Chapter 570: Entering Dragon Island

The night sky over Blue Moon City was charming, raining gentle moonlight that illuminated the sea surface, sending glitters frolicking across its gentle waves.

At this moment, a pleasant harp note accompanied the sound of the rolling sea waves. This made people fall into an even deeper sleep, a smile hanging on their faces as if they were enjoying a pleasant dream.

On a cliff, a graceful figure quietly sat by herself. She had long golden hair and that fluttered in the wind. She held a seven-colored harp with one hand; her other hand gently plucked its strings. A beautiful melody emanated from here, intoxicating any spectators.

Long Yi flew over and landed behind Liuli, but he didn’t disturb her; he just listened to her music. The pleasant harp music contained this mermaid’s emotions and her longing.

This mermaid was definitely thinking about her aunt Bifei and her maid Xiaomi. However, even after repeatedly reflecting over it, Long Yi still didn’t understand why Bifei had so urgently returned to Undersea City.

Liuli’s jade finger plucking the string danced faster and faster. Now, only the afterimages of her hand could be seen. Red, white, blue, green and cyan, these five rays of light roamed about the strings of her harp and gradually escaped to fly toward the sea.

Creak! The jade hand of Liuli suddenly gripped a string, and the harp music abruptly ceased. At the same time, that five colored radiance flying towards the sea suddenly exploded, and along with a loud bang, a water column that had a 100 meter diameter roared toward the sky, before heavily crashing with a thunderous roar. Its might was shocking.

Long Yi felt heartache looking at Liuli’s fragile back. He stepped forward and sat beside her. At this moment, that seven-colored harp had already disappeared. The only trace of the haunting music was a hint of mist within her sea-blue, clear eyes. Her legs under her skirt had already transformed into a golden fishtail as she gazed across the ocean.

“Missing Bifei and Xiaomi?” Long Yi gently hugged Liuli’s shoulder and rested her head on his thick and broad shoulder. Regardless of the time needed or suffering asked, he would support his women and use his arms to bar wind and rain from approaching them.

Liuli weakly nodded her head. For as long as she could remember, Bifei and Xiaomi had always accompanied her. She worried. Even though it had already been a long time since they had secretly returned to the Undersea City without telling her, there was still no news. She was truly afraid that they had had a mishap.

“Don’t worry; they are fine. Although I don’t know where Undersea City is, it doesn’t mean that other people also don’t know. I had thought the Dragon race that has lived on the sea’s surface for a long time might know something,” Long Yi said and caressed Liuli’s beautiful golden hair.

Liuli nibbled her lip. “But, when I ask Midi’er and Sharman, they both said that they didn’t know.” Still, smelling Long Yi’s familiar aura, Liuli felt a little at ease.

“They are still young; it’s normal that they don’t know. There must be someone in the Dragon race who knows of its position. Besides, even if no one knows, I will take you all over the sea, and we will definitely find Undersea City.” Long Yi spoke with determination.

“Young Master……” Liuli’s maiden heart was moved, and tears flowed down her beautiful eyes. At this moment, she was truly happy that she had encountered Long Yi. She was truly glad that she had become his wife.

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“Don’t cry, Mermaid’s tears are pearls; it is so wasteful to shed them like this.” Long Yi said with a smile as he pinched her cheeks.

Upon hearing Long Yi, Liuli smiled. As long as she was beside this man, everywhere was truly heaven for her.

“Liuli, you haven’t entered the water for a long time. How about we go to the sea and bath together like an affectionate couple? All of those smelly girls ran away faster than rabbits. Now, only you can accompany me.” Long Yi said with a bitter smile.

“Mmm, Liuli will always accompany young master.” Hearing that Long Yi wanted to bath together with her like they were an affectionate couple, the beautiful face of Liuli became bright red as she recalled that day when she had ** for the first time. Didn’t they do the deed in the sea?

Liuli’s golden tail flicked and made a beautiful arc through the air as she leaped into the sea from the tall cliff. She looked happy as she swam in the sea and waved her graceful hand at Long Yi who watched from the cliff.

Long Yi smirked and flipped a few times while diving toward the sea, causing a huge splash. If he had taken part in a diving contest of his previous world, he could have won the gold medal with this dive.

