Chapter 569: Undoing emotional entanglement

(Part 1)

The scenery around Blue Moon City was beautiful and the atmosphere was also pleasant. Traveling merchants and tourists were shuttling back and forth if not on sandy beaches then in the tropical forest of the suburbs. There were people everywhere.

Now, Long Yi was strolling on the beach along with a group of large beauties. The group attracted gazes of admiration and infatuation. Originally, he planned to set out to Dragon Island immediately after he brought back Liuli. However, he never expected that such a large group of beauties would follow him to Blue Moon City.

A beach was truly a good place to leisurely spend the holidays. Unfortunately, the women in the Blue Waves Continent were still very conservative. It was impossible for them to walk around while wearing a bikini. Occasionally, there were some beautiful Madams and Misses who took off their shoes, revealing their snowy white feet and as they splashed about in the water. This was a beautiful scene which played out on the beach.

“I came to Blue Moon City once when I was young… After so many years, this city didn’t change much, it still brings me comfort.” Dongfang Wan said with a smile. When she was fifteen or sixteen years old, she would run about everywhere. In those years, she was a well-known beauty throughout the Blue Waves Continent.

“Mother, you can stay here for a period of time if you like. In any case, there is a transfer magic array now. It will be very easy for you to return if you miss the old man.” Long Yi smiled and he hugged Dongfang Wan.

“That is also true. Since I had to look after your father and son duo, I wasn’t able to travel anywhere for twenty years. Now that I have so many daughters-in-law to accompany me, I can go around Blue Waves Continent to sightsee!” Dongfang Wan was quite happy. Now, the Ximen Clan had finally reached the peak of power and they no longer had to fear anyone. In addition, her son was capable and she had so many beautiful daughters-in-law to accompany her. Who in the world wouldn’t be satisfied with such a life? The only regret she had was that she had to carry her first grandchild.

Long Yi looked at his mother with a smile and a hint of warmth overflowed in his heart. It seemed as though his decision in his past was the right one. He was unable to give up this family affection and nothing could extinguish this feeling. Moreover, Long Yi vowed to forever guard this feeling in his heart.

Everyone chatted and laughed as they strolled on the beach. Among them, Dongfang Wan was worthy of being the senior. She was Long Yi’s mother and she was extremely close with her daughters-in-law. As such, Long Yi was pushed to the side as the women talked among each other. However, the person who had the most brilliant smile on his face was Long Yi. His smile was so warm and beautiful that it seemed somewhat unreal.

Just as Long Yi was looking at the beautiful buttocks of the beauties in front of him with a self-satisfied expression on his face, he suddenly felt that the scenery in front of him was familiar. All of a sudden, all the beauties stopped.

“This residence is very beautiful… It has a mountain and river located in it.  It seems like the owner of this residence really knows how to enjoy himself.” Seeing an unusually refined residence at the seacoast, Dongfang Wan praised. This residence might not be the most luxurious residence in Blue Moon City. However, it was very likely that it was the most comfortable and most refined residence.

“This is the residence of our Nalan Empire’s first class duke. A hundred years ago, my emperor father bestowed it to him. If mother wishes, I think that the duke will be very willing to let us take a look inside.” Nalan Ruyue who was wearing a sea-blue robe responded. As she spoke, she shot a glance at Long Yi who was looking at Feng Ling strangely.

Long Yi touched his nose and coughed twice and everyone turned around to look at him with a doubtful expression.

“Yu’er, do you object?” Dongfang Wan asked with a smile. In her heart, she truly wanted to go and take a look at this residence. The architecture in the Nalane Empire was rarely seen in the Violent Dragon Empire.

“No, I have no objection. I think His Excellency the Duke will be very willing to have us as his guests.” Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and said with a smile. He could see the entrance gate of this residence was already open wide and the duke was already waiting to welcome them. He wore a bright noble robe as numerous servants stood behind him. Long Yi had some impression about this duke, He was a gentleman with a scholarly and refined aura.

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The duke hastily walked over and falling down to one knee, he respectfully said, “First Class Duke Qi Ziya pays respect to Your Highness the Empress and Lord son-in-law.”

“No need to be too polite. Let me introduce them. She is my mother-in-law, and she is also the Empress of the Violent Dragon Empire. They are my sisters.” Nalan Ruyue stepped forward and indifferently said. When facing outsiders, the air around her instantly changed. She was graceful and there was a faint pressure coming from her. Seeing this, Dongfang Wan nodded her head inwardly.

The duke hastily greeted. Perhaps, ordinary common people might not know. However, he clearly knew that the Nalan Empire was not an independent empire. It was only a matter of time before the Nalan Empire merged with the Violent Dragon Empire. The unification of the entire continent would happen eventually. Thus, he paid respect to Dongfang Wan with the highest etiquette and diligently invited everyone into the residence.

Immediately after entering the residence, everyone saw a narrow path which sheltered by dense greenery. This place was quiet and beautiful with all kinds of flowers and plants vying with each other for attention. Along with the sea breeze, faint fragrance of flowers drifted in the air. Anyone would want to stay in this place forever.

“This Duke’s residence is really extraordinary. It’s the most beautiful residence I have ever seen.” Dongfang Wan praised.

“If empress likes it, then Ziya can willingly hand it over.” The Duke said with a smile. There was not even a hint of reluctance… In his mind, he even hoped for Dongfang Wan to accept his gift. Perhaps, relying on this, his Qi Clan would be able to climb onto a higher branch. Maybe, he would be able to experience infinite glory in the future. This small residence was nothing compared to that.

