Chapter 183: Even the sisters were flustered

One cold as ice, one hot as fire, two type of tunes.

Qin Tian’s twisted mind began to relate them to the brothel next-door in his previous world. The girls from the brothel had skills that were like ‘ice and fire of the nine heavens’. His heart was slightly moved. This pair of twin sisters, cold and hot, that kind of feeling…

[TL: ice and fire of the nine heavens (冰火九重天): In other words, one of the skills used during intercourse.]


Yan Xin suddenly stopped and a killing intent was emitted from her body which quickly flashed by.

The surrounding temperature dropped sharply. Qin Tian was shocked and he immediately retracted his evil thoughts. Cold sweat dripped down his spine and he secretly thought, “Could she have cultivated the some God eyes technique? How did she know what I’m thinking in my mind?”

Suddenly, Qin Tian’s eyes lit up and an arc spread across his face. He smiled.

Along the way, though Yan Xin did not say anything and had shown an icy attitude, she was aware of what was going through Qin Tian’s mind.

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What does this mean?

This means that she had been paying attention to Qin Tian. When questioned, she was not willing to answer but she preferred to snoop on other’s thoughts.

“All along, she had been paying attention to me, could it be that she had fallen in love in me? Isn’t this a bit too fast?” Qin Tian happily thought in his heart.

“Don’t think too highly of yourself.”

The words Yan Xin coldly said was like a tub of cold water which directly extinguished the newly sparked flame in Qin Tian’s heart.

Heartless woman.

Qin Tian was slightly hurt but he let out his fighting spirit which had been hidden for many years.

He is a transmigrator. This current body had little influence on him while his mindset from his previous life was in control. In his previous life, he had a dream. A dream to conquer a cold beauty, thawing her then dumping her.

His thoughts were a bit too abnormal.

However, to Qin Tian, this kind of feeling when doing abnormal things feel quite cool.

Now with the appearance of a cold beauty, his fighting spirit was reignited.

“Hurt?” Yan Bing giggled as she watched Qin Tian’s expression from the side. Nobody could determine what was going through her mind.

Qin Tian was not an exception. However, he was sure that it would not be something good.

“Since I find you quite handsome, if you like me, I’ll make sure you don’t get hurt. I’ll cherish , love and protect you, no one will dare to harm you.” Yan Bing stared at Qin Tian tenderly. Her eyes were clear and moving, like a 16 year old girl in love.

The pure and innocent appearance of hers stunned Qin Tian.


“That’s so direct.”


“How could there be such a good news?”


“Could this be the rumoured love? Still, it is going a little too fast.”


Qin Tian was at loss and did not manage to figure out what her heart was thinking about. “Could she be hungry or thirsty? Or, turned insane after thinking too much about males?”


“Hey, just what are you thinking of?” Yan Bing puffed her cheeks and glared at Qin Tian angrily, “Don’t you dare to continue having such vile thoughts, else I will dig your heart out and refine it into a tool! Heng!”




“You……are your words real?” Qin Tian revealed an expression of shock and asked in a daze.


Yan Bing rolled her eyes, “What do you think?”


“I’m serious.” Qin Tian spoke seriously, his sight was upon Yan Bing. Sparks of love could be seen in his eyes. Gently, he tidied her forehead’s messy hair. “I’ll protect you forever.”


His sight left her melancholy, making the hearts of others ache.


Qin Tian had practiced this look countless of times, just that he never had a chance to reveal it. Now, he finally got an opportunity.


The moment Qin Tian touched her hair, Yan Bing shivered. It was the type of shiver that happens when something completely unexpected happen. Seeing that, Qin Tian smiled inwardly.


Looking at Qin Tian’s melancholy expression, Yan Bing’s heart did not ache. Her eyes widened as she quickly jumped away, “I’m just playing.”



Qin Tian shut his mouth and showed a pained expression, “Did you hear a sound?”

Yan Bing deliberately kept a distance then asked, “What sound?”

“The sound of my heart breaking.” Qin Tian expression became more hurt and tears were squeezed out from the corner of his eyes. Both his hands covered his mouth as he groaned, “It hurts, it hurts.”



Yan Bing shrieked and quickly ran away. She did not dare to walk shoulder to shoulder with Qin Tian.

“Do you have the heart to see me with a broken heart?”

Qin Tian shouted to the front but following that, he began to laugh evilly, “Lass, fight with me? Still too young.”

Yan Bing was carefree. She would act familiar to everyone, making them feel that she was like a man, magnanimous and open-minded. However, deep down, she was more defensive than Yan Xin. Once something didn’t feel right, she would immediately stay away.

Hearing Qin Tian’s laughter, Yan Bing became aware that she had been played.

She fiercely stomped her foot. She then smiled evilly as she walked to Yan Xin’s side, “Sis, Master wants you to bring the newcomer to the Ten Thousand Snake Valley. Today, Master needs a rank 8 snake king’s core to create a golden snake sword.”

Seeing an evil look on her face, Yan Xin understood that Yan Bing was relaying a false command. However, she was willing to play along and wanted to see just how powerful the person that completed the dark ocean mysterious flame task was. Immediately, Yan Xin smiled coldly, “Report to master that we will arrive soon.”