Liuli was a mermaid, so in the sea, she was a stranded fish put back into the water. As for Long Yi, he called himself the Little White Dragon of Rivers, not to mention that he had already reached the seventh layer in AoTianJue, so he had no problems traversing the sky, exploring beneath the earth or diving below the sea. One could say that his body functions had already completely changed. With internal force filling his pores, he could absorb the necessary oxygen beneath even water or earth.

They held each other’s hands and swam to the depths of the sea. Not long after, they arrived at the sea area where Liuli had lived in the past. The sea was unchanged, but the people were no longer there.

Liuli fell silent and turned over a stone where Bifei had written something. She read it several times before putting it down.

“Aunt Bifei wrote that she would come back after a while and everything would be fine.” Liuli appeared as if she were talking to Long Yi but also as if she were thinking aloud.

“Of course they will be fine. Your Aunt Bifei has such a cautious personality. How could she suffer a loss?” Long Yi asked Liuli.

“But, didn’t she suffer losses at your hands?” Liuli cast aside the worry in her heart and teased Long Yi with a smile.

Long Yi smirked and boasted, “Who am I? I am the most unique being to exist beneath heaven since the beginning of the time, suffering a loss at my hands is her blessing.”

“Young Master, you are so thick-skinned.” Liuli chuckled.

“Are you rebelling? How dare you make such malicious remarks about this young master?” Long Yi yelled and chased after Liuli. He wanted to cheer up Liuli.

The golden tail of Liuli shook, and she fled while giggling. Long Yi chased after her while frequently extending his devil’s talons to stroke her fishtail, which would send shivers down Liuli’s spine.

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Splash! Liuli rushed out of the sea and waved her jade hand, materializing a translucent sea-blue barrier. Transforming her golden fishtail into a pair of slender legs, she looked breathtaking standing on the sea’s surface.

Long Yi also burst out not long after and saw Liuli looking at him with a red face. Then, she hesitantly took off her extremely thin robe, revealing a stark-naked peerlessly beautiful ** before his eyes. Beneath the illumination of moonlight that pierced through the barrier, she looked illusory, some faerie came to bless his mortal lusts.

At this moment, words were useless. Long Yi directly used his actions to express his thoughts.

Jumping at each other, they immediately entangled, mashing together their lips and teeth, their passion overflowing. This was not only the collision of bodies but also the blending of hearts.

When Long Yi’s burning hot little brother squeezed into that moist secret cave, Liuli just trembled a little and felt that every cell in her body cheered. All the scenery around her disappeared, leaving only those tender and passionate pitch-black pupils of Long Yi that pierced through her heart and stroked her innermost sympathetic chord.


The moonlight slowly circulated along the revolving water curtain, illuminating two squirming figures above the sea’s surface.

“Young Master……” Liuli firmly held Long Yi with both her hands and legs like an octopus. Spring nectar gushed from her private parts.

After the lingering feeling of ** dissipated, Liuli lay on Long Yi’s chest in satisfaction while humming an ancient song of Mermaid Clan.

“Young Master, do you understand what I just sang?” After humming, Liuli raised her head and asked while observing Long Yi.

“Of course, I, this young master, have studied celestial beings, asking such a simple question, isn’t that insulting my IQ?” Long Yi smiled as his big hands rubbed the buttocks of Liuli.

“Young Master is bragging again. You didn’t even recognize sea monster Meng Qi, but you claim you’ve studied celestial beings?” Liuli smiled.

“It was not that I didn’t recognize it, rather that I pretended to not recognize it.” Long Yi reached for a yard after gaining an inch. His hand slid into that still moist gorge of Liuli.

Liuli let out a moan and clamped the mischievous big hand of Long Yi with her long legs and pouted angrily: “Young Master, don’t move randomly unless you can say what I was singing just now!”

“Just a moment ago, you sang so much. This Young Master will only summarize it briefly. The rough meaning of that song you sang is that I love you, and I want to be together with you forever. Isn’t that so?” Long Yi smiled. Seeing Liuli’s startled appearance, he was pleased in his heart. It was obvious that Liuli had been singing a love song, and the meaning of all love songs was almost the same.

