Chapter 567: Water God Inheritance (part 2)

At this moment, Xiya arrived beside Long Yi and when she saw that there were five spirit tablets above him, she was flabbergasted. The matter which shocked her even more happened in the next moment. The light blue Water God Spirit Tablet which was hovering above her suddenly broke away from her control and it flew towards Long Yi.

The Water God Spirit Tablet stuck on the glabella of Long Yi and was stained with the blood that was flowing out from his glabella. Immediately after that, the Water God Spirit Tablet shone brightly and a light blue water ripple mark appeared Long Yi’s glabella. It joined the other five spirit tablets as they trapped the Queen Bee.

“How can this be? How can my spirit tablet choose him? Clearly, he has already obtained the inheritance of the Lightning God.” Xiya was unable to believe what she was seeing for a moment. However, it was ironclad proof that the Water God Spirit Tablet chose Long Yi as the Water God Mark had already appeared on Long Yi’s glabella. She had plans to make Wushuang forcefully inherit the Water God Spirit Tablet, however, all of her plans collapsed at this moment. Her Water God Spirit Tablet unexpectedly chose Long Yi as its master. Now, other than the Earth God Spirit Tablet, Long Yi managed to gather all six spirit tablets alone. Even Xiya, who was the Water God, was shocked.

As the Queen Bee was already trapped, the bee swarm fell into chaos. With the pressure from the six spirit tablets and the four god beasts, the bee swarm couldn’t do anything and they could only be slaughtered. When they saw what was happening, everyone in the barrier was no longer able to stay still. They charged out from inside the barrier and they vented their frustrations on the bee swarm.

Barbarian Bull and Li Qing appeared especially excited. Greenstone Rule which belonged to Barbarian Bull was the weapon of the First-tier God, Mad God. In addition, part of the Mad God’s soul was sealed in the weapon. Thus, when the spirit tablets of the six main gods and four god beasts appeared at the same time, a part of Greenstone Rule’s power was unexpectedly absorbed by Barbarian Bull. The more he fought, the stronger he became.

The Moxi Clan had always proclaimed themselves as the descendants of the gods. Li Qing was the only person that awaken the divine bloodline of the Moxi Clan in this generation. At this moment, his divine bloodline was surging endlessly and the outline of a god beast behind him was becoming clearer and clearer. His strength was abnormal compared to before.

At this moment, the Queen Bee that was bound by six spirit tablets slowly stopped struggling. Long Yi’s sea of consciousness returned back to normal and he was shocked by the connection he had with the Water God Tablet. Although he didn’t know about the benefits of the spirit tablets for the time being, he didn’t think too much about it. His attention quickly shifted to the Queen Bee. He was caught between killing it and letting it go.

Honestly speaking, it was somewhat a pity to kill this Queen Bee. One should know that Long Yi was defeated in the battle. If it wasn’t for the sudden activation of spirit tablets’ power, he might have already died under the tail stinger of the Queen Bee.

If such a powerful creature was tamed, it would be of great help to him Perhaps, even the bee swarm which contained millions of bees would be under his control. However, the Icy Blood Demonic Bees required an extremely harsh condition in order to survive. Low leveled Icy Blood Demonic Bee couldn’t survive outside Origin Ice and even the strength of this Queen Bee would be greatly reduced if it left Origin Ice.

Just when Long Yi was hesitating, Xiya arrived beside him along with a burst of fragrance. And as though she saw through Long Yi’s hesitation as she said, “Why don’t you sign a contract with it? Now that the spirit tablet has chosen you as its master, you are the next Water God. The strength of this Queen Bee is not any inferior to the god beasts. It might also evolve into a god beast if cultivated properly. Once it evolves into a god beast, the environment around will no longer affect its attack power.”

When he heard what Xiya said, Long Yi nodded his head. However, his heart became somewhat chaotic. Since he had obtained the Water God Tablet due to a freak combination of factors, what would happen to Xiya? Would she really disappear?

