Chapter 571: Dragon Clan’s little Lolita Xingxing

Long Yi and others alertly walked toward the island’s center. Along the path, they observed various kinds of rare plants and animals, causing their eyes to widen in surprise.

Perhaps because of the divine dragon aura brimming about them, these animals didn’t fear them. Instead, the creatures did whatever they wished; some even came over and intimately rubbed against their legs. It seemed that the dragons living here didn’t hurt them. However, Long Yi couldn’t understand one thing: could it be that dragons were vegetarian? Looking at Midi’er, Sharman, and others on the Blue Waves Continent, the Dragon Race ate and drank extravagantly. They especially loved meat, clearly demonstrating that dragons were omnivorous.

After a short time, a wide open space appeared in front of everyone, revealing a clear, freshwater lake. The lake reflected the blue sky with its white clouds like it were a giant, pristine mirror, stunning the group.

“Boss, this place is called Dragon Island, but how come we haven’t even seen a shadow of a dragon?” Barbarian Bull asked.

“How would I know? Perhaps, because this island is so small, no dragon lives here. Or perhaps, the dragons that live here have gone into some cave to make love. I don’t need to speak about how poor the fertility of the Dragon Race is, do I? They naturally have to make the best use of their time to create the younger generation,” Long Yi smirked and said. The more he thought about this, the more he felt that this was possible. He had heard that some dragons couldn’t bear a child even after several thousand years. Could it be that they lacked knowledge in a certain aspect?

The beautiful face of Liuli became red, and she pinched Long Yi; this bad young master truly loved to talk nonsense.

“Okay, okay, let’s rest here and find some food to fill our stomach.” Long Yi caught Liuli’s little hand and said. He could see that the fishes swimming in this lake were very fleshy and would no doubt be delicious, but after considering Liuli’s feelings, he decided to catch a few of the animals from the woods.

In order to not leak his own aura, Long Yi used his spirit power to stun two multi-colored, fat birds. Then, plucking off their feathers and smoothly cutting open their stomach, he instantly roasted them in a bonfire. Not long after, the meat’s fragrance spread all around, and Barbarian Bull couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva as he stared at the roasting meats without blinking his eyes.

Just when the meat was halfway-roasted, Long Yi’s group sensed something and glanced at the sky as one. Along with a clear and melodious dragon roar, a golden dragon that was twenty-or-so meters long landed in front of Long Yi’s group of four and curiously sized up Long Yi and the others with its big dragon eyes. After that, its eyes slid towards the roasted meat in the bonfire, and it drooled.

“Little brother, where do you come from? Are you hungry?” Seeing the physique and innocent, clear eyes of this golden dragon, Long Yi knew that this was a young dragon. Usually, an adult golden dragon was more than 100 meters long.

“I am not a little brother, I am a little sister. Big brother, why did you come to my home?” This little divine dragon spoke the human language, but it had the voice of a young girl.

Long Yi rubbed his nose and said after hollowly laughing: “This big brother saw your home was beautiful, so we came to take a stroll. What about your father and mother?”

This little divine dragon curiously looked at Long Yi and said, “Don’t you all know that I don’t have a father, I only have a mother?”

“Eh…… we have been in seclusion for a very long time. We just exited our seclusion today, so we don’t remember many things.” Long Yi was startled. It seemed that the family matter of this little divine dragon was known to the entire Divine Dragon Clan. So, he found a far-fetched argument. Presumably, this little divine dragon would not be able to tell.

“Oh, then it’s no wonder. Now, my mother is in seclusion. I don’t know when she will come out plus there’s no one to accompany me to play.” This little divine dragon didn’t doubt Long Yi’s words and merely mourned, appearing lonely.

“Your family only consists of you and your mother?” Long Yi asked.

“Mmm, all the other clansmen ignore us. Big brother, will you also ignore us?” The little dragon’s innocent eyes were filled with tears as she spoke.

“Of course not, you are so cute; how can we ignore you?” Tender-hearted, Liuli stepped forward and patted the head of this little divine dragon.