Liuli nodded her head in admiration as her beautiful eyes shone like small stars.

“Then, Young Master can move randomly again now.” She shyly glanced at him. Long Yi pushed down Liuli, and the sonata of love resounded across the sea again.


With the first rays of the morning sun rose from the ends of the sea, a pure and fresh breeze passed over. Diligent people successively got out of their bed and began a new day.

On the large viewing platform of a castle-style imperial palace, Dongfang Wan and Long Yi’s women gathered together. Barbarian Bull and Li Qing stood behind Long Yi: they were going along with Long Yi to the legendary Dragon Island.

A mother would always be worried when her child went far away. Even though Dongfang Wan knew that her son was very strong, she still worried. After all, he was going to Dragon Island, the place none had set foot on for thousands of years.

Dongfang Wan continuously warned Long Yi to pay attention to this and that.

As for Long Yi, he merely nodded his head like an obedient child. He was not impatient at all; instead, he greatly enjoyed this kind of care.

“Long Yi, since you are going to Divine Dragon Island, we will not participate in this operation. I and Crystal will return to Demonic Dragon Island. Who knows whether Elder Pierre has complained about us in front of Father Emperor?” Sharman said.

“Okay, in any case, since you have already told me the location of Demonic Dragon Island, if things go well, I will come looking for you to talk about the past. I think your father emperor will welcome us.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Hehe, it’d be good for you to know that even though we are leaving first, if you don’t come, then……” Sharman swung her fists. Then together with Crystal, she bade farewell to Dongfang Wan and the other girls. Flying away, they disappeared into the horizon.

“Mother, we also have to leave now. You and your daughters-in-law can go sightseeing around the continent. I will return very quickly.” Long Yi said with a smile. Then, he hugged Dongfang Wan and blew a kiss toward his women who would all stay behind. After that, he grabbed Barbarian Bull and flew away. His direction was completely different from Sharman and Crystal. Sharman’s group had went Southeast, but his group went Southwest.

“This child……” Dongfang Wan looked at the direction where Long Yi had disappeared with an affectionate gaze.

Only after reaching far away from the seacoast of Blue Moon City did Midi’er and Leguxiya transform into their over hundred meter dragon-form and soar the sky.

Long Yi made Barbarian Bull and Li Qing sit on Leguxiya’s back. As for himself and Liuli, they rode the back of Midi’er.

“You two, get off. I can’t fly.” How could Midi’er let other people ride her? She turned her huge dragon head back and angrily glared at Long Yi.

“How can we fly so fast? Moreover, carrying just two people doesn’t affect you at all.” Long Yi smirked and said. His hand caressed slightly below her dragon neck.

“Withdraw your claw, you rogue.” Midi’er felt indignant and cursed loudly. This bad fellow was clearly touching her flank. If his hand moved a little, then he would be touching her breast. Although she had transformed into a dragon now, she could still feel it. Despite her dragonic form, she felt a bit red in the face.

“You are truly smart; I hid it so well, but you were still able to tell. I admire you.” Long Yi smiled and said. However, he retracted his hand. He knew that Midi’er had already compromised.

As for Lugexiya’s protests, they were much easier to handle. Long Yi just shook his fist, and the dragon immediately swallowed his protests. There was a good proverb: dragons don’t eat losses right before the eyes, waiting until they found an opportunity to take revenge would not be too late.

In this fashion under the lead of Midi’er and her brother, Long Yi and the others advanced toward Divine Dragon Island at full speed.

The sea was vast even compared to the Pacific Ocean of his previous world. After all, this sea was many times bigger. Even though the dragon brother and sister flew at full speed, it took several days to reach the periphery of Dragon Archipelago.

When Long Yi saw these islands shrouded in celestial mist, he couldn’t help but click his tongue in admiration: “What a blessed land, your Divine Dragon Clan truly selected a good place.”

“What good! Try staying in this small place for thousands of years, then you will see what a good place this is. Your human world is much better; there are so many amusing things.” Leguxiya who had been very lively in Blue Waves Continent became listless upon seeing the Dragon Island.

