Chapter 708 – Not Sleeping

Little Xing Han was ecstatic.

When Madam Huan heard him, she was also very happy; she was both happy and anxious.

Even Bai Cheng Feng who was nearby also curled up his lips as a smiling expression surfaced from his heart, the lass’s training speed was truly quick.

It has exceeded his expectation.

Bai Cheng Feng had earlier on used his conscious to read the contents within the Spirit Crane, Huan Qing Yan had not mentioned any word regarding Young Master Ya, it was likely that she only intended to inform goods news and refrain from the bad ones to avoid worrying them.

This was fine as well, he do not want to bring up the matter also.

Not needing to bring up the matter would mean he could still appear in front of Madam Huan and Xing Han with a purpose and to continue on with his small longing for her.

“Madam, Little Yan is doing well in Surging Wave Academia and is fine. Maybe it is because she is too excellent and might have incurred the jealousy of others. You should pack and move to the Palace’s State Teachers Court to stay. If you are still worried, I have some Spirit Cranes here. Xing Han, you can hold on to them and send a Spirit Crane to your Sis whenever you miss her…”

“Thank you, Lord Crown Prince.” Huan Xing Han happily received them and jumped in joy.

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Bai Cheng Feng smiled and said, “Call me Brother Crown Prince from now on then, no need to act like an outsider.”

“Okay, Brother Crown Prince.”

Madam Huan quickly said, “It is not that I do not believe Lord Crown Prince, but is this really okay? We, mother and son, are only commoners, staying in the State Teachers Court seems too inappropriate…”

Bai Cheng Feng smiled and spoke in a very harmonious tone, “You are the family of Little Yan, then you are the family of I, Bai Cheng Feng. Madam need not be so polite.”

When Madam Huan saw that, she was once again speechless with gratitude. The recent behavior of the Crown Prince seemed very different from before, it did not look like he was only acting and he was truly displaying a complete change in attitude towards their Huan Estate.

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“Then I thank Lord Crown Prince.”


The second day, a naked Huan Qing Yan woke up in a daze from her sleep. She felt weak throughout her entire body, especially her legs, she was unable to lift them up at all.

She only remembered how that scoundrel Ji Mo Ya had eaten her from head to toe, pulling her to perform Duo Cultivation several times, the last session at the latter half of the night was so intense that she nearly fainted. Only then did Ji Mo Ya had enough and let her off; the both of them did not even use the Cleansing Spell after that and immediately slept, she was only just waking up…

When she recalled what happened her heart started to thump as she blushed, feeling utterly embarrassed.

When Huan Qing Yan moved, the large hand that was on her waist also started to move.

What entered her was the magnified handsome face of Ji Mo Ya that could even cause heaven to be envious.

He snickered, “Lass, is that all you can do as a True Spirit Master? Nearly fainting after only three rounds? Your stamina won’t do!”

Ji Mo Ya was not wearing anything too; his chiseled chest displayed his masculine beauty that would cause many to salivate. Huan Qing Yan threw a glare at him and humph, “A big lecherous wolf like you still dare to talk. A Mystic Spirit Master like you only know how to bully me, wait till I become a Mystic Spirit Master…”

“Wait till you become a Mystic Spirit Master and then we go for three hundred rounds?” Ji Mo Ya chimed as he teased with curled lips.

Huan Qing Yan gathered whatever energy she could muster in her body and threw a punch, but was pulled in by Ji Mo Ya through an opening and started sneakily touching her again.

Mo Si’s voice came from outside the Hidden Fragrance Pavilion.

“Young Master, Lady Cousin has gone missing.”

Huan Qing Yan was startled and Ji Mo Ya also lifted his head from Huan Qing Yan’s chest. His eyes were cold as he unwillingly released Huan Qing Yan, “Do you want to sleep longer?”

Huan Qing Yan shook her head, she too wishes to find out what happened to Mu Rong Xin Nuo.

“Not sleeping.”

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