“I don’t wish to do that, Your Excellency the Duke, there are so many beautiful things in this world. How can someone take everything for themselves? It’s already a blessing for me to appreciate your magnificent residence.” Dongfang Wan said with a smile.

A hint of admiration flashed through the eyes of Qi Ziya. This empress was truly worthy of being a woman of the Dongfang Clan. Her magnanimity, bearing, and speech were all extraordinary.

“Father.” At that time, a clear and melodious voice came from not far away. A beautiful figure appeared at the corner of the path in front of everybody.

A smile appeared on Long Yi’s face and he looked at Feng Ling’s stunned face. Shui Ruoyan, Linna, Long Ling’er, and Ximen Wuhen also had a strange expression on their face.

“Yinyin, quickly come over here and pay respects to Her Majesty the Empress and our honorable guests.” Duke Qi Ziya said. When Yinyin arrived, he introduced, “This is my daughter Yinyin. She is now in charge of the matters in the clan.”

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Yinyin was startled and her gaze swept through the familiar faces of Long Yi, Feng Ling, and the others. She respectfully greeted Nalan Ruyue and she stood at the side. Her gaze was lowered and she stared at her toes. No one knew what thoughts were running through her head.

As if she noticed the subtle feeling of several people, Dongfang Wan smiled and asked, “Yu’er, do you know each other?”

“Mother, Yinyin used to be a student of the Mea Holy Magic Academy. She is our schoolmate.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Since that is the case, why don’t the few of you go and catch up with each other? Duke, is that fine?” Dongfang Wan asked with a smile.

How could the duke say no? In the end, Long Yi, Feng Ling, Ximen Wuhen, Long Ling’er, Shui Ruoyan, and Linna left the group.

“Lingr, go and stroll around with Yinyin.” Long Yi said.

Facing Yinyin again, Feng Ling was at a loss. In the past, she had disguised as a man and assumed a new identity, ‘Ling Feng’. That was the cause of such an ill-fated relationship.

Yinyin didn’t oppose. However, she deeply looked at Long Yi before leaving with Feng Ling.

“Second brother, why do I feel that Yinyin likes you?” Ximen Wuhen hugged the arm of Long Yi and said with a smile.

“Eh…… why do you think so?” Long Yi asked.

“Intuition, woman’s intuition. In addition, when she looked at you, there was a hidden bitterness. Student Long Yi, it’s time to confess. Did you do something to her?” Shui Ruoyan answered for Ximen Wuhen and she whispered into Long Yi’s ear.

“Teacher Shui Ruoyan, you cannot blame me without evidence. I will sue you for slander.” Long Yi said. Even though he sounded serious, his big hand quietly reached out to her round and plump buttocks as he fiercely pinched.

Shui Ruoyan trembled and rolling her eyes at Long Yi, she said, “Bad student. I can sue you for taking liberties with a respectable woman.”

“Now, a respectable man is taking liberties with his teacher. Since both of us are willing, it can only be an adulterous affair.” Long Yi said with a cheeky smile on his face.

The funny dialogue between these two made Long Ling’er and others chuckle. In turn, Shui Ruoyan became extremely embarrassed. In any case, they were all her students.

“Ling’er, Linna, Wuhen, this bad boy is taking liberties with your teacher. Tell me, what should I do>=?” Shui Ruoyan pulled Long Yi’s ear and she asked the chuckling girls.

“Of course, he should be punished.” The girls answered in unison.

“Punish? Then, you all can punish me by sleeping together with me until I die from excessive ejaculation…… Ah……   Someone is murdering their husband!” Long Yi had just opened his mouth and the four women rushed up towards him. They rained punches on him after shoving him onto the ground.

Long Yi just smelled a burst of fragrance as the soft women surrounded him. As for their punches, they were completely ineffective on him and he felt that they were simply tickling him. Since these beauties had delivered themselves to his doorstep, he naturally wouldn’t disappoint them. Even though he screamed as they punched him, he extended his devil’s claws and he touched the mountain peaks and explored the deep ravine.

Who wasn’t intelligent among these four beauties? How could they not realize Long Yi’s evil intention? He was taking cheap advantages of them seizing this chance. However, if they didn’t allow him to do this, who else would they turn to?

Only when their bodies felt limp and it became difficult to control themselves, they scolded in jest and retreated with a red face. Shui Ruoyan and Long Ling’er were still fine as they had already turned into Long Yi’s woman. They were already accustomed to his teasing actions. However, Linna and Ximen Wuhen were still virgins and they had an inexplicable and ambiguous relationship with Long Yi. When Long Yi teased them, they felt extremely embarrassed. However, there was a sweet feeling in their heart.

Long Yi stood up and patted off the grass on his body. He said with a smug smile, “Beauties, don’t you all notice that something is missing?”

The four women looked at each other in blank dismay and practically at the same time, they felt their sensitive cherries rubbing against their clothes. All of them screamed and hugged their chest. They glared at Long Yi. Now, Long Yi had different colored bras in his hand and he pressed them against his nose. It seemed as though he became drunk in the fragrance of the few women. He sighed, “Aromatic, truly aromatic…”

Thinking about it, he used the same technique in the Mea Holy Magic Academy to take away Linna’s underwear. Today, he used this technique again on these four girls. It seemed as though Long Yi got better at using this technique.

“Bad fellow, quickly give them back to us.” Long Ling’er shouted with embarrassment. Although they were deep within the residence and there was no one else nearby, if other people saw them, they would die from shame!

“If you want them, I will give them back after you catch me.” Long Yi happily smiled and watched the four girls chasing after him with threatening gestures. Then, stuffing those bras in his chest, he ran away while laughing heartily.


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