“What you said is correct, but don’t be depressed. As long as you properly become my younger brother, I will take you to even more amusing places.” Long Yi pulled over Leguxiya who had transformed into a humanoid form and enticed him with a smile.

The eyes of Leguxiya lit up and taking a sneaky gaze at his big sister Midi’er, he whispered, “How about you become my brother-in-law? My big sister is the most beautiful woman in our Divine Dragon Clan. I can help you.”

“But, I heard that no one among the younger generation of your Divine Dragon Clan is willing to marry her.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Eh…… this…… that is because my big sister holds them in contempt, but you are different. You are so powerful. As I see it, my big sister also treats you very differently. I dare to confirm that she definitely has a favorable impression of you…… Ah, big sister, why are you so close to me? I haven’t said anything.” Leguxiya was very enthusiastic about matchmaking his big sister and Long Yi. Although he feared Long Yi, he also greatly admired Long Yi’s strength. If he could become Long Yi’s brother-in-law, then he didn’t have to fear anything in the future. Merely, when he was speaking, Midi’er’s ashen beautiful face suddenly appeared in front of him.

“Who asked you to talk nonsense?” Midi’er rained down punches on Leguxiya. She was both embarrassed and angry in her heart. Since when did she have a favorable impression of this bad fellow who infuriated her to death.

“Brother-in-law, help me!” Leguxiya covered his head and screamed.

Upon hearing him, Midi’er became even more embarrassed, and she thought to kick him into the sea, but Long Yi grabbed her leg. Coughing twice, he said, “Forget about it. Since you have already punched him, it’s enough. If you become so angry because of his nonsense, other people might mistakenly believe that he was speaking the truth.”

The beautiful face of Midi’er heated up. Retracting her leg, she snorted: “I will let you off this time. Speak nonsense again, and I will tear your mouth out.”

Leguxiya stood up, and after taking a deep breath, he rushed over to Long Yi and gushed, “Brother-in-law, you are so amazing.”

Midi’er just glared at Leguxiya but didn’t raise her hands this time.

“Well, let’s talk about how to get in now. We will definitely get discovered if we enter just like this.” Long Yi said.

“Can you all conceal your original aura?” Midi’er calmed down and asked.

Long Yi and the others nodded their heads, expressing they could.

“In that case, everything is fine. I have four dragon scales here. As long as you keep them with you, it’s fine.” Midi’er said as she took out four dragon scales emitting dazzling golden light. From them, everyone could sense a strong aura of Divine Dragon Clan.

Long Yi took those four dragon scales. He understood what Midi’er meant. As long as they concealed their auras and held this dragon scale, other dragons would not easily sense their identity.

“The largest island at the center of Dragon Archipelago is the master island. The imperial kinsmen and elders of the Divine Dragon Clan stay there. Other dragons cannot enter there without an order. I and Leguxiya will go back first and report to father emperor. As for you all, stay on the periphery island first. At night, I will see whether I can find an opportunity to bring you all to the master island.” Midi’er said.

“No problem. Merely, how will you find us at that time?” Long Yi asked.

“How about this: stay on this island, and at zishi hour [1] of night, go to the West rocky beach and wait for me.” Midi’er thought for a bit and pointed at an island which was located at the west side of the master island.

[1] zishi hour: 11 pm-1 am

After the discussion, Midi’er and Leguxiya issued a loud dragon roar and transforming into two golden lights racing toward the master island of Divine Dragon Archipelago.

“Dragon Clan. Hmm… This will be very interesting.” Long Yi thought. After giving the dragon scale to Barbarian Bull, Li Qing and Liuli, they flew toward the island shrouded in mist that Midi’er had pointed out.

This island was a relatively small island of Divine Dragon Archipelago. Nevertheless, the trees towered above them, birds sang beautiful melodies, and beautiful flowers bloomed. The environment was extremely peaceful, possessing a pristine perfection.

“Boss, where should we go now?” Barbarian Bull asked, carrying Greenstone Ruler on his shoulder.

“Let’s stroll around. I heard that dragons have many treasures. Let’s see if we can extort a few from them.” Long Yi smirked and brewed a bad plan.

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