Chapter 569: Undoing emotional entanglement (Part 2)

The world was in its most beautiful state when the sun started to set. The scene of the glowing sun sinking into the sea was extremely mesmerizing.

At this moment, Feng Ling and Yinyin were sitting on a huge rock. The blue hair and blue pupils of Feng Ling had a great contrast against the blue sea. In addition, she looked very tender and beautiful with the sea breeze blowing against her hair.

As for Yinyin, she looked into the horizon and she fell into a daze. Only after a long time, she turned her head and looked at Feng Ling, trying to find the aura of her in the past. She was looking for the Feng Ling who made her fall in love. However, she was obviously disappointed. At this moment, Feng Ling’s appearance was peerless and she had a hint of graceful aura. She had a great resemblance to a peerless beauty.

“I’m sorry.” Feeling the gaze of Yinyin, Feng Ling spat out these words with great difficulty. At that time, playing around was fine. However, she just had to go and fool around with women. In the end, she attracted a sinful debt which would be hard to free herself from.

Yinyin shook her head and her beautiful eyes were filled with tears. In any case, this woman was her first love and she was also the woman who made her experience the feeling of hovering between life and death. Seeing her again, Yinyin didn’t feel heartache. She wasn’t emotionally affected either. Instead, there was an empty feeling in her heart.

Seeing tears in the eyes of Yinyin, Feng Ling became somewhat agitated. She had never been an even-tempered person. Although she felt sorry towards Yinyin, what could she do now?

“Don’t cry…. What do you want to do now?” Feng Ling wiped the tears off Yinyin’s face. She felt somewhat awkward in her heart.

“Can you hug me?” Yinyin said softly.

Feng Ling sighed as she looked at Yinyin. Just hugging was fine, wasn’t it? In any case, she had often hugged her sisters. Merely, since her target was Yinyin now, she was very unaccustomed to it.

Feng Ling moved a bit closer and hugged Yinyin.

Yinyin smelled the body fragrance of Feng Ling but her heartbeat didn’t accelerate as she had expected. This confused her a little.

Before long, Yinyin gently pushed Feng Ling away and she looked at Feng Ling’s devastatingly beautiful face. Phoenix-like eyebrows, clear blue seawater like pupils, jade-like snowy-white skin, a sharp nose bridge, and tender pink lips. However Yinyin looked at her, she felt that Feng Ling was a disaster-class beauty. Yinyin felt a sense of inferiority.

“Ling Feng, can you kiss me?” Yinyin faintly said.

Feng Ling was startled she became unable to restrain herself. She almost yelled, “Yinyin, wake up! I am Feng Ling, not Ling Feng. I am a woman just like you.”

“I know, this is my last request. I just want to be sure of something. Consider this my last desire. From now on, there will no longer be Ling Feng in this world.” The pupils of Yinyin somewhat blurred as she implored.

Seeing the expression of Yinyin, Feng Ling noticed that the feelings flashing in the eyes of Yinyin didn’t seem to be directed towards her. What exactly did she want to confirm?

Feng Ling muttered to herself and she reached out her hand to hold Yinyin’s face. She kissed Yinyin.In the past, when playing in the bedchamber with Long Yi and the other sisters, it was common for her to kiss the other sisters. Besides, they were all women. There was no lack of close friends who used kisses to express their feelings.

Yinyin closed her eyes and her body stiffened slightly as she felt the soft and sweet lips of Feng Ling along with her pleasant smell.

After a few seconds, the two people separated and Yinyin touched her own lips. A smile suddenly blossomed on her face and it was a brilliant one.

“I think I finally know what I’m thinking about. As a matter of a fact, I don’t love you. I never loved you either. Your hug didn’t fill me with a comfortable warmth. Your kiss didn’t cause my heartbeat to speed up. I hope that we can become good sisters ” Yinyin said with a smile. She looked lively and it seemed as though the knot in her heart was finally undone.

When she saw that Yinyin was no longer troubled, Feng Ling exhaled a sigh of relief from the bottom of her heart. Holding Yinyin’s hand, Feng Ling said, “I am very happy to have one more sister. Since you said that my hug didn’t give you a comfortable warmth and my kiss didn’t make your heartbeat speed up, it seems to me like you already met the person who makes your heart warm.”

Yinyin blushed as the figure of Long Yi with his signature bad smile appeared in her mind. Yes, his hug made her feel comfortable and his kiss moved her heart. However, would she be able to enter his eyes now? In any case, he had hugged her and also kissed her. He made her see the light and said that she could rely on him.

At this moment, Long Yi was playing with beauties in full swing. He was grabbing and touching everywhere. He didn’t know that he had already become someone important in the mind of Yinyin.

