more Inzektors. Luon couldn’t help but recall the expressionless face Zythos had when he came to the realization that his teammates were all dead. How would he feel when the same thing was to happen to him? He didn’t know, the only thing he could do now was to prevent such a thing from happening.

“Whose face was funny?” While Luon was still thinking about the best way to make use of explosives, a voice interrupted his thought process.

He turned, and his eyes met Arisa who appeared before him.

Luon looked back at the planet as he replied, “It’s nothing for Commander Arisa to worry about.”

“Cease the formalities, there’s no need for such thing between us,” Arisa frowned at his remark.

“No can do, I mean look over there,” Luon replied as he pointed at a security camera on the deck.

Arisa giggled, “Don’t worry about that, I had Keyral deal with it earlier.”

“So what do you want that would warrant such actions?” Luon turned around and questioned her. “If it’s about my promotion then I am quite grateful for it.”

“Is that how you truly feel?” Arisa asked as he looked at him in the eye with a severe look.

“What do you mean?” Luon snapped back.

“Tell me, in all honesty. Do you deplore our current social system we use in the Nexus solar system? Where peasants will always stay as peasants. Where the rich and noble will remain in their seats despite how they are?” Arisa explained.

“Are you implying that the three biggest forces in the Nexus solar system shouldn’t exist and everyone had a free right depending on their abilities? I would be lying if I said I am satisfied, but at the same time, I couldn’t care less,” Luon replied.

“Oh, and why is that?” Arisa asked out of curiosity.

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“Because without structure we will end up being a mob off with the mentality to follow trends. A wild waste of a planet that would be consumed by the desire of multiple citizens who advocate free will and right while true men die on the battlefield unnamed. Rather than rely on the people, it’s easier to think that such a large organization will handle most of the work for us.” Luon pointed out, he then added, “Which is why in the past we had seen many people succeed when they took the helm of things.”

“Even if the current society is corrupt?” Arisa inquired.

“Even then, people still live,” Luon nonchalantly replied before turning back to view the planet.

Seeing how he ended the conversation on that remark, Arisa sighed as she stood beside Luon and gazed at the planet before them.

“Is it fun to look at the planet like this? I can’t see the charm in so,” Arisa asked.

“When things get stressful, and when people are too occupied to see their surroundings they miss the chance to gaze at the beauty of the world. Have you ever considered to stop and think about this? We can see such amazing sights, but not a single soul is here to witness it,” Luon answered.

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“But can’t you see it in the Vortex Container?”

“It’s because I’m not in the Vortex Container that I can appreciate it even more.” Luon looked at Arisa and said, “This is something that is actually in front of me and not a figment of what the system conjured up for people to see.”

“How do you know that this life isn’t fake? Have you ever thought that the reality you’re experiencing now is just another dream or simulation? Another story told in a realm that you’re unable to reach?”

“Even if it was, it doesn’t change the fact that I lived, or I thought I have lived at this moment. Enough of the philosophy, what exactly do you want.” Luon got to the point, he wondered why Arisa was beating around the bush like this when he wanted to be alone.

“This… I want to ask what are your plans in life,” Arisa built up the courage and asked.

Hearing her query, Luon replied, “What are you, my counselor? Why should I tell you this?”

“Well, to be honest, after this battle I got some replies from some individuals who submitted their resignation letter because they were afraid of dying, which is quite reasonable. I was wondering if you felt the same way… I mean why are you even battling in the first place?”

Luon looked up and gave it some thought before he said, “As I said, the Inzektors is threatening every single being in the universe. Eventually, we will all die if no one stood and fought them.”

“And you will continue to fight them?”

“Until the end.”

Arisa looked at Luon, she didn’t know what drove him onwards like this and timidly asked, “Have you ever considered settling down?”

Her words reminded him of when he died during the first simulation, the regret of being an unfilial son along with the despair of losing his wife in the second simulation came to his mind. He stopped for a moment and said, “I… might consider it, just a bit.”

“Then…” Mustering up her feelings she asked, “Will you consider me?”

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