Chapter 567: Water God Inheritance

(Part 1)

With the radius of one kilometer around the Queen Bee, there was a large number of fist-sized Icy Blood Demonic Bees. They were not at the same level as those cannon fodder bees that were attacking the barrier. The moment they heard the signal from the Queen Bee, they suddenly shrunk back, forming an airtight defensive formation. Under the illumination of the icy-cold sunlight, the thumb-sized blood-red tail stinger emitted a faint bloody radiance.

With Long Yi’s speed, the low leveled Icy Blood Demonic Bees at the periphery had absolutely no time to react. In an instant, Long Yi arrived at the side of the formation as he left behind afterimages. He disappeared into thin air again.

A second later, an explosion sound resounded. That huge bee ball made up of high leveled bees exploded open from inside out. A white blast started to spread out and the Icy Blood Demonic Bees started to drop down like rain.

When this blast completely dispersed, one could see Long Yi standing in midair with a slightly distorted defensive barrier around him. There was a thin layer of sweat on his forehead and his blood and qi were churning around. Not far away from him, the infant sized Queen Bee hovered in the air and the cold mist around its body had already dispersed. Now, its sparkling and crystal-clear body was completely visible. The terrifying eyes which covered two-thirds of its head were angrily glaring at Long Yi. If one’s sight was good enough, one could see a slight crack on its transparent wings that was flapping at a very fast frequency.

After he reached the seventh layer of AoTianJue, within several 100 meters, Long Yi’s Great Cosmos Shift was comparable to teleportation. Moreover, it was much easier to use compared to space magic. Just a moment ago, he instantly teleported inside the bee formation and fought against this Queen Bee. To his surprise, this Queen Bee was truly worthy of being an ancient creature that had existed since millions of years ago in the Ice Age. It could actually fight evenly against Long Yi.

At this moment, since the sudden intrusion of Long Yi threatened the life of Queen Bee, all the Icy Blood Demonic Bees became restless and rapidly surrounding Long Yi and the Queen Bee. Their encirclement was practically airtight and they filled the area which covered more than 10 li in diameter.

Long Yi slightly frowned. He could easily escape from this encirclement without any problem if he wanted to. However, his attack didn’t kill the Queen Bee. If he had to kill the Queen Bee, he would not be able to do so in a short amount of time. Moreover, there were millions of bees under the Queen Bee. One could say that it was highly unlikely that Long Yi would be able to accomplish his task.

“Zhi… Zhi……” At that moment, The Queen Bee suddenly emitted a sharp scream and its voice caused the air around it to surge.

Long Yi thought that the Queen Bee had signaled for the Icy Blood Demonic Bees to attack and he instantly prepared himself to defend against them. Moreover, he was prepared to take the Queen Bee’s life if the situation turned favorable. However, to his surprise, something which was completely out of his expectations occurred. The bee swarm which was eyeing Long Yi like a tiger eyeing its prey started to disperse. Only Long Yi and the Queen Bee were left in a wide expanse of space after the Icy Blood Demonic Bees left.

“F**k, it actually wants to fight with this father by itself.” Long Yi was somewhat surprised. It seemed as though the Queen Bee was itching to fight after meeting someone that was able to pose a threat against it.

Emitting another loud scream, the Queen Bee provoked Long Yi and its fat tail twisted. Pointing its tail towards Long Yi, the Queen Bee ejected and retracted the blood-red stinger freely.

Long Yi suddenly became furious. This insect actually insulted him. Since when did he sink to such a low level that even an insect dared to challenge him. Moreover it twisted its bottom at him and it made the movement of **.  How was Long Yi supposed to know that this was what the Queen Bee did when it warmed up for battle? The most powerful weapon of the Icy Blood Demonic Bee was its tail stinger and even the Queen Bee was no exception. In addition, the Queen Bee’s tail stinger had other functions which ordinary Icy Blood Demonic Bees didn’t have.

