Chapter 260: Everyone’s Attitude Towards the Information!

“Seeing how all of you are considering for the sake of Kunlun, I am very gratified. This matter is very serious. Not only do we need to ensure the safety of our Golden Core disciples, we also need to take into consideration the sect’s reputation and interests. Therefore, after all of what you suggested, I decided on one. We will recall a portion of our Golden Core disciples, and ask them to leave for Death Forest to ensure our Kunlun disciples’ safety. If they are to be able to get rid of Cheng Yu as well, that would be for the best. If they can’t, we will wait until he comes out before thinking of another option!” Yuan Yangzi suppressed the discontentment in his heart before commanding everyone.

“But Sect Master……”

“This matter is decided as such. Go back and recall a portion of all of your Golden Core disciples respectively!” Elder Cheng wanted to talk, but was rejected by Yuan Yangzi.

“Yes, Sect Master!” Everyone saw how firm their Sect Master was, so they knew that the meeting had come to an end and they could only clasp their fists in return. Elder Cheng saw Elder Ping looked at him complacently, so he got even more angry. He harrumphed coldly before bring a few elders out.


While Kunlun was discussing about Cheng Yu, the other ten great sects had also received the same news. Chuan Ling Peak, this was Tianshan Sect’s main peak. The main hall of Tianshan Sect was inside this peak and this was where the sect held their meetings.

“You all go back first!” Tianshan’s Sect Master, Yu Lingzi, looked at the jade slip in his hand with an astonished yet grave expression. He waved his hands, ordering the disciples to get down, leaving behind a group of elders.

“Sect Master, why is your expression so grave, could there be a major event happening?” A beautiful middle-aged woman looked at Yu Lingzi, enquiring curiously.

“Tian Xuan sent some news. There were two unusual people appearing within Death Forest,” Yu Lingzi sad tranquilly.

“What kind of abnormalities?” Everyone questioned in reply. They couldn’t understand, what kind of abnormality that a person was to the point that there was a need for Tian Xuan to send such information back.

“First one is a young Golden Core initialstage cultivator, estimated to be around 20 years old.”

“What? 20-year-old Golden Core cultivator? Which sect does this genius originate from?” One of the elder enquired in surprise.

“His identity is unknown. This isn’t the main point. The main point is that this person has three golden cores!” Yu Lingzi’s tone was stirred up.

“Three golden cores? How is this possible? How can there be someone possessing three golden cores?” A lot of elders were unconvinced. None of them had seen or heard of such a concept before. From the point they started cultivating, they understood that everyone could only have a single golden core. They had never heard of anyone possessing more than one. When they heard this news, they were truly unconvinced. After all, they didn’t see it with their own eyes.

“But this is a fact. Tian Xuan said that this person fought against a dozen Golden Core experts from the small sects and loose factions. Furthermore, he was able to escape without any issues.”

“This…this…this is real?” Everyone was shocked! A Golden Core initialstage fighting against a dozen Golden Core experts? This was too inconceivable!

“That’s right,” Yu Lingzi nodded his head.

“Senior Brother Sect Master, then who is the second unusual person?” The beautiful middle-aged lady enquired once again.

“The second person is a demonic faction person. He appeared in Death Forest to massacre our righteous faction people, using it to gain a Golden Core Realm Yin Spirit,” Yu Lingzi said worriedly.

“Yin Spirit?” Everyone was shocked again. Yin Spirits relied on energy to evolve. They were similar to demonic beasts, but were more valiant than them. Yin Spirits belonged to another world. Long ago, the Cultivation World had suffered from a large amount of Yin Spirit attacks that devoured countless cultivators and causing a huge deprivation of cultivators in the Cultivation World. During that time, the righteous and demonic factions had joined forces to resist the Yin Spirits before the Cultivation World regained their peace.

Unexpectedly, there was actually someone cultivating a Yin Spirit. This was a matter that made them very worried. If it was only a single person, it wouldn’t be much of an issue, but if a large amount of demonic faction cultivators started cultivating Yin Spirits, there might be a problem of them being unable to control the spirits and this could result in history repeating.

“What’s this person’s cultivation?” Yu Xuan frowned.

“Should be in the Golden Core initial stage or middle stage. But with the existence of the Yin Spirit, his prowess should be in Golden Core late stage or greater,” Yu Lingzi commented.

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“Sect Master, what do you plan to do? Are you going to discuss it with the other sects or immediately send out our disciples to eliminate him?” Elder Yu Shizi asked.

“The current situation is still unclear. It’s best we send a few Golden Core late stage disciples in to investigate!” Yu Lingzi pondered before speaking. The same situation was happening in the main peak of Cangling Sect. However, their sect only received information on Cheng Yu, and they did not know that there was a demonic faction cultivator appearing within Death Forest.


Meanwhile, in the depths of Death Forest, something strange was happening. A big cauldron was wandering endlessly. If someone were to see such a situation, they would definitely be elated because this cauldron was a soul artifact.

“Senior Brother, following you is truly too satisfying. We can actually bore our way through this mysterious jungle so casually. I think there should be no else besides us capable of this,” Tian Xing laid within the Mountain River Diagram, observing the scene outside as he cried out excitedly.

