Chapter 711 – King

“Ding! Discovered Good Grade Medicinal Food, Origin Sun Spirit Soup.”

“Ding! Congratulations, Host’s Spirit Chef Rank has been promoted from Intermediate Spirit Chef to High Spirit Chef!”

Huan Qing Yan smiled widely.

It has been a long time since her last improvement of Spirit Chef Rank, the day has finally come for her to be promoted.

Huan Qing Yan excitedly went to make a Spirit Dish and as expected, with the same materials and recipe, the spirit energy value has become higher.

Tis particular dish was previously provided two hundred spirit energy points, now it was three hundred spirit energy points.

Very good.

Huan Qing Yan started to enter a crazy mode of training. Her mission everyday would be to cook up a lot of Spirit Dishes and eat lots of Spirit Dishes, she also released her spirit treasures to gorge…


Dorna brought along several Gnome Elders and personally went into the volcano to investigate and the place received all sorts of good response. After a simple discussion, they decided to migrate their people over.

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The long team of gnomes circled around the entire mountain.

“The natural concealing formation is pretty good, but we still need to enhance and strengthen it.” A Gnome Elder gave his input.

“We can try installing our newly invented Invisible Ballistae at the Southeast position and Northwest position…”


Dorna brought a portion of the gnomes to check the internal structure of the volcano. The volcano’s interior was filled with rocks of various sizes, forming countless amount of natural levels in the space; and at the sight of them the gnomes were very pleased

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They cheered as they travelled.

“King, we can construct the palace here. It is very spacious and imposing enough…”

“King, it is best that we construct wider tunnels in our new home, big enough to allow humans to travel through and not make them feel crowded. Since we have moved outside, we will surely be interacting with humans more often in the future…”

“The Heavens! King, this volcano possessed a rich deposit of resources, beyond that hole over there is a Millennium Frost River! With that Frost River, we will not need to worry about drought for a thousand years; it also guarantees that the volcano would not erupt within a thousand years.”


Constant voices of pleasant surprises resounded.

Dorna heaved a breathe of relief; the volcano was very promising and so far it has shown that it was very suitable for the Gnome Race to stay in.

Foolish Girl, thank you guys.

Dorna took out a parchment and started drawing on it, the Gnomes had natural talents in forging and construction, drawing construction schematics was something as easy as breathing for them.

“King, are you drawing the design of the Royal Palace?”


“What is this huge construct directly behind the palace building?”

Dorna silently answered in his heart, ‘It is for the Foolish Girl, it will forever be her home. If she ever got tired or feels like it, she is always welcomed to come…’


Ji Mo Ya left Surging Wave Academia and followed the clues left behind.

Before he knew it, he had travelled several hundred miles away from Surging Wave Academia.

Surging Wave Ocean was extremely large and looked to be never ending, no one knows what was at the other side of the ocean…

Occasionally, a King Spirit Master would embark on an exploration. A few decades later, they would always somehow turn around and return.

No one was able to travel beyond this stretch of ocean.

The powerful individuals all said that this was the boundary of Spirit Treasure Continent, a road with no end.

Ji Mo Ya already followed the clues for an entire day, travelling at least several thousand miles so far.

Yet he still could not discover the whereabouts of Mu Rong Xin Nuo and when he looked ahead, there was only the boundless quiet sea.

On a closer look, the shadow of an island appeared, rising suddenly from underneath the sea.

Ji Mo Ya squinted his eyes but did not act rashly…

He had the feeling that something was not right!


Huan Qing Yan remained in the dimension for over twenty days; she ate Spirit Dishes and trained daily, these actions restored her to her prime condition.

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