Long Yi roared and his figure suddenly disappeared. He gathered his internal force on his hands and focused his attack at the Queen Bee’s extremely big eyes. The space in front of Queen Bee distorted and a big hand suddenly appeared, stabbing towards the eye of the Queen Bee like a sharp blade.

The reaction of the Queen Bee was very fast. As if it already knew where Long Yi would appear, it bent its body and its tail singer shot towards the hand of Long Yi and it brought along with it a red streak of light.

Crackle, along with a burst of cyan mist, Long Yi moved thirty feet away and his expression was solemn. At this moment, his sleeve had already melted away. In the past, he had always believed that he had the strongest defense in the world. To his surprise, he met someone who was superior to him in terms of defense today. The thick tail stinger of the Queen Bee had forcibly stabbed through his body and it sank almost halfway through Long Yi’s defense. It had even pierced through his internal force which had already reached the seventh layer. Fortunately, it didn’t have the power to continue on. Otherwise, if the tail stinger managed to stab into Long Yi’s skin, it would no longer be a joking matter.

At that time, the Queen Bee made a move. Its glittering and translucent body began to become illusory and its wings began to vibrate in a kind of strange rhythm. Even the space around its body rippled and twisted.

Long Yi simply felt as though the strange rhythm contained a kind of strange sound wave. Hearing this sound, Long Yi felt as though his mind swayed. After listening to it for some time, his mind became soft and peaceful. He enjoyed this feeling. However, when he heard the sound again, it changed into a terrifying wave which contained a strong power as it tried to rip away his soul.

It was a sound wave which contained a spirit attack. Long Yi instantly reacted. He defended his mind and sealed his senses. In addition, he used his spirit power to protect his sea of consciousness.

Long Yi’s spirit power was incomparably powerful. Especially after his AoTianJue reached the seventh layer, his spirit power became even more dense and solid. Now, let alone dealing with this kind of attack from the Queen Bee. Even spirit attacks which were stronger would not be able to injure him in the slightest. Even though Long Yi wasn’t affected by the attack, everyone inside the ice barrier of the Ice Palace showed an expression of pain.

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Long Yi clearly noticed this point and he no longer hesitated. A silverish purple radiance flashed from his glabella and with Lightning God Spirit Tablet within his sea of consciousness spinning rapidly, a purple light covered Long Yi. The Lightning God Armor appeared around his body and the Lightning God War Boots and helmet appeared on his hands and head respectively. A lightning bolt descended from the sky and a huge Lightning God Hammer appeared in Long Yi’s hand.

Immediately after that, a large amount of violent lightning magic elements wreaked havoc in the world. Icy Blood Demonic Bees which were near the battlefield were instantly melted. At this moment, a hint of fear finally appeared in the big eyes of the Queen Bee. Although the gap between Long Yi and the Lightning God was still huge, the pressure when the Lightning God Armor was coupled with the Lightning God Spirit Tablet was terrifying.

Not waiting for the Queen Bee to adapt to this sudden and unexpected change, Long Yi waved his Lightning God Hammer and series of powerful lightning ferociously shot towards the Queen Bee.

Sensing such an earth-shaking power, the Queen Bee was obviously not stupid enough to take them on directly. A squeak left its mouth and it fled.

A tearing sound resounded in the sky. The lightning strikes from the Lightning God Hammer had swept away the wings of the Queen Bee. The Queen Bee emitted a terrifying shriek as a large amount of lightning energy entered its body. Now, with electric current flowing chaotically around its glittering and translucent body, it crazily trembled in the air.

Long Yi sighed in relief. At this moment, he felt exhausted and he could no longer wear the Lightning God Amor. Along with a flash of purple light, they entered his body.

In the instant the Lightning God Armor entered his body, the Queen Bee which appeared as though it was on the verge of death made a move. A blood-red radiance flashed and a thick tail singer unexpectedly shot towards Long Yi. Changing into a streak of extremely thin red light, it shot towards Long Yi’s glabella.

Long Yi instinctively realized that he was in danger. However, after wearing the Lightning God Armor, he was exhausted and his movements were extremely sluggish. The Queen Bee took advantage of this flaw and made a fatal counterattack. Long Yi was shocked in his heart and he realized that he was in danger. It was too bad that his body was unable to keep up with his consciousness.

