Chapter 205: The Amazement of Youth

She stood under the sunlight, her defined brows and her fair skin subtly shimmering with a pearlescent glow.

But what made him unable to shift his gaze was her star-like eyes; like last night, it held a chill that he had never witnessed before. Her gaze was like an arrow directed straight towards his heart…, he couldn’t ignore her orders, he couldn’t defy her.

That Ye Jian was so unfamiliar to him, it was as if they had just met for the first time.

Apart from that, the way she had held the gun made it seem like she was used to holding one; it was no different to how policemen and soldiers held it.

Her proficient marksmanship and shots were fired without any hesitation…, her calm reactions, efficient handling… it wasn’t the same as the Ye Jian that occasionally quarreled with Ye Ying in school.

After the sedative had worn off, he hadn’t slept after waking up. He had many thoughts, as he recalled many of his memories. His final conclusion was… she had always concealed who she really was in school.

He had so many questions he wanted to ask, but each time, he could never voice them out.

Gao Yiyang tightly pursed his lips for a moment, then he spoke with a slightly hoarse voice, “I don’t have much to say, I just came to thank you. Last night… if it weren’t for you, I believe that whether I would have survived or not would be unknown.”

After a small pause, he noticed the distant expression on her face, and hastened his words. “Ye Jian, thank you. I was too reckless in the past, and I liked to quote out of context and misunderstand you many times. Thank goodness you’re a mature person and didn’t bother to feel offended.”

He laughed self-deprecatingly, revealing the youthfulness that a young boy like him should have. “Only now do I realize how ridiculous I was in school, jumping all over in front of you like a clown and not even realizing it…”

If he was just going to say stuff like this… then there really was no need to. Ye Jian smiled and interrupted him, “It’s not a big deal, and I’m not someone with such a big heart. But it would be unlike me give tit-for-tat as a result of our usual disputes and misunderstandings to the point that I would fuss over it even when our lives were on the line.”

“Ye Ying, however, it’s still the same old sentence, you should stop mentioning about her in front of me in the future. There really is no way I would ever like her.”

When she mentioned Ye Ying, the tone of her voice was chilly, and it could clearly be seen that their relationship was terrible.

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The only difference was that she had never gossiped about Ye Ying… when comparing their characters, it was very obvious who’s was higher. Like his father had said, sometimes you couldn’t see with just your eyes; you have to think with your heart too.

However, for Ye Jian, if she didn’t like something, she would speak her mind.  Nobody had ever heard her discuss someone behind their backs; it made him finally realize how valuable someone of her character was.

He smiled, his youthful face regaining a hint of liveliness, his sunlit eyes losing a bit of their coldness and gaining some color, “Okay, I will never mention it again. You still haven’t eaten breakfast, right? Let’s go together.”

Tossing away his past prejudice, Gao Yiyang was indeed someone worth being friends with. Oh…, it could also clearly explain why Gao Yiyang stopped hanging out with Ye Ying in the end.

He had probably seen Ye Ying’s true self, turned around, and left her without  hesitation.

In the dining room, they met the Vietnamese students again, along with the only son of a minister that had been taken hostage by Red Scorpion. After catching sight of Ye Jian, his gaze clearly shrunk inwards; he pursed his lips tightly and silently took a step back.

Him stepping back caused the two other students, who had also previously appeared together in Red Scorpion’s room, to unknowingly take a step back, making a path for Ye Jian and Gao Yiyang to pass through.

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Passing by them, Ye Jian stopped still in her tracks, her gaze landing on the boy who hid in the back and was trying his best to reduce his presence. He was the student that had caused her and Gao Yiyang to be dragged into the car.

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