Chapter 707 – Spirit Crane

Bai Cheng Feng gathered more than half the power of the State Teachers, yet they were still unable to apprehend the person who interrogated Madam Huan using dreams.

For several days after that, they placed a close watch on the Huan Estate but there were no movements once again.

Within the Huan Estate, the building that Madam Huan stayed in had been sealed tightly by Bai Cheng Feng’s guards and all outsiders were prevented from entering and leaving.

Currently, State Teacher Sang Ping was covered in a head full of sweat as he used his crystal ball to scry.

Suddenly, an image appeared on the crystal ball.

Bai Cheng Feng and the other State Teachers were looking at it seriously, the image displayed the scene of a sleeping Madam Huan. Madam Huan was deep in sleep when a shadow suddenly flashed past, causing all the candles within the building to be extinguished.

The shadow’s speed was extremely quick, using only a few moments to arrive by Madam Huan’s bedside, it pointed a finger at Madam Huan…

After a while, Madam Huan was startled awake from her sleep. The shadow started asking questions while the other answered with an extremely stiff face.


Bai Cheng Feng memorized everything within the images to the finest detailed. Through the faint moonlight coming from the window, he noticed that the corners of the shadow’s robes were raised by the wind blowing in from the window, revealing a small marking underneath it…

No one seemed to have noticed this.

Bai Cheng Feng had already made sense of this detail in his mind.

Within the Holy City, he had seen members of the Bai Li Clan wore clothes that possessed the same markings, especially the Saintess Bai Li Zi Xi, the marking was the most obvious on her clothes…

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The person was someone from the Bai Li Clan!

Bai Cheng Feng squinted his eyes as a cold beastly glare flashed through it.

What was the Bai Li Clan’s purpose for coming to the Huan Estate? Was it an order from the Saintess, does she have plans for Little Yan’s family?

Once he got a lead, he instructed the State Teacher to stop.

State Teacher Sang’s pale face was covered in sweat, his body already wavering when the Lord Crown Prince ordered him to stop.

“My lord, did you see something?”

Bai Cheng Feng did not explain, “There is no need for all of you to know, our Hanging Cloud Empire is under the protection of the Holy Court; no one will dare to cause trouble no matter how powerful they may be.”

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The State Teachers shared the same sentiments.

Humanity could be considered to be rather united; under the rule of the Holy Court, no big incidents has ever appeared.

Everything was under the control of the Half-Sages.

Everyone went out the building. Madam Huan was with Little Xing Han as she waited anxiously outside the door for them.

“How is it Lord Crown Prince?”

Huan Xing Han also displayed an attitude of a little adult and asked, “Lord Crown Prince, is it a bad person causing trouble in our Huan Estate?”

Bai Cheng Feng addressed the both of them, “No need to be panic Madam. Please move to the royal palace’s Court of State Teachers from today onwards and stay there for some time, this Lord is still worried that the person might return again…”

When Madam Huan heard that, she got terrified, “My lord, please tell me the truth, did something happen to Little Yan at Surging Wave Academia? Why did such a powerful person come to visit our Huan Estate?”

Huan Xing Han’s small face was only filled by worries.

Bai Cheng Feng wanted to find an excuse to explain but at that moment, a spirit pulse suddenly appeared.

A Spirit Crane landed on top of Xing Han’s head.

Huan Xing Han might be young but he was already a member of the Hanging Cloud Empire School, so he knew what a Spirit Crane was.

He has never received a Spirit Crane; it was his first one, thus he was also not sure who sent it.

With some excitement, he carefully used Spirit Energy to grab and open the message…

“It’s from Sis! Sis wrote a letter! Mum, Sis says that she is doing well and has become a True Spirit Master, she tells us not to worry. Wow, Sis is really powerful, becoming a True Spirit Master so quickly. Xing Han must follow her example, I wish I can join Surging Wave Academia and study with Sis!”

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