In just half a breath of time, the tail stinger of the Queen Bee was already close at hand. The carelessness of Long Yi had brought him to the gates of hell.

At this critical juncture, the golden cloud mark on his chest suddenly burst out with radiance and a mist covered his body. Even though he tried, the tail stinger of the Queen Bee only slowed down a little. After breaking through this small obstacle, it stabbed towards Long Yi’s glabella.

This tail stinger had changed into the size of an embroidery needle. Half of it pierced into the glabella of Long Yi and the remaining half trembled outside.

The glabella was the entrance to the sea of consciousness. Even an extremely small shock was enough to make someone become an idiot or even die. Being stabbed in glabella by such a needle with extremely potent and corrosive poison was definitely a death sentence for an average person.

At this moment, Long Yi felt unbearable pain in his sea of consciousness. The balance of magic cores within his sea of consciousness was also instantly broken. After the pain, his entire body became numb and he felt as if his soul no longer existed in this body.

In the barrier, Xiya trembled and she felt pain as if her heart was torn apart. She and Long Yi had marvelous telepathy and she was able to sense the pain Long Yi felt.

“Long Yi……” Xiya screamed and seeing Long Yi float in the air without any movement among the bee swarm, she gritted her teeth and rushed out the barrier with her spinning spirit tablet. With a wave of her hand, water waves descended from the sky and engulfed all those Icy Blood Demonic Bees who were about to attack Long Yi.

The handsome face of Long Yi twisted and his long hair that was already undone was chaotically dancing in the air as he roared like a wild beast.

“Ah……” Suddenly, Long Yi looked up and roared while his entire body trembled. The tail stinger of the Queen Bee which was inserted in his glabella trembled and it flew out. Blood started to flow out from his glabella.

Now, the glabella of Long Yi was burning hot. The Lightning God Spirit Tablet, Dark God Spirit Tablet, Fire God Spirit Tablet, and the Wind God Spirit Tablet suddenly flew out from his sea of consciousness. The Light God Spirit Tablet also flew out from his space ring. The five spirit tablets formed a circle in the air and rotated, emitting a brilliant radiance. Meanwhile, inside the defensive barrier of the Ice Palace, Fire Qilin, Violent Lightning Beast and the Tiger Cub roared and their body suddenly enlarged. With a faint golden light circulating around their body, they started to emit the true might which belonged to a god beast.

“Niur, what’s wrong with you?” Before Liuxu had time to be surprised, she noticed that Niur seemed to be in a lot of pain. Niur’s face distorted and the color of her face changed. A glossy black dragon scale appeared on her forehead.

A clear and resounding dragon roar reverberated throughout the air and Niur escaped from the bosom of Liuxu as she charged into the sky. She changed into a long black dragon which was ten meters long as she circled about in the sky. This was the first time Niur had transformed into her dragon form after transforming into a humanoid form. In the past, her dragon form was only as long as a belt,. However, her body was much longer than before.

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That three-headed demonic dragon in the Lightning God Forbidden Area was the magic pet of the Dark God and it was a true god beast. After Niur inherited its legacy, she had turned into the next generation magic pet of the Dark God. At this moment, she had truly taken the first step.

The four god beasts roared and broke out of the barrier and the Fire Qilin used its Qilin Holy Fire as it flew towards the sky. Those Icy Blood Demonic Bees were unable to withstand this holy fire that was hotter than magma and all of them were instantly vaporized. The thunderstorm of the Violent Light Beast covered this entire world with lightning and killed a large number of Icy Blood Demonic Bees. The might of the Tiger Cub’s Holy Light Shockwave also increased geometrically under the influence of the Light God Spirit Tablet. The most eye-catching one was Niur. She simply opened her mouth wide as all the energy of the Icy Blood Demonic Bees within a radius of 100 meters around her was instantly absorbed by her. The Devouring Dragon Physique didn’t get its name for nothing.

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