Chapter 566: Queen Bee

“Seal? What Seal?” Long Yi asked in confusion.

“Icy Blood Demonic Bee is a kind of ancient creature. It existed millions of years ago when the entire world was still covered in ice. Until several ten thousand years ago, they dominated Origin Ice and no creatures could escape their pursuit. In the past, the Dragon God acted together with the elders of the Dragon Race in order to seal them. However, it seems as though the seal became too loose after such a long period of time.” Water God Xiya explained.

“Then, why are they attacking Ice Palace? It isn’t because of vengeance, is it?” Long Yi was worried as in his group, there were six dragons.

“Probably.” Xiya faintly said.

“The defensive barrier of the Ice Palace is swaying violently. It looks like it won’t be able to hold on. I’m going to help them.” Long Yi said, wanting to fly over.

“Wait a minute, first, look at the attacking lineup of this swarm. Everything is happening due to the command of the Queen Bee. If you kill the Queen Bee, the swarm of bees will be easier to deal with. I will go to the Ice Palace to help your friends and you can go and find the Queen Bee.” Xiya stopped Long Yi and said. It was very risky to deal with the Queen Bee. Although she didn’t fear death, Long Yi was stronger than the current her. Naturally, she handed the important task of killing the Queen Bee to Long Yi.

“No problem, it’s just a Queen Bee. It’s nothing much.” Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and said with a smile as he looked at that swarm of bees.

“Be careful. I’m going to head over to the Ice Palace.” Xiya gently looked at Long Yi and standing on her tiptoe, she kissed Long Yi’s lips. Turning into a streak of blue light, she flew towards the distant bee swarm.

A layer of blue water screen barrier sliced open the thickly dotted swarm of Icy Blood Demonic Bees and forcefully opened a passage.

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The Icy Blood Demonic Bees in the swarm gathered together and violently attacked Xiya with their blood red tail stinger.

“Big Wave Soar!” Xiya shouted loudly. The Water God Spirit Tablet shot out from her glabella and a huge water dragon rolled up in the sky. It instantly engulfing Icy Blood Demonic Bees within the radius of several 100 meters around Xiya. Now, a hole appeared in the midst of the Icy Blood Demonic Bees swarm. These Icy Blood Demonic Bees that could move freely in Origin Ice, just like other species of bees, were afraid of water. The instant they got wet, their bodies would melt.

Now that there was no bee swarm blocking her, Xiya easily entered into the defensive barrier of the Ice Palace as she used her spirit tablet. Spinning in the sky, the spirit tablet emitted a light blue radiance. Instantly after that, the distorting barrier became stable.

Upon seeing this, everyone in the barrier sighed a breath of relief. If this had happened a little later, the barrier might have broken. Just by looking at that bee swarm that practically shrouded the entire sky, their scalp tingled. If they were to run away and their personal barrier wasn’t able to hold on, they thought of what would happen and their bodies shivered.

“Big sister Wushuang, you came back.” Seeing Wushuang descending just like a goddess, Yu Feng excitedly ran over.

Xiya was startled and she didn’t know what to say.

“Finished, finished, I am finished……” Seeing Xiya descending from the sky, Lugexiya became absent-minded. At that moment, when he saw the warm spring breeze like smile on Xiya’s face, his poor little heart started to beat faster. He crazily roared in his heart… My spring finally came!

At one side, seeing Lugexiya stare at Xiya in a daze, Li Qing couldn’t help but snort coldly. With a flick of his finger, he shot a strand of cold qi at Lugexiya.

Feeling a trace of coldness on his neck, Lugexiya cried out in alarm, “Who sneak-attacked this grandfather?”

Lugexiya looked all around and when he saw that Li Qing was coldly staring at him, he flew into a rage from shame and shouted, “Was it you that sneak-attacked me?”

“That’s right.” Li Qing coldly said.

“You damned ice cube, don’t you have anything better to do? How did my younger brother bother you?” Seeing as her younger brother was bullied for no reason at all, Midi’er jumped in. All dragons had the habit of shielding their own kind. One shouldn’t look at how Midi’er usually glared and smacked Lugexiya. If he was bullied by others, she would be the first person to jump out to protect him.

Li Qing ignored Midi’er and still staring at Lugexiya, he coldly said, “Look at young madam like that again and I’ll dig out your eyeballs.”

“Young madam? She is also Long Yi’s wife?” Lugexiya lost his soul and stood there stunned. He didn’t hear how Yu Feng addressed Xiya as big sister Wushuang.

“This big sister, your charm is truly great. Just look at that self-proclaimed noble and virtuous divine dragon… he lost his soul when he saw you.” Sharman chuckled. Since she had a chance to attack the Divine Dragon Race, she would never miss that chance.

Midi’er gritted her teeth. She wished to flare up but she had no way out. She hatefully pulled Lugexiya’s ear and said angrily, “Useless fellow, you threw away the face of the Divine Dragon Clan.”

Lugexiya screamed in pain and loudly begged for mercy. However, he looked at the indifferent and silent Xiya as he felt sour in his heart. Such a good woman was taken by that violent fellow. Why did all beautiful women belong to him? Heaven truly had no eyes… Poor him. He had just reached the romantic age and before he was able to enjoy himself, his heart was crushed.

“I am not Wushuang.” Xiya faintly said.

Yu Feng was stunned. Barbarian Bull and Li Qing were also shocked. She was clearly Wushuang, but why did she say that she was not? Could it be that Wushuang had a twin sister?

When he heard this, Lugexiya became so excited that his crushed heart began to struggle to make a comeback.

“But, I am also Long Yi’s woman.” Xiya added. Even though she said this, she didn’t know if she was referring to Wushuang’s body or her consciousness.

Lugexiya felt as if someone was strangling him. His complexion became pale and the struggle in his heart thoroughly died.

“Then, you are?” Yu Feng asked in confusion.

Xiya didn’t speak. Not just anyone was qualified to know of her identity.


At this moment, Long Yi however had completely retracted his aura as he moved around in the periphery of the bee swarm. He was already certain that at the center of the bee swarm on the west side, there was an infant-sized Icy Blood Demonic Bee surrounded by a large number of fist-sized Icy Blood Demonic Bees. It was emitting a layer of thin cold mist. Long Yi was sure that it was the Queen Bee.

Narrowing his eyes, Long Yi’s heart slightly tightened. With his beastly intuition, he could clearly feel danger from that Queen Bee. With his current strength, the numbers of living beings that could make him feel danger in the Blue Waves Continent could be counted with his hand.

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Calculating the distance, Long Yi adjusted his breathing and heartbeat. Using Great Cosmos Shift without holding back, he suddenly disappeared. At practically the same time, the cold mist around the Queen Bee suddenly became denser and it released an ear-piercing scream.

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