The body of this little divine dragon flashed with golden light, and she unexpectedly turned into a ten or so year old beautiful little girl. She was wearing a golden skirt, and her golden hair hung down to her shoulders. She rushed into the bosom of Liuli and sobbed.

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“Young Master, didn’t you say that only after a dragon become an adult could it transform into a humanoid form?” Li Qing asked Long Yi in surprise.

“This…… everything has an exception. For instance, Niur. Niur is even smaller than her, but she can already transform into a humanoid form. It’s just that the outline and black pupils of this little girl: how come they resemble the traits of Violent Dragon Empire’s people?” Long Yi said. He was also suspicious.

Liuli hugged the little girl, her entire body emitting a gentle aura of maternal instinct. Under her gentle consolation, the little girl gradually stopped sobbing.

“Little sister, what is your name?” Long Yi pulled over the little girl and sized her up, wanting to discern why she was different.

“My name is Xingxing; what is big brother’s name?” The little girl answered. Seeing the pitch-black pupils of Long Yi, she felt a cordial feeling.

“Xingxing’s a truly nice name. My name is Long Yi; this is big sister Liuli; and they are big brother Bull and big brother Qing,” Long Yi introduced. Hearing the name of this little girl, the doubt in Long Yi’s heart deepened. Xingxing was not like the common names of the Divine Dragon Clan. One could tell that just by looking at the names of Midi’er and Leguxiya.

Xingxing cutely greeted everyone. She was very excited to meet so many people: she had been too lonely.

“Big brother Bull, how come the dragon horns on your head are so long? It’s so strange.” Xingxing pointed at the sharp bull horn on Barbarian Bull’s head and asked.

“This Old Bull was born like this, what is so strange?” Barbarian Bull continued to stare at the roasted meat and muttered.

“Oh, then why don’t big brother Long, big brother Qing and big sister Liuli have dragon horn just like Xingxing? Did elders don’t like you all too because of this? Then, you can stay at my house hereafter. Like that, Xingxing will also not be lonely.” Xingxing brushed aside her hair and sure enough, there was no dragon horn, not even a small lump.

Hearing the childish words of Xingxing, Long Yi couldn’t help feeling a bit sour in his heart. He picked her up and put in on his lap, then said with a smile: “Okay, hereafter, big brothers and big sister will accompany you to play, and also take you to many amusing places. There are many beautiful cities, beautiful clothes and many good people.”

“Okay, but… but my mother will definitely not agree.” Xingxing excitedly cheered, but soon after that, she became depressed again.

“This big brother will persuade your mother to agree.” Long Yi smiled and touched the soft golden hair of Xingxing.

Xingxing looked at Long Yi with a bright smile, then stretching out her little hand, she touched the rough beard stubble of Long Yi and she suddenly felt a different kind of warmth. Her mother was unable to give her this kind of warmth.

“Boss, it seems the meat is properly roasted.”   Barbarian Bull swallowed a mouthful of saliva and said loudly.

Long Yi glared at Barbarian Bull, then holding Xingxing with one hand, he took out seasoning from his space ring and sprinkled it on the roasted meat, then the fragrance suddenly became a lot stronger. And with meat juice dripping in the flame, sizzling sounds came, making everyone swallow a mouthful of saliva. The reaction of Xingxing in the hand of Long Yi was even stronger, she was watching at those roasted mean without blinking her eyes. She had never smelled such a good fragrance.

Long Yi flipped over the meat, then taking them out of the grill, he began to divide. He tore off the leg of one bird and handed it over to Xingxing and said with a smile: “Here, eat it, taste the craft of your big brother Long.”

Xingxing impatiently took a bite. She felt the skin was roasted crisp and meat inside was soft, moreover, a meat juice flowed into her throat. And this delicious taste began to spread all around from the mouth, stunning her.

“So tasty, I have never eaten something so tasty.” Xingxing watched long with an oily mouth.

“I will give you mine too, eat quickly.” Long Yi smiled and handed over his portion to Xingxing.

“Yes, Xingxing, big sister will also give you.” Liuli was not too fond of oily meats, she only ate such food occasionally. And now, seeing Xingxing liked it so much, she gave her portion to her.

