Chapter 154: Su Ke is Besieged!

Li Da Xing did find a few helpers, around ten of them.

They were pretty much all athletes with burly bodies and intimidating faces.

However, compared to the number of people outside, they were but a mere trifle.

When school ended, a large crowd of eager people crowded around the gates as they waited for the excitement. They were divided into two neatly lined rows, trying their best not to get too close to the students in the middle.

Even fools could see that they must have come to cause trouble.

Li Da Xing was anxious like a cat on a hot tin roof, hiding behind the gates, not daring to come out. “Why aren’t they here yet?” His small face was pale with fright.

Also, upon further inspection, the people he gathered all had weird expressions on their faces after seeing the number of people in front of them.

If they were of equal strength, they could still fight, even if they couldn’t take the advantage.

However, there was 30+ people in front of them, so it was impossible to fight!


Liu Chao, who had also accompanied Li Da Xing at noon, was stunned as he exclaimed, “Brother Xing, why don’t we go hide!? If they can’t wait, they’ll leave!”   

“Hiding is not an option! Why isn’t Su Ke2Su KeMain Character here yet!?”

After Li Da Xing knew that Su Ke had agreed to help him, he felt a lot more calm.

The first thing he did after school ended was to find Su Ke, but he didn’t even see his shadow.

Unknowingly, a student wearing the 8th middle school uniform suddenly stepped forward, standing near Li Da Xing position as he pointed and said, “Brat, do you want to come out, or do we go in?”  

This was the person who fought with Li Da Xing earlier.

He had a round face, hair shaved close to the scalp, and his face carried a trace of acne.

He was wearing a Nike jacket as he arrogantly pointed at Li Da Xing.

Li Da Xing unconsciously took a step back as he nervously asked, “What do you want to do!?”


“You see, my boss is just across from us. If you’re tactful, you should go over and kneel to apologize. If you compensate us for our traveling fees, we’ll just forget this ever happened. If not, hmph, just these few people by your side will all die in a few minutes!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he pointed at the people across the way.

Li Da Xing felt that he really couldn’t the let people down, so he clenched his teeth and yelled, “Who’s scared of who!? If you want to fight, let’s fight!”

Li Da Xing really wanted to run, but before he could take two steps forward, he turned around and saw that besides Liu Chao who was following him, the helpers he found were all standing still with hesitation etched on their faces.

Unexpectedly, as Li Da Xing was distracted, the brat took a few steps forward and slapped him with a “Pa!”, leaving a red five-fingered mark on his face.

“You!” Li Da Xing was stunned, and just as he was about to retaliate, Liu Chao held him back.

Li Da Xing was completely red as he furiously shouted, “Liu Chao, let go! If you’re scared, then scram! I f*cking don’t have any friends!. I’ll just die alone!”


“Brother Xing, a wise man knows not to fight when the odds are against him; why don’t we go find a teacher!?” Liu Chao then pulled Li Da Xing’s arm and was about to go back, but who knew that his actions had infuriated the 8th middle school student.


Without warning, he had suddenly slapped Liu Chao.

“Stop your f*cking nonsense! If you still don’t come out and fight! If you still don’t kneel and beg for forgiveness! Haven’t you investigated who I, Guo Peng Fei, am?”

Just as Guo Peng Fei was blustering about, a cold and unharmonious voice suddenly sounded, “Scram!”

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“Who the f*ck are you!?”

Guo Peng Fei saw that a student stepped forward from the school, and even brought two girls with him. He was about to open his mouth and continue his scolding, but Su Ke interrupted him,

“I asked you to scram, didn’t you hear me!?”

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Su Ke was standing right next to Li Da Xing and scratching his nose.

Wei Lan and Li Fei Fei were behind him, but as soon as they saw all the rough looking people, they started to panic. Li Fei Fei was also starting to regret asking Su Ke to help Li Da Xing.


Once Guo Peng Fei saw that it was Su Ke, the expression on his face contorted into a disgusted one. However, it immediately changed back to normal once he remembered all the comrades standing behind him. “F*ck, it’s good that you came! I’ll settle you guys together!”

Li Da Xing was actually sincere this time as he cried out, “Elder Brother Su!”

Comparatively, the people he usually played with have become ostriches, but the person who taught him a lesson before had actually stepped out to help him.

Thinking until here, his eyes became red as Su Ke turned around and glanced at him before turning back around and facing Guo Peng Fei.

Li Da Xing then suddenly saw Su Ke take one step forward and kick out a leg, his foot imprinting into Guo Peng Fei’s stomach before he bent his knee ever so slightly and put pressure in his leg, causing him to fly three meters away with a “Bang!”


Originally, when Su Ke saw that the 8th middle school had so many people, he felt reluctant. However, before he could change his mind, he realized that the person who had given two slaps was actually the person who had molested Wei Lan in the bookstore that day.

The fire in his heart was raging, so he quickly sent him flying out of the school gates.

Su Ke then walked out of the school to where Guo Peng Fei landed and saw that he had a face full of suffering and fear, struggling to sit up.

Su Ke bent over him and said, “I told you to scram, did you really not hear me?”

“You f*cker!” Guo Peng Fei’s round face was full of acne. However, as soon as he thought about all the people he brought, the panic in his heart slowly dimmed. With renewed confidence, he looked up, only to see Su Ke’s hand swiftly approaching his face.

This situation was noticed by the people across the street.


“Negligence! Brothers, beat him up!”

Within the 8th middle school group, the one giving orders was a tall skinny guy that seemed to be Guo Peng Fei’s lackey. If not, when Su Ke first hit him, there would have been a reaction.

Seeing his little brother being hit, the tall skinny one yelled and the 30+ people rushed over.

The old man in the reception area at the gates was so scared, he ran back in.

Two minutes; in two minutes, Su Ke was surrounded.

However, because there were so many people, the fighting space was limited.

There was constant screaming, shouting, and cursing all mixed together.

Huang Mao, along with there other guys, were sitting across the street smoking when they noticed a fight, “F*ck, that’s Su Ke!”

They were just watching a good show take place until they saw Su Ke suddenly appear.

Only after they realized that Su Ke was surrounded did they react.

Huang Mao had always been standing guard at the school gates these past few days.

He had even seen Su Ke following Liu Qing Qing for lunch at noon and said hello.

Who knew that this situation would occur?

No matter what, he couldn’t be a bystander!

He picked up a metal rod off the ground before rushing over to Su Ke.


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