That Queen Bee was truly intelligent. When it saw that Long Yi retrieved his spirit tablets, it immediately signed a blood contract with Long Yi. It became one of Long Yi’s magic pets.

After that, Queen Bee issued a sharp hiss and the Icy Blood Demonic Bees which were hunted down by the god beasts quickly returned. Long Yi promptly made the others stop as well.


The summer sun above Origin Ice was shining brightly as usual even though it was already night. However, it seemed a little different compared to the past. In the past, from dawn to dusk, the sun shone brightly. Today, a gloomy wind was blowing and it brought along with it snowflakes which were fluttering in the air. The temperature dropped sharply.

Barbarian Bull, Li Qing, and the others were either meditating or sleeping. As for Long Yi, he was sitting beside the window as he looked outside at the snowstorm. He was lost in his thoughts. It was already night and according to Xiya, it was the final night of her existence.

Yu Feng was sitting on the ice bed which was warm and she frequently glanced at Long Yi’s back. She felt that Long Yi was acting weird today. He wasn’t happy at all and a frown was plastered on his face. It was as though he was really troubled. She thought about comforting him but she felt as though he was too far away from her. She was afraid that she wasn’t able to enter his world at all.

Finally, Yu Feng was unable to endure it any longer. She got off her ice bed and she walked over to Long Yi. Hugging him from behind, she softly said, “My husband, I don’t know what is going on. However, I believe that there is nothing in the world you cannot solve.”

Long Yi turned his head around and tightly held onto Yu Feng’s little hand.

Yu Feng kissed the cheek of Long Yi and rubbed her plump breasts on his back. Even though he didn’t know what was troubling Long Yi, she could only try to please him and allow him to completely vent out all his feelings. Long Yi got up as he carried Yu Feng to the ice bed.

Kissing her more and more passionately, Long Yi tore apart the clothing of Yu Feng and kneaded her full **. Her pink cherries instantly stood erect.

“My husband…… don’t stop……” Yu Feng moaned and she responded enthusiastically. She held and pressed Long Yi’s head against her chest and let him suck her ** like a greedy child.

Long Yi turned Yu Feng over and her snow-white perfect back and buttocks appeared before his eyes. He was instantly infatuated and he caressed and kissed every inch of her body. Slowly, his ** accumulated to the peak and he felt as if he was about to explode.

**, the little brother of Long Yi drove straight inside the small valley passing through that flourishing patch of grass.

The two people rolled about on the ice bed as they seemed like they wanted to exhaust all of their energy. Moreover, the pleasant sensation quickly gushed out from the bottom of their heart and drowned them.

“Ah…… I am dying……” Yu Feng trembled and her legs tightly clamped onto Long Yi’s waist as she felt a burst of warm current coming from her private parts. At this moment, her soul had flown far away.

At this moment, Xiya in the room next door had long opened her light blue magic robe and her lustrous skin had a layer of bewitching pink color. One of her hands was fondling her plump ** and the other hand was caressing her private parts. At the moment when Long Yi reached the peak, she also reached the peak.

“Long Yi……” Xiya lightly muttered and the corner of her eyes became a little moist for an unknown reason. Somewhere in her heart, a strong thought appeared. She wanted Long Yi. She wanted to be Long Yi’s woman and she wanted to personally experience the feeling of the moment she truly became his woman. If she was able to do that, she wouldn’t regret anything even if she vanished.

As such, she softly called out Long Yi’s name in her heart. She knew that Long Yi would be able to feel it.

Indeed, Long Yi felt it. He felt a kind of sweet and sour feeling and it was the taste of love.

After a long time, Long Yi got up and wore his clothing. He went towards Xiya’s room and he left Yu Feng who was sound asleep after enduring his vicious lashing. Since he couldn’t run away from this problem, why not just face it bravely.

Xiya was standing in front of the window, stark naked. Her long beautiful hair hung down loosely to her waist. She looked indifferent and aloof. However, that pink skin showed what she did just a moment ago.

