Chapter 206: The One and Only Ye Jian

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Her sudden halt made the three male students nervous beyond measure. Their heads were lowered and they didn’t dare to raise them. They were even more afraid of cutting across Ye Jian to leave.

In reality, Ye Jian had only just stopped for a little bit, and then left without a word. It just so happened that her actions made the three of them too afraid to even breath loudly.

Although it looked like her gaze had landed on the boy furthest away from her, she had actually been evaluating the official’s only son from the corner of her eye.

The official’s only son…, had appeared frequently in Red Scorpion’s room. In her past life, she had learnt from the news that the officials from drug producing countries were often involved in its production. The pair of hands that seemed to protect their country were in fact darker and dirty.

Xia Jinyuan and the rest of them… should know more about this. However, this is Vietnam’s problem, it has nothing to do with us outsiders.

The three days of testing happened consecutively. On the last test of the final day, the competition became even more intense.

The whole test consisted of quick response questions, the entirety of which was being live streamed on Australian TV channels, allowing all the Australian citizens who had their eyes on the Olympiad competition a chance to witness the spirits and actions of the international students.

The Vietnamese students were performing poorly today. At times when they did manage to snatch a question, they lost their standing due to very minor mistakes, ultimately ending up in last place.

The most intense competition was between China, America, England, and Korea… the students of these four countries were like warriors clad in battle uniform. All of them were calm and composed. Even if the mistakes they made were minor, their points would immediately be snatched up by the other students.

When it was time for mental arithmetic, the gap between them instantly widened .

The first one to lose the battle was England, followed by Korea, until only the Chinese and American students remained on the stage, as they started their stand-off.

The tension and anxiety instantly reached a level had never been present before. The atmosphere in the hall felt stagnant, and even the livestream commentator had a serious face.

“Very regrettably the Australian participants have been disqualified despite trying their hardest. However, we all should be proud of them, because, uhm, to be frank… the questions they were given, I believe that at least ninety-percent of the country’s citizens have no idea how to solve them. Until now, our broadcasting room has only received four correct answers, and they were all provided by adults!”

The commentator had a stern face, but her announcing style still had humor in it. Even if the students of her own country had been disqualified, she still thought that it was a very admirable feat.

Standing before the stage, the expressions on the faces of the teachers were even more tense. They watched the final showdown between the Chinese students and the American students, all of them gently held their breaths, awaiting the final results.

Theoretical debate and mental arithmetic were happening simultaneously. Although the adults watching the livestream had no idea what they were talking about, they could still feel how intense the competition was in the hall.

The students in the China-America standoff kept up with each other. The students answers in the mental arithmetic questions made them seem like calculators; their dictation and logical abilities were beyond normal, and the confident and leisurely demeanor they had on when they defeated their opponents… each of them played their part in pushing the whole competition to its climax.

Director Li sat on stage with his arms across his chest, his expression calm. In reality, his hands hidden underneath his armpits were curled into tight fists, and his palms already slick with sweat.

Our country’s Olympiad competition started late. It was only in 1985 that we began entering the competition. Team competitions had always been the strong point of our country; that is why we also put in our determination to return with the gold medal into this competition.

Hence, after defeating all the remaining opponents, and only having their strongest rival left, Director Li was afraid to even blink. He stared intensely at the stage, deeply afraid of missing out even a moment.

Five hours passed just like that. When the time was up, the American participants could be seen shrugged their shoulders with a bit of regret. The Chinese students had obtained three gold medals in the individual competitions, while they had only two.

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