When Yinyin and Feng Ling walked over, they were holding hand and chatting cheerfully. When he saw him, Long Yi was so surprised and his chin nearly dropped to the ground. A feeling of jealousy rose in his heart. Could it be that Yinyin succeed? Lingr was his woman… if she was snatched away by another woman, he should just dig a hole and bury himself alive. He would be the biggest fool in the world!

“Student Long Yi, why is your face turning green?” Shui Ruoyan smiled happily as she pulled his hair.

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“Mmm, as a matter of a fact, seeing Lingr and Yinyin together, they seem quite suitable for each other.” Linna continued to attack after Shui Ruoyan.

“In fact, it is fine for a woman to be together with another woman. Wuhen, how about we also ignore this bad fellow and I marry you?” Long Ling’er chuckled and hugged the slender waist of Ximen Wuhen.

Ximen Wuhen quietly looked at the expressionless Long Yi for a while and said softly, “I want to stay together with second brother forever.”

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The Long Yi’s handsome and expressionless face suddenly burst into a bright smile and he kissed Ximen Wuhen. He said with a smile, “Wuhen is closest to me. All of you are bullying your husband! Wait until night falls… You will see how your husband sorts you out.”

The beautiful face of Ximen Wuhen turned red. Even her snow-white neck turned red. Her second brother kissed her… That was the only thought in her mind.

“What’s going on here? It seems like you two are quite happy.” Seeing as Yinyin and Feng Ling had arrived in front of him, Long Y stared at them with a sour look on his face. He focused on their hands which were locked together.

“Of course we are happy. Today, Lingr will sleep together with me.” Yinyin smiled and said as she hugged the shoulder of Feng Ling.

“No!” Long Yi shouted with a ghastly pale complexion, surprising everyone. Yinyin was stunned and Feng Ling was also similarly startled. She opened her mouth to say something but was interrupted by Long Yi’s outburst.

“Not unless I sleep together with you! You know, my family’s Lingr cannot fall asleep without using my arm as a pillow.” The expression of Long Yi changed so fast it was as if he was a page in a book which was being flipped around. A cheeky smile appeared on his face.

“So hateful, you scared me to death.” Feng Ling stepped forward and pounded the chest of Long Yi. Just a moment ago, she was so frightened that her heart was still jumping.

“Hehe, who asked you two to collude together to scare me? Trying to toy with this young master… you are still too inexperienced.” Long Yi smiled and pinched the cheeks of Feng Ling.

Everyone laughed and Yinyin became a lot more cheerful. Even though she had a happy expression on her face, her beautiful eyes were always looking at Long Yi. This confirmed the guesses of the other women. Yinyin definitely coveted their husband. However, with the ever-increasing number of women around Long Yi, all of them started to accept it. With the current ability and position of Long Yi, it was basically impossible for Long Yi to be faithful to only one wife. In addition, in the Blue Waves Continent, the more capable a man was, the more wives and concubines he would have. Even if he didn’t actively seek out the beautiful spring scenery, outstanding beauties would deliver themselves to his doorstep. Moreover, although Long Yi was full of affection. He treated all his women equally without discrimination. With such a good husband, what else should they expect? Also, Long Yi’s sights were high. Average women would never enter his eyes as he already had a crowd of devastatingly beautiful, peerless, and gorgeous beauties following him around. Not to mention the fact that all of them got along well.

Not long after, the evening sun sunk into the horizon and the sky became dim. At that time, servants of the residence came looking for Long Yi and the others before bringing them to the hall to attend a dinner party,

The host and guests of this dinner party enjoyed themselves to the fullest. When Long Yi’s group returned to the imperial palace, it was already late at night. Dongfang Wan immediately went to bed. As for everyone else, they stayed together with Long Yi.

All of them knew that Long Yi would go out to sea in order to head for Dragon Island the next day. His goal was to save Liuxu’s parents. All of them wanted to follow him, however, Long Yi didn’t agree. He would take only Liuli, Barbarian Bull, and Li Qing. As for Midi’er and her brother, they were there to guide them. Even Liuxu was rejected from this group because members of the Divine Dragon Clan were very sensitive to Demonic Dragon bloodline. Otherwise, the elder of the Divine Dragon Clan would never have appeared in the Illusory Forest in the past. In the future, if there was a need, they would build a transfer magic array on Dragon Island. It would be much easier for them to go back and forth.

Seeing the determined attitude of Long Yi, all the girls no longer insisted and returned to their own room after asking him to take care of himself. Now, Long Yi was left alone in this room and he had a gloomy expression on his face. He had just said that he would not take them with him… he didn’t ask them to leave so quickly. He wanted to sleep together with all of them!

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