Chapter 568: Beautiful sisters

(Part 1)

The snow was still dreary and hazy as Wushuang warmly looked at the head buried in her plump bosom. She vaguely emitted the radiance of maternal love.

Long Yi had always used his thick and broad chest to give his women a sense of security. However, there were times when he was weak as well. His women would use their warm and soft bosom to comfort the sorrow of his heart. They didn’t have to speak too much and everything was so natural.

At this moment, Wushuang was caressing Long Yi’s long black hair. However, she was thinking about that dream she just had in her heart. Yes, Long Yi had insisted that it was just a dream. In the heart of the Ice Palace’s disciples, the Water God had always been aloof, remote, sacred, and inviolable. Beyond anyone’s imagination, something like that actually happened between Long Yi and the Water God. It seemed as though even the gods were unable to go against the world of love.

Long Yi was blessed by the heavens without a doubt. He rarely meditated, but he possessed magic power that surpassed a Magic God. His spirit power was even more powerful. Moreover, he rarely slept and his spirit was still extremely active.

Today, Long Yi fell into a deep sleep. He slept for two days and two nights as he hugged Wushuang.

When he woke up, Long Yi felt very refreshed and he immediately met Wushuang’s warm and affectionate eyes. His heart immediately started to beat faster due to his anxious attitude and a depressed feeling washed over him. However, Long Yi instantly buried his emotions at the bottom of his heart. Xiya’s temperament was similar to Wushuang’s without a doubt, but Long Yi was able to distinguish the difference between the two of them.

“Shuang’er, thank you.” Long Yi crawled up from the soft body and stretched his limbs. He leaned closer and kissed her.

With a warm smile blossoming on her face, Wushuang stroked Lon Yi’s hair. She helped him off the bed and dressed him.

Long Yi looked outside the window. That dreary and hazy snowfall had already stopped at an unknown time and chilly sunlight had replaced it. Although the sunlight didn’t heat up the world, it painted the world a wonderful color. It represented enthusiasm and never conceding will. No matter how heavy the snowfall was, it would never be able to cover the sun forever. One day, the sun would break through the layer of clouds to illuminate the world once again.

Long Yi and Wushuang walked out of the room side by side and arrived at the square of the Ice Palace. Barbarian Bull and Li Qing were sitting on the ice step, basking in the sun. In the sky, Sharman and Midi’er were still fighting. Niur was riding Little Three as they chased after the Fire Qilin and Violent Lightning Beast. The entire Ice Palace was no longer frosty. A warm and lively atmosphere filled the Ice Palace.

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“Father.” Seeing as Long Yi had arrived, Niur rushed into his bosom at once. She rained kisses all over his face.

“Boss, you are finally up. I thought that you will be sleeping for at least ten days… I won’t be surprised even if you slept for half a month!” Barbarian Bull walked over as he carried Greenstone Rule.

Long Yi smirked and said, “I wanted to sleep for ten days to half a month as well. However, I’m afraid someone won’t be able to endure it.”

The beautiful face of Wushuang became slightly red and she pinched Long Yi. Turning to Barbarian Bull, she said with a smile, “Barbarian Bull, long time no see. How is Eva and Little Niu?”

Barbarian Bull had his mouth wide open and was dumbfounded for a while. He said with an excited voice, “You are Wushuang! I thought that you are that Xiya or something… You two look exactly the same.”

Wushuang looked at Long Yi and discovered that he had no reaction. He was still smiling. However, when Barbarian Bull mentioned the word ‘Xiya’, Wushuang felt that Long Yi’s heart jumped.

“Eva is fine and my son is doing fine as well. That kid is extremely strong… He will definitely surpass me, his father, in the future.” Barbarian Bull was very happy when he mentioned his wife and son.

At this moment, everyone came over. Long Yi seemed to have already gotten over it. He laughed and joked like before and he frequently took cheap advantages of those beautiful dragon girls. However, only he knew that he was no longer the same person as a hazy figure was always lingering in his heart.