“Take it.” Li Qing also handed over his portion.

Barbarian Bull had only taken a bite and was relishing it. But seeing the action of everyone, he was also reluctantly handed over and said: “Little girl, this old bull will also give you.”

The eyes of Xingxing glittered and she suddenly burst into tears, and Long Yi became busy consoling her. He was most afraid of women crying.

“Xingxing, don’t cry, hereafter, big brothers and big sister will be good to you, whoever dares to bully our little Xingxing, we will definitely not let him go.” Long Yi wiped the tears of Xingxing and said. He had guessed something in his heart, he feared that this little girl’s identity was not simple.

Xingxing laughed and she was very happy as she ate the roasted meat given to her by everyone.

“Big brother Long, I will take you all to the place where I live with my mother, I have a lot of treasures there.” Xingxing leaned on Long Yi and said. Feeling the aura of Long Yi, she felt very comfortable and warm as his aura resembled the aura she had imagined of her father.

Long Yi smiled and carrying Xingxing, he said: “Okay, let’s set off now.”

The four people advanced under the guidance of Xingxing. They passed the lake and arrived at a path paved with colorful stones. On both sides of this path, there were tall trees. This scene made Long Yi and others felt as if they had arrived at the residence of a certain human.

At the end of this path, there was a flower garden. There were various kinds of beautiful flowers in this garden and the path through this garden was covered with green grasses. When the sea breeze blew over, thousands of petals would flutter in the air, making this place appear just like a fairyland.

The mouth of Long Yi was wide opened, was this place truly a part of Dagon Island? When did dragons have such good taste?

“Young Master, did we come to the wrong place?” Li Qing said.

“Boss, doesn’t this place greatly resemble the imperial garden of your home?” Barbarian Bull said.

“Big brother Long, isn’t my home beautiful? These flowers, plants and trees are all planted by my mother. No other island have these.” Xingxing proudly said.

After a long time, everyone walked into this garden with a bellyful of doubts and not long after, they saw a small courtyard with a fine log cabin in the middle of this garden. That style greatly resembled the ancient architectural style of Violent Dragon Empire.

“Xingxing, when were you able to transform into your human form for the first time?” Long Yi asked.

“My mother said that I could transform into a human form immediately after I was born.” Xingxing replied.


Long Yi and others looked inside the log cabin and discovered that the decorations and furnishings inside greatly resembled humankind’s. There were wooden tea table and even a valuable porcelain tea set, but they appeared a little old.

“Big brother Long, I will make you all a tea, you must have never tasted it before.” Xingxing jumped off the bosom of Long Yi and arranged the tea set, then begun to make the tea.

Long Yi pondered watching that flower garden outside the window, why was there such a place in Divine Dragon Archipelago? Why was there such a pair of mother and daughter? Their lifestyle was almost the same as humankind, could it be that…… Long Yi thought of a possibility, but he didn’t dare to be sure.

A faint fragrance of tea spread throughout the log cabin, and not long after, Xingxing came over with four cups of tea and happily said: “Big brothers, big sister, just a moment ago, I ate your roasted meat, not I invite you to drink tea. My mother said that only our house has tea in the entire Dragon Clan.”

Long Yi picked up a teacup and sipped a mouthful of tea. This tea was simple but elegant, it could even be counted as the best tea in Blue Waves Continent, merely, he had never tasted it before, presumably, it was the variety not found in Blue Waves Continent.

“Pretty good, it’s very tasty.” Long Yi smiled and praised highly. Upon hearing his praise, the eyes of Xingxing became all the more brilliant.

“I still have many treasures, I will show them to you all.” Xingxing rushed into the room and pulled out a big wooden box, then opened it. It was full of sparkling gems, pearls and so on precious stones.

“These are all my treasures, aren’t they beautiful?” Xingxing admiringly fondled the things within this wooden box.

