Chapter 126 – Realization

“Will you consider me?”

On an empty deck overseeing a luxurious green planet, Arisa faced Luon and said these words with passion.

Luon appeared dumbfounded. Seeing his stunned expression, Arisa realized that Luon has probably never considered her as a marriage candidate. Arisa blushed momentarily before continuing, “I mean when you go and settle down. You would want your own house, kids… a-and a wife.”

Luon woke up from his stupor and looked at her with disbelief. Although he did say he would consider settling down, he didn’t think that far as Arisa had. Other than combat training, crafting, and commanding, he found himself too busy to think about the regular aspects of life that an average person would have.

Whatever happened to his ideal lifestyle of living in a lovely home and reading books all day? Although engineering and crafting was something he had liked doing, it was mainly for work. All of this changed after Luon had awakened into this world.

Luon didn’t have any aspirations during his first simulation, all he wanted to do was lounge around and read. With the sudden turn of events he has been submitted to Nexus University with the lure of knowledge, he partook in the virtual battles because they were interesting.

Now, after he finished graduating his life was filled with danger. In fact, just a moment ago he had seen several people lay dead in front of him, some of which he knew.

Death wasn’t anything special before. Luon had become numb to it after seeing it so many times in the Vortex Container, but he never stopped to actually consider it. He had said to himself multiple times that this life was the reality and it wasn’t a dream, but did he actually mean those words? Did he genuinely value the life he has right now? Luon couldn’t help but feel conflicted about his ideas.

And now this event had led him to realize this fact along with another important aspect to consider. His feelings towards the girl in front of him. Arisa’s beauty had smitten many men, her personality was a little rough, but it had quite an appeal to Luon. That very person was offering herself to Luon like a fish on a platter, even if it was something to take for consideration.

Perceiving his passionate gaze, Arisa couldn’t help but reddened. Realizing that he had gone a little too far, Luon quickly looked away and closed his eyes as he thought about what kind of future would he have if he did agree.

‘A house… would be no problem at all with our financial situation. The only problem would be getting a job that won’t put us at risk.’


‘I could probably make do with working at Zekar’s place with Thomas and later on we can take over his business when he retires, but that would also mean we would have to deal with the other members in the underworld…’


‘Instructor Lin can probably help us with this if I asked. Arisa wouldn’t need to work if I did manage to lead the underworld. After that would be kids… there shouldn’t be any problems with our nightlife…’

“Are you awake?.”

‘The biggest problem would be dealing with her family members… they wouldn’t let this go at all especially since this is dealing with their main heir. Especially since her mother dislikes Zekar… what would I need to do to appease her? Mayb-’

“Hey!! Answer me!!”

“Ahh, can’t you be quiet for a second I am in the middle of considering something!” Luon opened his eyes and shouted at Arisa.

“Ah,” Arisa eyes brightened as she thought Luon was thinking about her when he was actually thinking about what kind of troubles she’ll bring along with her. Arisa couldn’t help but ask, “So what’s your response? Do you like me?”

Luon looked away and said, “If you’re asking just that then, of course, I like you. It’s not like I hate you or anything.”


Luon sighed as he continued, “But don’t get me wrong, you know I can’t actually consider you because of our circumstances.”

Arisa wanted to retort to his remark but couldn’t find the right words to say. She knew that her family wouldn’t accept Luon and they especially wouldn’t accept the fact that she would leave the household just for him. Bloodlines are a crucial aspect to the Nightwalker family, to introduce an outsider whose bloodline was mixed between a human and an elf was just madness.

Arisa grew gloomy at the thought of this. Luon who was awaiting a response noticed the change. With a determined expression, he gave a light cough to garner her attention.

“Well that is if I actually would want to go out with you, but if we look at the big picture, then I’ll be the one losing out on things,” Luon proclaimed.

“Losing out? What do you mean?”

“Well since I’m just considering things then wouldn’t marrying someone else be way better than you? I mean if I had to settle with you then you’ll be bringing trouble to me. Whether it be relatives, fans, hell even the press would be annoying. It’s having a random person marry an idol out of the blue. Rather than go through all that someone like Shizuka or Belle is way better than you,” Luon rambled on as Arisa’s dark, depressing aura turned more vicious a second.

“Who needs to be rich when they can keep their life? There are many fishes in the sea waiting for this captain to hunt them. The people from the Sea Kingdom are famed for their well-nourished and smooth skin, the alluring curves that dragon women have, the heartwarming aura that angelic beings emit. So many beauties yet so little time,” Luon continued.

“Is that so?! So there are many people way better than me to consider?” Arisa furiously asked him.

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“Yes! In fact, many of them are here right now! Commander I recommend we regroup with the other ships and share our thoughts in this battle with the other ships! I’m sure they’ll be willing to hear my heroic tales of dashing towards death and fighting hordes of Inzektors,” Luon dazed blankly as he drooled at the thought of beauties fawning over him.

