Chapter 712 – Shadow Man

Over the past few days she had completely refined the blood and essence of Ji Mo Ya but was still a Mid-Stage True Spirit Master with not much improvement being noted. Initially just a drop of his blood was enough for her to awaken her second Spirit Treasure, later, it allowed her to improve from Early-Stage Spirit Master to Mid-Stage.

Now, as her cultivation level increases, improvements to her cultivation rank was harder to achieve.

Twenty-four days within the dimension was equivalent to a day outside.

More than a day had gone by, yet Ji Mo Ya had yet to return.

Late into the night.

She suddenly felt movement within the guest hall of Hidden Fragrance Pavilion, Huan Qing Yan thought Ji Mo Ya had returned and quickly left the dimension.

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The light outside suddenly darkened.

Surging Wave Academia might be constructed underground, but their spell formations allowed them to light up the area in accordance to the ocean surface during day time.

During night time when it turned dark, you could also see floating stars within the waters as well.

Huan Qing Yan felt something was not right, Night Glowing Pearls were used within Hidden Fragrance Pavilion instead of candles, why would it suddenly be extinguished?

Just as Huan Qing Yan felt a bad feeling, a quick shadow suddenly appeared and attacked her.

Huan Qing Yan reacted nearly at the same time with Phantom Shifting Steps to evade.

“Who? Who is it?”

Huan Qing Yan released Piggy, it was a pity that Piggy had ranked up and no longer possess the eye piercingly bright Goose-Egg Stars. However, Huan Qing Yan’s ability to see in the dark was also much stronger than before.

Even if it was total darkness now, she would still be able to see the shadowy form of a person. As though she was wearing an Infra-Red Googles; she could see things in the dark, just not as sharp as it can be in the day.

The shadow was startled for a moment before it spoke in a deep voice, “Not bad, to have become a Mid-Stage Spirit Master in such a short time and be able to escape my attack. However, it is useless, today is your funeral date.”

Huan Qing Yan sense an extreme danger.

That person was emitting a thick murderous aura.

In addition, that person was at least a Mystic Spirit Master or higher; since she did not have the ability to face this enemy, she could only escape…

This was not like the sparring she had with Bai Li Zi Xi under the witness of a large crowd, this was a fight of life and death.

Fortunately, she has become a True Spirit Master. Otherwise she would not have been able to avoid that lethal strike earlier on.

“Who are you? How come you are able to enter Hidden Fragrance Pavilion?” only Ji Mo Ya, herself and Ji Mo Ya’s close guards were able to enter.

“There is no need for you to know. Since you don’t want to do things the easy way, then we’ll do this the hard way, you should not have even existed.”

The Shadow Man acted again.

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Huan Qing Yan felt a cold chill running down her back, she wanted to scream for help but knew that it would be useless. There were layers upon layers of spell formations on Hidden Fragrance Pavilion, people outside would not be able to hear her.

At that moment, a vigorous shadow appeared from the darkness. It flew in quickly from the door of Hidden Fragrance Pavilion and stopped the Shadow Man!

Huan Qing Yan could see that the new entrée was wearing the same clothes made of a special dark pattern fabric as Mo Si.

She suddenly recalled something, Ji Mo Ya had mentioned about instructing the Ink Guards to follow and protect her.

This person would either be Mo Liu or Mo Wu!

The Shadow Man was alarmed, “Good, I did not expect Young Master Ya to specially arrange someone to protect this woman, looks like he values her greatly. However, you are not this one’s opponent!”

This Ink Guard possessed a cultivation of a Late-Stage True Spirit Master.

However, he was not in the least flustered, “Who are you? I suggest for you to quickly leave here; the Young Mistress is not someone you can touch. Else you would not be able to leave even if you want to in a while.”

The Shadow Man coldly replied, “What audacity! I will definitely take her life today!”

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