Chapter 259: Dispute!

A few days later, in Kunlun’s discussion hall, all the upper management of the sect had gathered and they all displayed an astonished look on their faces. A disciple of theirs had come to give a report. They had located the soul artifact[1], but before they could even celebrate, they heard even more astonishing news.

“Reporting to Sect Master, Senior Brother Yun Feng has obtained news of the soul artifact, but there is even more important news,” This disciple of theirs had long known of the hatred Sect Master had for Cheng Yu. Once he were to report the news to Sect Master, the Sect Master would definitely fly into a rage again.

“What important news? Speak!” Yuan Yangzi heard the news of the soul artifact, so his face was replaced with a smile.

“This…Cheng Yu didn’t die. Furthermore…furthermore…” That disciple stuttered.

“What more?” Yuan Yangzi heard Cheng Yu was still alive, so he immediately got angry.

“Furthermore, Cheng Yu has already advanced to the Golden Core Realm. The soul artifact is in his hand,” The disciple lowered his head, not daring to look at Yuan Yangzi.

“Golden Core Realm? How is this possible? Wasn’t he injured by Feng Qingzi? How did he advance into the Golden Core Realm so quickly?” Yuan Yangzi was furious yet surprised. Although he had considered the fact that Cheng Yu might still be alive, he hadn’t placed much importance to it. With Yun Feng and Yun Hai around, an injured Foundation Establishment late stage cultivator was like an ant to them.

However, even if Cheng Yu was a Golden Core initial stage culivator, two Golden Core middle stage cultivators were sufficient to eliminate Cheng Yu. So, Yuan Yangzi questioned, ”Since Cheng Yu is still alive and is holding onto the soul artifact, why did Yun Feng and Yun Hai not make their move? Don’t tell me they couldn’t even handle a Golden Core initial stage cultivator?”

Yuan Yangzi was extremely dissatisfied with Yun Feng and Yun Hai’s performance right now. Since they had located Cheng Yu, they should have killed him immediately and brought back the soul artifact. What need was there for them to transmit such news? Could it be that they want to take on more credit for their achievement? Yuan Yangzi subconsciously looked at Elder Ping. Elder Ping tensed up, and didn’t speak. He was also baffled by the situation. Since they had already investigated the problem, they should have just eliminated Cheng Yu. For what did they need to report such news?

“This…this…” The disciple did not dare to speak again.

“Speak! If you continue to be so useless, I will cripple you!” Yuan Yangzi yelled discontentedly.

“Yes…yes…, Senior Brother Yun Feng’s letter said that after Cheng Yu had advanced into Golden Core Realm, his strength had improved by leaps and bounds. Yesterday, he had fought against a dozen Golden Core experts alone and was even able to escape unscathed. Therefore…therefore, Senior Brother Yun Feng hopes Sect Master could send more people out to provide assistance!”

“What? Fighting against a dozen Golden Core experts alone and was even able to escape unscathed? Is he joking with me?” Yuan Yangzi was angered further. He felt that Yun Feng was just being nonsensical. It was impossible for a freshly advanced Golden Core cultivator, regardless of how powerful he was, to fight against a dozen Golden Core experts. Even Godlen Core late stage experts were only able to forcefully fight against three other equivalent realm cultivators. Fighting against a dozen similar realm experts was something that they never dreamt of. To say Cheng Yu had such ability, wasn’t Yun Feng just being nonsensical?

“Elder Ping, this is the disciple you personally taught? A newly advanced Golden Core expert was able to fight against a dozen Golden Core experts, do you believe his words?” At this moment, it was a great opportunity for Elder Cheng to strike Elder Ping. So, he reprimanded Elder Ping in front of everyone.

“This…” Elder Ping’s face was turning from red to white. He had no idea how to explain himself. Did he believe him? Of course not! He had never heard of such a thing before in the Cultivation World, but he knew Yun Feng well. He wasn’t someone who would speak without thinking. Elder Ping shouted at the disciple kneeling on the ground, ”Are you sure this news came from the letter Yun Feng had sent us?”

“Reporting to Elder Ping, disciple is sure that this was written in Senior Brother Yun Feng’s letter. Senior Brother had also mention another point that Cheng Yu has three golden cores!” That disciple suddenly thought of something as he added.

“What? Three golden cores? Did he really say so?” Yuan Yangzi questioned anxiously.

“Yes, Sect Master.”

“Sect Master, I think this Yun Feng is just spouting nonsense. Since when have there been people who possess two golden cores or more. I am starting to doubt Yun Feng’s ability to handle this task,” Elder Cheng snorted disdainfully. Three golden cores? Wasn’t this ridiculous?

“No!” At this moment, Yuan Yangzi was the first to deny it.

“Sect Master, could it be that you believe there will be someone who possesses three golden cores? This is just pure absurdity,” Elder Cheng was actually flabbergasted by Yuan Yangzi’s reaction.

“Did Yun Feng send any other news?” Yuan Yangzi didn’t reply back to Elder Cheng but questioned the kneeling disciple.

“No more. Senior Brother only requested for reinforcements.”

“Alright, you can go down first,” Yuan Yangzi waved his hand.

“Sect Master, could there really be someone who possess three golden cores in this world?” Elder Qing inquired when he saw Yuan Yangzi’s expression had turned grave, a facial expression that seem to be worried.

“I’m not sure either. However, our secret books do record that in the past, there were people who possessed three golden cores. Furthermore, there wasn’t only one such person!” Yuan Yangzi spoke in an extremely solemn tone. The Kunlun secret books only allowed successive Sect Masters to read them. The Cultivation World’s history was recorded within it.