“Of course. One must always stand out from the masses. If we are the same as everyone, how can we make our way here so easily?” Cheng Yu laughed. Previously, he felt that he mustn’t be too high-profile. So, he only revealed his Purple Light Sword. If he were to cross the Death Fantasy Ocean, those who had reached there would be very little. There was no longer a need for Cheng Yu to worry about having to reveal his true wealth. Furthermore, with his current strength, there was nothing in this forest that could endanger him. In any case, cultivators in the Nascent Soul Realm couldn’t enter. Even if he were to come across a Golden Core late stage expert, he would still be able to get rid of him. Was there still a need for him to be worried?

Currently, Cheng Yu had already treated the Mountain River Diagram as his future cultivation space. Therefore, all the seven spiritual veins were placed inside, hovering above the diagram. This caused the spiritual Qi in the space to be extremely dense. Cultivating inside would increase his cultivation speed by several folds. During this period of time, Tian Xing and Tian Xue had improved by leaps and bounds. Tian Xing had already advanced into the Foundation Establishment late stage. Tian Xue would need to form her core and was now in seclusion. Cheng Yu placed the Mountain River Diagram inside the Jewel Cauldron and they were hiding within the diagram. He controlled the Jewel Cauldron to fly, causing their journey to be extremely safe.

Even when they came across a demonic beast, Cheng Yu had no interest in fighting them. He pushed and shoved his way in. In any case, he was inside hiding, so there was no need for him to worry about getting injured. If they were to truly meet someone he couldn’t push or shove through, only then would Cheng Yu come out to solve it. Now, Cheng Yu had placed all his attention into the final palace, the Obsessed Palace. Where would he have the interest of caring about those demonic beasts? He was near the outskirts of the core of Death Forest. The demonic beasts were all above the Golden Core realm and yet Cheng Yu was too lazy to kill them.

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A few days passed by and a lot of people saw a soul artifact wandering around the jungle aimlessly. However, the soul artifact would come and go very quickly. It always disappeared in a blink of an eye. Everyone was annoyed and regretful. Such a good thing yet they couldn’t obtain it. Truly too vexing! Some of them had better luck. When they saw the big cauldron appearing before them, they intended to go forward to retrieve the soul artifact. But this big cauldron would suddenly erupt in an explosive aura, colliding with them. When they woke up from the shock, the big cauldron had already disappeared, causing them to be even more angered.


Within the jungle, there was a group of thirty people. What was most conspicuous was that within this group, there was dozens of female cultivators and all of them looked extremely beautiful. In this foggy jungle, their figures were all faintly discernible, making them seem more fairy-like. The males within this group couldn’t help raising their eyebrows and eyeing them with lust. This group of people was in fact Huaxian Valley’s Ning Yan, Shushan Sect’s Wu Ming, Cangling Sect’s Ling Hai and their juniors.

“Junior Sister Ning Yan, we seem to have lost our way,” Ling Hai stood before Ning Yan and spoke. Ever since Wu Ming met Ling Hai, he became very gloomy because he kept on leading the way and yet, Ling Hai had actually taken this opportunity to mix with Ning Yan. This caused him to be very angry. He had fought with Ling Hai a lot of times to get him to lead the way. But Ling Hai kept on putting on airs in front of him. In order to maintain his cultured and refined elegance in front of Ning Yan, he was unable to contend with Ling Hai.

Although the sentence was targeted at Ning Yan, Wu Ming was able to tell the hidden meaning behind it. Because he had always been the one leading, they had already lost their way for a number of times. He was also very depressed about this because he had never been here before.

“Senior Brother Wu Ming, let’s take a rest and have something to eat first!” Ning Yan was also depressed. These two people kept on fighting with each other in front of her and she was always implicated by the them. Previously, when Ling Hai wasn’t around, she and Wu Ming were one at the front while the other was at the back. During that time, it was extremely peaceful. But now that Ling Hai had joined them, he kept on bothering her. This caused her to be extremely vexed.

“Sure!” Seeing Ning Yan did not respond to Ling Hai, Wu Ming felt a lot better.

“Don’t you guys feel this place seems very strange?” Ning Yan took out her water bag and drank a few mouthfuls. She had paid attention to the marks they had placed and noticed something very suspicious.

“What do you mean?” Wu Ming asked confusedly.

“Look at the mark on this tree. When we placed the mark there, we had carved it at its left side and the direction faced up. But after walking, this symbol actually moved to the right side and the direction is now facing the back. Isn’t this saying that we are actually walking backwards instead?” Ning Yan pointed at the mark on the tree and commented.

“Eh? It’s really reversed! How come it’s like that?” Wu Ming and Ling Hai had finally noticed the problem.

“This is to say we have been circling this place the whole time?” Ling Hai asked.

“Seems like we need to go in a new direction,” They had been lost numerous times and had gained lots of experience. In any case, if they still couldn’t make it out, they could just charge their way out from the middle. They actually had no idea where exactly they were. However, they felt that they should have arrived at the core of this jungle. Fortunately, they had lots of people, making the killing of demonic beasts very fast. Those that were killed had all been turned into food.

“Senior Sister, when can we return home?” Ning Zi stood in front of Ning Yan, asking feeblingly while showing a pitiful expression.

“Relax! Senior Sister will definitely bring you out,” Ning Yan held onto Ning Zi’s hand and consoled her.

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