Now, they had completed their business in the Ice Palace. Wushuang was fine and she made extremely great progress in her cultivation. In addition, Long Yi managed to obtain the Water God Spirit Tablet and he successfully subdued a powerful Queen Bee in the process. Despite all that, there was a trace of sorrow in Long Yi’s heart. As for Mea Empress Lianxin, she was still lying inside the crystal coffin. At present, Long Yi still didn’t have any means to cure her. He could only allow her to continue sleeping in the crystal coffin in order to maintain her slim chance of survival.

Before leaving, Long Yi laid down a transfer magic array in the Ice Palace and connected it to the transfer magic array in the imperial palace of Soaring Dragon City. He ordered the Queen Bee and her soldiers to protect the Ice Palace no matter what happened. This place would turn into Long Yi’s stronghold and safe zone. This world was very complicated… the stronger Long Yi became, the more he understood that. Now, although he was very strong, he was still not invincible. There were still many hidden monsters and past masters in this world. One should know that even the seven main gods met with annihilation in the end. Who knew what Long Yi would encounter in the future? These millions of Icy Blood Demonic Bees protecting the Ice Palace would turn into one of his life-saving treasures in the future.


Blue Moon City was the capital city of the Nalan Empire. After the Blue Waves Continent settled down, the place turned into a bustling spot for many people to avoid the summer heat. Of course, Icy Wind City was one of those places as well. As soon as the concept of tour and vacation was put forward, this place became popular throughout the entire continent. Moreover, under the continuous effort of the Magician Guild as they worked through the nights, in an extremely short period of several months, the transfer magic arrays which connected Soaring Dragon City, Blue Moon City, and Icy Wind City were established. Now, as long as one could pay a certain amount of gold coins, one could instantly travel between these three cities. Those Madams and Misses who had nothing to do were already fed up with one place. Moreover, after the unification of the Blue Waves Continent, public order was extremely good everywhere. Those people who didn’t care about several hundred gold coins went around to play everywhere. After transfer magic arrays were built in these three big cities, more people appeared in the cities and they became extremely bustling. All of the cities started to prosper. In turn, the lords of other cities became green-eyed. They repeatedly urged the Magician Guild in their respective cities to build a transfer magic array in their city.

After Long Yi and his group came back from Origin Ice, they went to Icy Wind City before leaving for Blue Moon City. Of course, they used the transfer magic array to move around.

The crowd in Blue Moon City surprised Long Yi. Even though Blue Moon City was already very flourishing in the past as it was the capital city, it couldn’t be compared to the past.

In fact, this was not surprising. Blue Moon City was right next to the seas and possessed its unique style. In addition, the weather was extremely hot as it was in the middle of summer right now. It was nice and cool in Blue Moon City. Enjoying the salty breeze and drinking an iced cocktail on the beach while looking at the sunrise and sunset, it was a kind of pleasant matter.

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Long Yi’s group was very eye-catching. Looking at Wushuang and Yu Feng, one of them was cold and one of them was hot. Both of them had peerless looks. In addition, all the women around Long Yi were beautiful like an angel with a devilish figure. There was nothing to say about Long Yi. Wearing a white robe he looked extremely handsome with his black hair casually tied back.

In addition to his handsome face, his cheeky smile was most lethal to young madams and young girls. Not to mention the fact that there was Li Qing. He wasn’t inferior to Long Yi in terms of looks but his temperament was ice cold and he held onto his ice sword. He wasn’t moving around, people would think that he was actually an ice statue. As for Barbarian Bull, he was robust and tall with a pair of horns on his head. In addition, just by looking at his intertwined muscled, one would know that they contained very strong explosive power. Especially the aura released by Greenstone Rule… It made people tremble in fear.

“Look, isn’t he the Lord Crown Prince?” Now, Long Yi’s reputation was illustrious. He had already become the idol of numerous young boys and young girls. Even that matter in Mea Holy Magic Academy had already spread far and wide. When he came out in public, many people recognized him.

“No kidding, if he is not Lord Crown Prince, who else has the ability to have so many peerless beauties around him? If one day……” Certain someone began to daydream. If by chance he also could hold a goddess on his left and a demoness on his right… If he was able to kick a Sword God and punch a Magic God…

At that time, a group of fully armed guards came over, parting the crowd. They welcomed Long Yi’s group and the leader wore the armor of the imperial commander.