“What! There’s really such a thing?” Everyone spoke out as they were astonished.

“I believe my disciple wouldn’t speak without thinking!” Elder Ping was shocked, but with concrete proof of it happening before, Elder Ping turned complacent.

“Sect Master, who exactly are these people for them to possess three golden cores?” A lot of them started questioning.

“This…the secret books didn’t specify, but what I can be sure of is that Death Forest wasn’t called Death Forest in the past. It was called God’s Protection Domain. Previously, it was a forbidden area and those who possessed three golden cores came from there,” Yuan Yangzi spoke briefly.

“God’s Protection Domain? Then why did those people disappear?” Everyone was puzzled.

“No idea, the secret books didn’t record the downfall or disappearance,” Yuan Yangzi shook his head.

“That’s to say, for Cheng Yu to possess three golden cores, there’s a high chance that he found the secret technique to do so?” Elder Qing spoke excitedly.

“If it’s so, we must certainly capture him!” Everyone spoke in excitement. If all of them were able to cultivate three golden cores, wouldn’t they have more nascent souls? What kind of scenario would that be? Just thinking of it had caused them to be excited.

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“Right. This person must fall into our hands. He is only in the Golden Core initial stage and was already able to fight against a dozen Golden Core experts. If he were to continue growing, he will certainly become our Kunlun’s biggest enemy!” Elder Ping couldn’t help worrying about both his disciples.

“If this is real, we will need dozens of Golden Core experts to be able to suppress him. It’s a pity that those above Nascent Soul Realm can’t enter Death Forest. Otherwise, we can personally make a move ourselves,” Yuan Yangzi also spoke worriedly. They had never seen before how powerful a person was when they possessed three golden cores. But just by the secret information recorded within the books, they couldn’t help but start to feel threatened by Cheng Yu.

“I feel that we should recall all the Golden Core disciples training outside. All of them are to leave for the Death Forest to capture Cheng Yu,” Elder Ping suggested.

“We mustn’t. Cheng Yu is very crafty. How could he be captured so easily? Besides, there is an important cultivation method on him. If they were to all leave for the Death Forest, wouldn’t they attract a lot of attention, causing the other sects to pay attention to us? The Cultivation World has been a reign of terror and us Kunlun would definitely bear the brunt,” The moment Elder Ping gave his suggestion, Elder Cheng was the first to object.

“We already have quite a number of Golden Core disciples in Death Forest, if Cheng Yu were to locate them, our Kunlun would definitely suffer a loss. This kind of responsibility, can you shoulder it?” Elder Ping disputed.

“Death Forest is so big. You think that just by relying on numbers, we would be able to capture Cheng Yu? You have to know that when he was still in Foundation Establishment Realm, a group of our Foundation Establishment Realm disciples had been crippled and killed by him,” Elder Cheng knew that Elder Ping was just worried about his two beloved disciple. Now that his own disciple was killed by others, he had suspected that it was done by Cheng Yu. It could be said that to Cheng Yu, there was only hatred towards him, but he also didn’t hope to see Elder Ping stepping over him. Now that both of his outstanding disciples had also gone in, he naturally hoped that they would also die. As for Cheng Yu, as long as he exited from Death Forest, he could just kill Cheng Yu himself, getting revenge for Yun Tian.

Furthermore, he might be able to obtain the legendary multiple golden core cultivation method. Therefore, Elder Cheng did not approve of recalling all the Golden Core disciple. Besides, among these disciples, a few of them were his. He did not want to call them back to help Elder Ping.

“For Elder Cheng to analyze things so thoroughly, I presume you already have a well thought out plan. I would love to listen to Elder Cheng’s wise idea,” Seeing Elder Cheng oppose him again, Elder Ping was angered. He looked at Elder Cheng eccentrically and said.

“It couldn’t be said as anything wise. We cannot enter Death Forest but Cheng Yu wouldn’t stay there forever as well right? As long as he exits, couldn’t we openly make a move against him? We can dispel other sects and also ensure our Kunlun disciples’ safety,” Elder Cheng said righteously. It was as if he was doing everything for the sake of the sect’s reputation and benefits.

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“Elder Cheng is right. I agree. If we really recall all our Golden Core disciples, it would certainly cause a sensation. Wait until Cheng Yu exits from Death Forest, regardless of how powerful he became, how can he be a opponent for a Nascent Soul expert? This idea seems safe and effective,” Elder Qing approved in favor.

“I object! You guys must not forget that Cheng Yu is a Limitless Palace disciple. If we are to kill him once he exits, do you think Limitless Palace wouldn’t interfere? This is simply wishful thinking!” At this moment, Elder Wen who was together with Elder Ping retorted.

“Right, we must not neglect this problem. Although Limitless Palace is a secluded sect and wouldn’t meddle with our affairs, it doesn’t mean that they can be easily bullied. Since Cheng Yu possesses such strength, he ought to be someone important in Limitless Palace. If we are to truly anger Limitless Palace, none of us would be able to shoulder the consequences,” Hearing Elder Wen mentioning Limitless Palace, Elder Ping got delighted. He glanced at Elder Wen in appreciation as he spoke solemnly.

“I object…!” Elder Cheng opposed again.

“Enough!” Yuan Yangzi ordered impatiently. Everytime they were getting ideas, these two would argue with each other nonstop like women. Always making their reasoning very pompous, they made it seem like they were thinking for the sect, but they were actually thinking of their own interests.

TL Note:
[1] Changed the usage of tools to artifact.

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