“Woah, hey now calm down a bit no need to get a little feisty now.” Arisa sends a series punches right by Luon who dodged it by an inch away.

“I only said to consider me, you didn’t have to take it seriously you idiot!” Arisa stopped her attacks and ran away, frustrated at the situation.

“Well, that’s that,” Luon ogled at her fleeting back. The girl he knew was no more, she was replaced with a righteous, merciless commander.

Luon scratched his head as he smirked at the camera. “Well? Are you done looking? You should go and comfort her.”

The red light flashed off indicating that Keyral’s control was gone. But still didn’t drop down his guard. He turned one corner of the deck waited for a response. At the spot Luon was gazing at, a person mysteriously appeared and asked, “How did you know?”

Luon laughed at their question as he replied, “I just do, but I wonder why you are here watching us the entire time, Roda.”

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“Hmph, acting all mysterious on me once you have the upper hand. Anyways the reason why I was hiding here is so that you don’t harm the young miss.”

“You’ve been hired by Arisa as a guard?”

“Not just me, but everyone else was as well. You can just say we’re her excellency’s shadows.” Roda stood proudly in front of Luon as if she felt accomplished.

“Shadows, eh? Well, good luck improving on your stealth technique then.” Luon started to leave the vicinity only to be stopped by her hand which halted his passage. He looked at her, displeased. “What do you want?”

“You haven’t told me how you found me.”

“Who cares about such a thing.” Luon walked around her before stopping for a second.

“Having second thoughts about telling me how you did it?” Roda asked.

“No, I’m just wondering. Since you saw everything just now, from your perspective, did I do the right thing?” Luon sent her a sharp gaze as he asked the question.

She smirked as slowly uttered, “Who cares about such a thing.”

Luon clicked his tongue before turning around and leaving the area, if he had to mark a female down for someone he wouldn’t want to deal with, Roda would be on that list.

It hadn’t even been 24 hours since the event did things get rowdier on the ship for Luon. Numerous staff members hurried about as a ship docked in their hanger bay and connected it with their own. Arisa didn’t take Luon’s words of finding another beauty on another fleet ship seriously. Instead, the newly arrived ship was the advance group of reinforcements that had just come to supply their ships inventory.

Among the newly arrived material was also freshly arrived staff. Belle cheered as she managed to get an expansion on her squadron. “Yeah! We’re already double our size now! 30 people, well 26 if you’re excluding the robots, but it’s still quite the improvement! And on top of that, we have 5 more engineers, one of which is someone we’re all familiar with!”

“It’s been awhile, Belle.”

“It has. You’ve been so busy with Nexus Corporation that I’ve never seen you at all Shizuka. Did they make you come here to improve your standings?” Belle asked.

Shizuka nodded, slowly she had been taking several duties over in replace of her father. However, many of the higher-ups expressed that she needed some life experience to ensure that their future products would be helpful to actual soldiers.

Shizuka examined Belle’s squad and when her eyes met with Luon’s she smiled and waved her hand. Luon was surprised at the way Shizuka portrayed herself. Usually, she was cold and aloof, but she was easy-going and full of smiles. It was almost as if she was an entirely different person.

Luon became afraid of what politics had done to a girl like her to make her this way. He wryly smiled back as he gave a short wave.

“Well since you’re here now, then you must know about the Alliance’s future plans to take over the planet right? Can you give us a little hint? Other than Arisa we’re all out here left out in the cold.” Belle tried to exaggerate the meaning by crossing her arms over and pretending to shiver.


But before Shizuka could even reply the lights on the ship turned off. The darkness caught everyone off-guard, but it only lasted for a second. The lights were back on, but instead of being the bright normal one, it gave a dark red hue.

“Emergency, emergency. Team leaders report to the meeting room immediately. All personnel, please go on standby for combat. I repeat, team leaders report the meeting room, and all personnel, please be ready for combat.” The ships public announcer said with haste.

“You guys head to your ships after the other fleet disengages with our hanger. I’ll go check out the situation with Shizuka.” Belle ordered.

“Yes, captain!” Every member of her squadron shouted.

Luon started to order the newly acquired maintenance staff to load up and arm all of the ships, and after about an hour their squad was ready to go. After guiding the new recruits to their quarters and telling them to lock themselves inside, Luon returned to his spaceship.

Just as he arrived, a projection appeared in front of everyone from their BMPU. Arisa who appeared had a solemn expression. “I’m sure you’re all aware that emergency situations don’t often happen right? So I’ll just cut to the chase. We’re abandoning the mission, and we need some time to evacuate before the enemies arrive. There is a high possibility that we will have to engage with the enemy, and there is no guarantee that everything will go well. As for the number of enemies, like how we outnumbered them before they outnumber us now.”

The situation was grave, outnumbering their opponent was the best way to reduce their casualties, because of their strategy they had lost about 5 percent of their force.

Arisa continued, “As for how much they outnumber us by, let’s just say that there is ten times more of them than us. Even with the newly arrived reinforcements included.”

Escaping was their only choice.

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