The four people looked at each other and remained silent. This much of precious stones might be a fortune in Blue Waves Continent, but for dragons, this much was only not too shabby. Thinking about it, the father and mother of Liuxu however were still able to build an extravagant crystal palace with all kinds of jades and pearls paved on the walls and ground in the river even though they were being chased by both Divine Dragon Clan and Demonic Dragon Clan.

“Big brothers, big sister, what happened? Don’t you all have any treasures? If that is the case, then I can give you some of mine.” Xingxing grabbed a handful of gems and handed over, looking at everyone with sparkling eyes.

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“Xingxing is truly a good child, big brothers and big sister have not yet given Xingxing any gifts, how can we take Xingxing’s things?” Long Yi placed the gems back to the wooden box. One should know that dragons were stingy to an abnormal level for treasures. Even Dragon King who hugs a treasure mountain would rarely give any treasure to his subordinates, but here, Xingxing gave them her treasures even though she was meeting them for the first time. How could this not touch their heart?

With a thought of Long Yi, suddenly a dazzling light flashed in front of everyone, and a small mountain of gold, silver, gems and pearls appeared. Then, he said with a smile: “Xingxing, this big brother’s gift to you.”

Xingxing couldn’t move her eyes away from this small mountain that was a bit taller than even herself. She was unable to resist the lure of this treasure mountain. Only after a long time, she nervously looked at Long Yi and asked: “Big brother Long, are you truly giving me these treasures?”

“Of course, this big brother will give you more in the future.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Yes……” Xingxing cutely threw herself in the treasure mountain, and gold, silver, pearls and gems rolled all over the flower, making the entire log cabin shine brightly.

Long Yi rubbed his nose. Originally, he wanted to extort some treasure from dragons, but beyond his imagination, not only he didn’t extort any treasure, he even gifted a pile of treasures. But, looking at the happy appearance of Xingxing, he also felt happy and thought to himself that he would get back double from the place of Dragon King.

The sky quickly darkened. Although Dragon Island was not comparable to Blue Waves Continent, Dragon Island was not at all hot and suffocating, instead was very cool and refreshing.

Under the lead of Xingxing in the arms of Long Yi, Long Yi’s group strolled all around this small island. They also learned many things as Xingxing happily told them where was the most amusing place, where was the most beautiful place and so on like a chirping little bird. She could talk endlessly.

“My mother is in seclusion in this cave. She had told me that she will come out in one month, but she hasn’t come out yet even though it is almost two months now.” Xingxing said pointing at a stone cave not far away from them.

“When your mother entered the seclusion in the past, was is also like this?” Long Yi asked.

“My mother enters seclusion once every few years, and every time, the seclusion is for one month. Sometimes, she would be a few days late, and sometimes, she would be a few days early, but she has never been so late like this.” Xingxing pouted.

Long Yi frowned and carefully used his spirit power to scan inside that stone cave. Generally speaking, the entrance to the seclusion place would have a barrier, but the spirit power of Long Yi didn’t run into any obstruction, so he immediately felt that something was wrong here. He sent his spirit power deeper into the cave and only then, he sensed a weak aura of life.

The complexion of Long Yi changed and he immediately rushed into this stone cave holding Xingxing. Then, deep inside the cave, he saw a more than 100 meters long golden dragon lying on the ground. Blood was flowing out from the corner of its eyes as if it had already reached the end of its life.

“Mother.” Xingxing in the bosom of Long Yi screamed sadly, then immediately rushing over to that golden dragon, she repeatedly shook the huge dragon head.

Long Yi laid out a barrier at the entrance of this cave so as to prevent his aura from leaking out, then he used his internal force to protect the heart vein of Xingxing’s mother and used his spirit power to examine. Now, her dragon power was very weak and her internal organs had suffered injuries, moreover, it appeared as if someone had forcibly suppressed her power.

“Big brother Long, please save my mother, I beg you, please save her.” Xingxing was just a child, how could she immediately accept this situation? She only cried loudly as she asked Long Yi for help.

“Rest assured, Xingxing, your mother will be fine.” Long Yi comforted Xingxing and handed her over to Liuli, then with a solemn face, he pointed at the glabella of this huge dragon.

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