“F**k, the ancients were right. Women cannot be provoked.”


Qin Tian cried bitterly in his heart and asked, “Senior sister, what kind if place is the Ten Thousand Snake Valley?”


“You’ll know once you enter.”


Yan Bing laughed, with an expression of delight which seems to say, “Lad, that’s what you get for provoking this lady.”


Soon, they reached a three-way road junction. One leads to Refinement Hall, while the other an unknown place.

Yan Xin hesitated for a moment before finally deciding to walk along the narrow road (the one that leads to an unknown place).


Qin Tian realised that since they were not going towards the Refinement Hall, it means their destination was what they were conversing about previously, the Ten Thousand Snake Valley.

Yan Bing was excited as she sang a small tune along the way. From time to time, she would glance at Qin Tian and a gloating smile would appear on her face.

Qin Tian acted unaware and foolishly followed behind. From time to time he would let out a naive smile.

It was quiet throughout the whole journey.

The journey there took them half an hour.

Qin Tian suddenly heard numerous eerie hissing sounds from within the mist.

The mist with sparse of green bamboos made the place seemed very ghostly.

At the entrance of the valley stood a stela. 4 big words ‘Ten Thousand Snake Valley’ were engraved on it.

Within the mist, the words seemed to be wriggling, giving people a horrifying feeling.

“In the Ten Thousand Snake Valley, there’s a lot of snakes. I’m really scared.” Yan Bing acted weak before Qin Tian but a sly smile still hung on her face.

“Senior sister.”

At the entrance of the valley, two male disciples saluted and respectfully greeted.

Yan Xin coldly nodded and said, “Master is forging a golden snake sword. She needs a rank 8 snake king’s core.”

“Understood. I’ll immediately kill a rank 8 snake king.”

A disciple immediately unsheathed his sword and was about to enter the Ten Thousand Snake Valley.

“Wait, did I let you go in to get it?” Yan Xin coldly spoke.

That disciple immediately stopped then looked at Yan Xin and said, “How could we bother senior sister to personally take action on this minor thing? We will do it.”

“You, go.”

Yan Xin was too lazy to say anything more. She directly ordered Qin Tian in a cold tone.

“I’m only at rank 3 of ascension realm. I can’t deal with a rank 8 monster. Senior sister, why don’t we let this senior brother go?” Qin Tian made a troubled expression while retreating half a step. He gave an impression that he really did not want to go.

“Even if you don’t want, you still have to go. This is Master’s order. You dare to disobey Master’s order?” Yan Xin angrily said.

When the two disciples that were guarding the valley heard that it was Master’s order, their expression turned solemn. They looked at Qin Tian and said, “Junior brother, we advise you to go in by yourself. It wouldn’t be good if we have to throw you in.”

In other words, if Qin Tian don’t want to enter by himself, they would take action and threw him in.

Hearing that, Yan Bing laughed happily. Looking at Qin Tian’s expression, she delightfully thought, “Who tell you to bully me, now aren’t you afraid?”

“Must I really go?” Qin Tian swallowed his saliva. Looking at the valley, his gaze turned terrified, expressing how frightened he was. If he was in his previous life, he felt that even the winner for the Oscar award was not worthy to help him polish his shoes. Even he was amazed by his acting abilities. He was actually able to express fear to such perfection.

“Must go.”

The more frightened Qin Tian was, the happier Yan Bing was. She was totally a little devil.

“If I was to meet any danger, would you come save me?” Qin Tian weakly asked.

“You dare…I would definitely save you. You can rest assured.” Yan Bing giggled and expressed a caring gaze. “Don’t worry, I would definitely save you. If you met any danger, just wait. You must not resist. The more you resist, the more crazy they get.”

“This is what you said.” Qin Tian took two steps forward and seriously said.

“Yes, you can now go in. Any longer and I would kick you in.” Yan Bing raised her fist and demonstrate her fierceness.

Qin Tian proceed in small steps as his body trembled none stop. After entering the Ten Thousand Snake Valley, a gust of mist blew passed and his figure blurred and finally disappearing.

“Senior sister, he is only at the 3rd rank of the ascension realm. Would it be dangerous?” A guarding disciple asked.


Yan Xin gazed into the valley and started to feel anxious.

It would be fine if a rank three ascension realm met a low rank monster, but against a rank eight snake king, his life may be in danger.


Since he was actually able to get some mysterious flame from the dark ocean, that proves that he was capable enough to deal with a rank eight monster.


However, if it was due to luck……


Yan Xin trembled, finally feeling that the joke she played might be a little too big.

The previously elated Yan Bing lost her smile. Her false command may have went a little overboard. If Qin Tian really died, she would be in big trouble.


“Sister, nothing will happen, right?” Yan Bing asked in a low voice.


Yan Xin did not speak. Anxiousness could be seen from her face.


More than 4 hours later, the valley was still quiet as if no one had went in. In the past, sounds could always be heard coming from the valley, yet it was miraculously quiet now.


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“The snake couldn’t have eaten him already right?”


Yan Bing was a little afraid and Yan Xin could not stop herself from becoming more anxious.




A miserable shriek came from within the valley. Like a pig soon to be killed, it was filled with terror……


The sisters Yan Bing and Yan Xin panicked!!

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