Chapter 155: Three Boats Arriving

What exactly is the level of Jeet Kune Do at the intermediate mastery level?

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character’s body immediately showed it as he flexibly moved his body.

He didn’t use all of his strength, but if someone was hit, they would immediately fall.

The more Su Ke fought, the faster he became. The wind whistled every time he punched someone, but he made sure to avoid their vital points so he doesn’t hurt them too badly.

The skinny tall one acted like their boss, but he was not even close to boss material.

It’s reasonable to say that in this time frame, Su Ke would have already bloodied him up if he could.


However, before he could react, the real hooligans showed up.

Followed by two younger brothers who couldn’t miss the opportunity, Huang Mao entered the fight carrying an iron pipe. These students were usually arrogant, but after meeting Huang Mao and his people, they could only get trashed. The skinny tall ‘boss’ suddenly felt a sharp pain shoot across his back, so he turned around and found a blond ugly ghost smiling at him.

Jeet Kune Do is different from military boxing since it isn’t rigid, but flexible and free.

It allowed someone to do as they please.

With Su Ke’s current attitude, his fists were exploding with power, his steps were nimble, and his body was full of strength.


After he completely warmed up, each leg and fist was like a cannon as he struck his enemies.

Su Ke then kicked one of the students in front of him, causing him to fly backwards.

Only then did he see a circle of bloody and broken people strewn around him.

The people that were still standing were huddled up, most of them bleeding.

“Everyone kneel!”

He didn’t know who shouted, but in just a moment, the people in his peripherals all knelt, stunning Su Ke.

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He glanced around, and as expected, he saw Huang Mao and his two brothers running over.

“Brother Su Ke, hei hei, sorry to bother you!”

Huang Mao and his people were all waving their iron pipes around, smiling like they were asking for recognition.


At this moment, one of Huang Mao’s underlings hauled the skinny tall student in front of Su Ke and exclaimed, “Brother Su Ke, this is the boss!”

He then slapped the student and yelled, “Apologize!”

The skinny tall student was no longer feeling arrogant. His left eye was bruised shut, and once he was slapped, he fell to his knees.

He looked at Su Ke with his good eye and exclaimed, “Brother Su Ke, I was wrong!”


Su Ke then looked at Huang Mao as he yelled, “I’ve troubled you guys with my problem!”

“Hai! Brother Su Ke, you’re being too formal! Even if we didn’t help, these brats would have still been beaten black and blue until not even their mothers could recognize them!”

Huang Mao was speaking the truth. He originally wanted to help, but who knew that before he could take action, Su Ke had already beaten the majority of them.


“Brother! I was wrong!” Guo Peng Fei was also kneeling close by.

He was already scared out of his wits, but after hearing the lead gangster call Su Ke ‘brother’, he crawled in front of him and started begging.


Su Ke then noticed a lot of other students hiding by the school gates.

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Looks like his image was going down the drain after today.

Li Da Xing was scared silly ever since Su Ke was surrounded, especially when Huang Mao and his people entered the fray. He dearly wanted to go back inside the school.

The three hooligans carrying iron pipes were clearly not heavyweights.

However, in the next moment, they realized that Huang Mao and his group were incessantly hitting the 8th middle school students with their iron pipes, making blood fly everywhere.

Li Da Xing and his group stopped cold in their tracks.

Once everything ended, besides the ones that were knocked unconscious, the 8th middle school students were kneeling outside the school gates.


Li Da Xing let out a breath before running over to Su Ke and exclaiming, “Brother Su, thank you very much!”

He then towards Huang Mao and took this chance to become familiar with him by saying, “Brother Huang Mao!”

Huang Mao completely ignored Li Da Xing, glancing at the kneeling students instead as he exclaimed, “Brother Su Ke, do you want to beat these people up!?”

“It’s fine, let them go! People will think I’ve bullied them if they see this!”

Su Ke had zero interest in these students. If he didn’t see Guo Peng Fei today, he wouldn’t be angry. Thinking until here, he unconsciously glanced at the guy kneeling at his feet.

“Do you know what you did wrong?”

Su Ke glared at Guo Peng Fei as he thought about how this brat could be so formidable at martial arts. His nose was bleeding and he wanted to lift up his head to stop it, but he didn’t dare move a muscle and attract trouble. He could only bow his head and hold his nose with one hand.


“En en!” How could Guo Peng Fei still dare to speak out of turn? Even his boss in 8th middle school was pretending to be a grandson afraid of being hit; he could only pretend to be a chicken as he continuously nodded.

Su Ke patted Huang Mao’s shoulder as he said, “Huang Mao, I’ll treat you to some food in a few days! I’m leaving first!” Once Su Ke said that, Huang Mao nodded to his underlings before turning around heading towards the school gates.

Li Da Xing noticed Huang Mao’s indifference and how Su Ke was walking away, so he quickly tried to catch up.

“Brother Su, Brother Su!”

Even though he didn’t act, like a rooster that laid an egg, he was feeling rather smug.

“Brother Su, I’ll treat you guys to dinner today! Sister Fei Fei as well! Okay?”

Su Ke had no interest in entertaining Li Da Xing. His heart was awkward as he stared him.

Right now, Wei Lan and Li Fei Fei were waiting at the school gates for him.

They were clearly separated and there seemed to be a faint scent of gunpowder in the air.

Before he could speak, he saw Li Fei Fei take the initiative and welcome him, “Su Ke, you’re okay right?! No matter what you say, even if you could fight, you still can’t be so reckless! There were so many people!”

Li Fei Fei surveyed him and only relaxed when she realized he was fine.

Since she spoke, Wei Lan couldn’t lag behind, so she grabbed Su Ke’s shoulder and said, “Did you know someone? You already helped me vent my anger previously, so you don’t need to be so gung-ho next time!”

Su Ke originally wanted to find Li Fei Fei after school, but after having to take part in the fight, he was rather unhappy. He then realized that Li Fei Fei seemed to have a different idea about him, so how could he be so calm?

Su Ke could tell that Li Fei Fei appeared a bit awkward so he quickly said, “Okay, okay, hurry back home!”


“Brother Su Ke! Are you alright!?” Right as Su Ke finished speaking, Liu Qing Qing suddenly appeared in front of him, Wang Huan and Li Yan following closely behind.

“F*ck! Why did they all come!” Su Ke was crying inwardly as he looked from Wei Lan to Li Fei Fei then finally at Liu Qing Qing.

His “three boats” had all arrived!


  1. Meaning Su Ke is standing on 3 boats, aka 3 timing.

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