“Subordinate Wei Yasi pays respect to Lord Crown Prince.” This leader excitedly greeted Long Yi.

Although the Nalan Empire was not yet incorporated into the Violent Dragon Empire, everyone knew that this would happen sooner or later. Although his form of address didn’t conform to the norms of etiquette, no one objected.

“Wei Yasi? It’s you… it seems as though you became someone outstanding now.” Long Yi smiled and patted the shoulder of Wei Yasi. In the past, when Nalan Ruyue was taking over power, his contributions were significant.

“Everything is due to Lord Crown Prince’s grace. This subordinate can’t thank Your Highness enough.” Wei Yasi was also one of the worshippers of Long Yi. Now, he rejoiced that he obeyed Long Yi and joined the side of Nalan Ruyue at that time. If he didn’t, he would have already turned into a corpse on that bloody night.

“Okay, take me to see the Empress.” Long Yi said with a smile.

With Wei Yasi leading them, Long Yi’s group quickly arrived in front of a towering castle located at the top of a steep cliff. When they saw this kind of building for the first time, Wushuang and Yu Feng exclaimed in astonishment.

“Brother-in-law, you are finally here. I missed you to death.” Nalan Rumeng rushed over as she hugged Long Yi like a koala. She kissed Long Yi as if there was no one else present.

Long Yi laughed with a guilty conscience. As for the guards, they looked sideways as if they didn’t see anything.

“Rumeng, your brother-in-law also missed you. Hurry up and get down… Bring Niur around.” Long Yi patted the little butt of Nalan Rumeng and said. Feeling her rather big breasts rubbing against his chest, his lower body reacted a little. How could Long Yi allow her to hug him any longer? It seemed as though this Little Lolita had finally grown up.

Nalan Rumeng obediently listened to Long Yi. She no longer crazily entangled with Long Yi and she was very sensible now. She once heard an imperial maid talking about how men didn’t like disobedient girls. In addition, Long Yi would be staying in the imperial palace for a long time. She wasn’t afraid that she wouldn’t have the opportunity to seduce him.

“Bad husband, you didn’t even let go of sister-in-law.” Yu Feng rolled her eyes at Long Yi and said softly.

Long Yi calmly pinched the butt of Yu Feng and smirked, “I am not a bad person… I am extremely bad. You will know it tonight.”

Her beautiful face suddenly turned bright red. Long Yi was extremely cheeky… However, she liked that side of him. Now, she somewhat hoped for the night to come quickly.

Nalan Ruyue wore a blue outfit which was lined with golden edges as she walked over. She looked noble and elegant. There was a saying… Whatever kind of position one was in, they would possess that kind of temperament. This saying was absolutely correct. Nalan Ruyue who was somewhat immature in the past had changed greatly after ascending to the throne. Not only had she turned more mature and noble, but her means and scheming abilities also experienced great changes. When she was nice, she was extremely nice. When she should be iron-willed, she wouldn’t hesitate in the slightest. Now, there was no one among the civil and military officials who dared to look down on her.

Seeing as Long Yi was looking at her with a smile, Nalan Ruyue felt warm in her heart and there was a hint of excitement in her eyes. No one could understand her feelings towards Long Yi. Nothing in the world was able to compare to Long Yi in her heart. Throughout her life, she had tasted joy and sorrow. Looking back, she discovered that she couldn’t do without this particular man in her life.

“Yue’er, you seemed to have grown even more beautiful.” Long Yi smiled and greeted her with warmth in his eyes.

Nalan Ruyue held the big warm hand of Long Yi and smiled happily. Even Yu Feng couldn’t help but feel a bit sentimental when she saw Nalan Ruyue.

Nalan Ruyue greeted everyone one by one. She was already well-acquainted with all of them and there was no barrier between them. Soon, Nalan Ruyue led everyone to into this luxurious castle style imperial palace as she chatted and laughed with them.

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