Chapter 704 – Do You Miss Me?

“Cousin!” sorrow, pain, tears fall like the string of a broken kite on her fair face, gently sliding down.

Huan Qing Yan can only look fixedly at Ji Mo Ya; this man for the sake of protecting her, had actually fought with his mother to such a bad state…

She had always felt that she owed Ji Mo Ya too much, basically everything done for her was at his expense, while she was unable to provide him with any aid.

She deeply dislikes this sort of weak feeling.

She must become stronger, she wants to stand shoulder to should with him, stand at the same height as him and help him bear some of the burdens of the storm.

Ji Mo Ya added, “Mu Rong Xin Nuo, just leave, do not make me speak excessive words anymore.”

Mu Rong Xin Nuo dared not disobey; without another word and with aggrieved feelings she walked out, in tears.

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Within the building, only Huan Qing Yan and Ji Mo Ya remained.

Huan Qing Yan looked at Ji Mo Ya for a long time, this man was shining like a bright star, what merits or capabilities did she have to the luck to be together with him, to be worthy of his gentle treatment.

She sniffled and spoke lightly with a hoarse voice, “Ji Mo Ya…”

Ji Mo Ya shifted his attention, his gaze was like a deep boundless ocean, he caressed her cheek, “No need to worry, that Heaven Tribulation that she mentioned will not come so early. In addition, it is also not a big problem, trust me.”

This was precisely the problem that worried Huan Qing Yan.

Ji Mo Ya was always so powerful and able to read what her mind was thinking.


“Trust me. What’s more, Bai Li Zi Xi’s Luan Spirit Treasure would not be of much help to my Heaven Tribulation as well. The suitable Phoenix Spirit Treasure is not present, I can withstand it by myself.” Ji Mo Ya smiled charmingly, his eyes were clear and gentle.

Shining brightly with purity and elegance.

It allowed one to feel secured.

Huan Qing Yan has been successfully pacified, “Then you must tell everything to me from now on, okay? My power might be small, but I am willing to help share some of your burden. If you do not inform me earlier, it would only make me even more worried later.”

Ji Mo Ya lightly acknowledged her before embracing her in his arms, a warm breath landed on Huan Qing Yan’s forehead, “Okay, I will tell you everything from now on.”

Only having obtained his promise, did Huan Qing Yan slowly loosen up her emotions, “Is the Heaven Tribulation really not a problem?”

Ji Mo Ya wrap an arm around Huan Qing Yan’s waist, “No problem. We have not seen each other for several months, Little One, how come your waist seemed to have added more meat?”

Huan Qing Yan blushed, “Is there? I have undergone closed-door training for three months and did not eat anything okay?”

She stretched her hand and pinched, there was nothing!

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That was when he heard Ji Mo Ya’s deep chuckle and knew she had been fooled so she hammered on his chest.

Ji Mo Ya took a few steps back, “Yan Lass, you have really become a True Spirit Master, your strength was not the same as before. Be careful when you attack your husband in the future, else you might carelessly murder your husband.”

“Go away!” Huan Qing Yan sent another fist but was caught by Ji Mo Ya.

Lowering his head, he captured her pink lips.

While kissing, he asked with an alluring voice, “Little one, do you miss me?”

“I do…” Huan Qing Yan was feeling dizzy from the kissing as she replied him.

Ji Mo Ya deepened his kisses before moving from her lips to the edges of her ear.

“I miss you too, what did you say the last time that you parted with this husband? Someone still owe me a teasing?” Ji Mo Ya started kissing Huan Qing Yan’s body.

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