Chapter 702 – Ancient Divine Beast Spirit Treasure?

“It is enough as long as Ji Mo Ya can tolerate me.” As for others, they can bring it on!

Huan Qing Yan’s heart was also beating slightly heavily, her naturally attribute of seeking death seems to be acting up again.

The Mid-Stage True Spirit Master cultivation that she attained after much difficulty, seems to be not as reliable again; it was better if she continues to improve her level.

D*mmit, for the sake of improving her rank, it looks like she needs to perform Duo Cultivation with Ji Mo Ya every day from now on.

*Coughs*, they cannot Duo Cultivate everyday also because what if Ji Mo Ya dies from excessive ejaculation?

Ah pui! What was she thinking.

Mu Rong Xin Nuo’s gaze towards Huan Qing Yan had a few more extra unknown elements again, it looked like envy or like jealousy. Huan Qing Yan was very different from the magnanimous image that she thought off; a small woman image that was willing to do anything because she loves Ji Mo Ya.

Huan Qing Yan and her were completely different people, the other party was more like a kid spoilt by someone.

She also wants to be someone like that, a pity no one spoils her.

“Lady Huan. Do you know why the clan would not allow him to marry you, and why it must be Bai Li Zi Xi?”

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“Why?” Huan Qing Yan also wants to know. The Ji Mo Clan was already the head of the Eight Great Clans. On Spirit Treasure Continent, other than the Holy Court, the Ji Mo Clan’s position would be the highest, it was to the point that there was no need to create marriage bonds to strengthen their position.

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So why must it be Bai Li Zi Xi and no one else?

She possessed Dual Spirit Treasures, Goose-Egg Star Talent, and is a Mid-Stage True Spirit Master. She has the talents, the looks, and is a Spirit Chef; most importantly, both Ji Mo Ya and her were willingly in love with each other.

If it was regarding matters related to becoming a Clan Matriarch, if she did not know how, she can always learn as well. She was also willing to change for the sake of Ji Mo Ya, to accommodate to everything that the Ji Mo Clan requires.

So why do they object to such a level… even revoking the Feather Guards from Ji Mo Ya. Was this a precursor of being exiled from the clan?

As she was pondering, she heard Mu Rong Xin Huo said, “It is because of Cousin’s Divine Dragon Spirit Treasure! Cousin’s spirit treasure is an Ancient Divine Beast Spirit Treasure, the higher it ranks up, the mightier it would become. However there is a chance of encountering Heaven’s Tribulation at the later part, every time it successfully endured a Heaven’s Tribulation, it would become even more powerful. Failure to endure will result in a great drop in cultivation, and may even go mad from inner demons…”

Huan Qing Yan’s heart was alarmed, she had not heard of these from Ji Mo Ya before.

“Ancient Divine Beast Spirit Treasure?”

“Yes, he needs another similar Ancient Divine Beast Spirit Treasure to help him and to face the Heaven’s Tribulations together. Cousin possesses the Dragon Spirit Treasure, so the best partner should be a Phoenix Spirit Treasure. However, it has been a long time since a Phoenix Spirit Treasure last appeared on Spirit Treasure Continent. Bai Li Zi Xi’s Luan Spirit Treasure is also an Ancient Divine Beast Spirit Treasure, just that it was not as powerful as the Phoenix Spirit Treasure but it could still more or less be of come help to Cousin in facing the Heaven’s Tribulations… it is for the sake of Cousin’s future that the Clan reacted like this…”

When Huan Qing Yan listened finished, an ominous feeling started to well up within her.

Heaven’s Tribulation?

Earlier on she had thought that it was because of their difference in status. She had thought that Ji Mo Ya was being a snob and looked down on her being a commoner. Little did she expect, that the real reason was because of this.

In addition, Ji Mo Ya was afraid that she would worry, and did not tell her the true reason.

Hiding everything from her, until now.

Her way of thinking was a bit too naïve.

Ji Mo Ya, this fella was truly hateful. Not telling her such a huge matter, bearing all the stress alone.

Was she so unworthy of his trust?

She must properly train up and become even more powerful than him, and let him have a taste of being protected.

“You are not trying to deceive me, right? Have Ji Mo Ya experienced Heaven’s Tribulations before now?” Huan Qing Yan had already believed her in her heart, just that she was unwilling to give up and asked this question.

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