“Xiya.” Long Yi walked forward. His voice was a little hoarse. Although he wanted to see his Wushuang as soon as possible, how could he let Xiya disappear just like this? He was just an ordinary person… An ordinary person with passion in his heart.

Xiya didn’t speak and her eyes were gentle as she looked at Long Yi. At this moment, she was also just an ordinary woman. She was an ordinary woman who was confused as she had no idea if the feelings she had for Long Yi was because of Wushuang. However, nothing mattered anymore. She wanted to have her way once,. Although Wushuang wouldn’t be able to feel her first time, she wanted to be selfish this time. She begged Wushuang for forgiveness.

Xiya walked over to Long Yi and standing on her tiptoes, she kissed him, and she wanted to make this final ** burn her to ashes.

Long Yi closed his eyes and allowed her to kiss him. Her lips streaked across this body and left kiss marks everywhere. Moving all the way down, she reached the hard ** below his abdomen. Lifting his passionate little brother, she brought it into her moist mouth.

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Long Yi trembled and opened his eyes. This woman was a Water God… Even when doing **, her expression was still calm and profound with a hint of satisfaction as if she was doing something incomparably sacred. Long Yi was able to feel an excitement he had never felt before. No longer enduring his **, Long Yi made up his mind. Since she wanted to sink down, he would sink together with her.

Long Yi carried Xiya to the bed and laid her down. He began kissing her entire jade body.

“Long Yi, can you let me be selfish this once?” Xiya exhaled a fragrant breath and she bit on Long Yi’s earlobe.

Long Yi stopped in front of the secret garden of Xiya and his gaze flashed. Gritting his teeth, he said, “I can let you have your own way and I can even sink together with you. However…”

“You can rest assured, since you have the Water God Mark now, the Pure Yin Body of Wushuang will not have any effect. In addition, I have already resolved the freeze over magic that activates upon touch within her body.” Xiya softly interrupted Long Yi. She knew what Long Yi was worrying about.

Xiya looked outside the window before looking straight into Long Yi’s eyes. She suddenly clamped her legs around his waist and she pulled him forward. That big and burning hot thing instantly intruded her body and she felt pain as though her body was tearing apart. However, she also felt a strong sense of fullness as if a blank space in her life was filled. She felt as though her life became more complete.

Feeling this feeling, Xiya had a kind of impulse to cry. As it turned out, it felt like this when she completely became his woman. It was very fulfilling and very beautiful. Unfortunately, she only had a short time to feel it.

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“You can move.” Xiya softly muttered and her long eyelashes trembled.

Long Yi slowly began to move his waist and the emotions of these two people began to fuse together along with Long Yi’s movements.

“Don’t go, don’t leave me.” Looking outside the window, Long Yi said in his hoarse voice as he could feel that time was passing very quickly.

“I will not leave you… I’ll stay by your side forever.” Xiya hugged the head of Long Yi and kissed his handsome face.

“Really?” The eyes of Long Yi shone as he looked into Xiya’s misty eyes.

“Really. Every water magic element you feel has my existence. Until the day when there are no water magic elements left in this world, I will always be beside you.” Xiya said with a beautiful smile.

“I want you to be here… I don’t want water magic elements! As long as you are around me, I don’t care about anything else!” Long Yi ferociously shouted as he frantically said.

“Fool, hug me again……” Xiya wiped the tear which was at the corner of Long Yi’s eyes and the two of them hugged each other.

Suddenly, a blue light flashed around Xiya. However, it disappeared in an instant. No one knew that in Long Yi’s space rine, a strange white light appeared.

Long Yi felt as though his heart became empty and he slowly released Xiya. Then, he saw the beautiful eyes in front of him and he saw the tear marks on Wushuang’s face. She asked him with a confused expression on her face, “Long Yi, am I dreaming?”

“Yes, this is just a dream.” With tears sliding down his cheeks, he knew that the person before him was Wushuang. He might never be able to meet Xiya again.


At this moment, in the space ring of Long Yi, the miniature Light God Statue was unexpectedly covered with a layer of blue light it vaguely revealed three faint figures.

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