Chapter 5 – Bone Dragon Lord

[Name: Lin Xiao Bei]

[Age: 23 (Male)]

[Title: None]

[Level: Lv. 2 / Lv.10]

[Experience: 50/200]

[Rank: Private]

[Talent: Awesome Bragging]

[Talent Level: Max (Restore to Lv.1 after Trial)]

[Awesome Acquisition: 3 Times Remaining]

[Awesome Exchange: 2 Times Remaining]

After leveling, Lin Xiao Bei checked the changes to his attributes.

[Physique: 13] – Health: 130/130

[Strength: 13] – Physical Attack: 5

[Agility: 13] – Speed: 6

[Spirit: 13] – Magic Attack: 13, Magic Power: 130

[Perception: 13] – Probe: 13

After leveling, not only did he recover his Health and from the Internal Injury State, he could also use his right hand again. Lin Xiao Bei was very happy, as though he just had a full revival.

After checking his body, Lin Xiao Bei pinned his gaze on the charred corpse of the Silent Walker.

There was an area of shining loot, a huge harvest littered the area around the body.

[Ding. You picked up 3 Gold Coins 26 Silver Coins 98 Bronze Coins]

[Gold Coins: The currency used within Alderman Continent, 1 Gold = 100 Silver = 10,000 Bronze Coins (You may exchange at Earth, 1 Gold Coin = 100 Grams of Gold.)]

“100 gram of gold is equivalent to 10,000 Federation Dollars! Holy s***! Killing this monster gives me over 30 thousand dollars! No wonder Shan Shan has suddenly turned into a rich upstart.”

Lin Xiao Bei was surprised.

[Ding. You picked up 3 x HP Potion (Small), 2 x MP Potion (Small)]

[HP Potion (Small): Recovers 100 Health over 60 seconds. Unable to heal Internal Injuries]

[MP Potion (Small): Recovers 100 Health over 60 seconds]

Explanation: Products of alchemy, priced relatively expensive.

From the information downloaded, the poorer folks in Alderman Continent would normally rely on Priests or similar Nanny Professions to recover their health.

Those who were even poorer would eat something and wait for their body to slowly recover, if they really could not wait, they would go level up.

Of course, if they were wealthy, they would simply use expensive potions for convenience.

“Good stuff!” Lin Xiao Bei kept them inside his bag.

Next would be the main event, Skillbooks and Job Token!

[General Skillbook: Precise Probe (A rare skill that is more accurate than the ordinary Probe skill)]

The book was good, with it he would not have to worry about not knowing the name of monsters when he wants to brag, Lin Xiao Bei consumed one skill point and learned it.

[Skillbook: Traceless Pickpocket (Requirement: Silent Assassin)]

[Skillbook: Soundless Lethality. Damage Multiplication (Requirement: Silent Assassin)]

[Shadowless Assassin: Rank 2 Job Token (Requirement: Silent Assassin)]

Silent Assassin? Ah… Dammit, he has forgotten that he had formed a team with the girl to kill this monster.

“Kekeke, my bad my bad, I only focused on the drops and forgotten that you have contributed the most.”

Lin Xiao Bei said with an embarrassed smile to the girl beside him.

“It’s okay, I only want my profession Skillbooks and Rank 2 Job Token, the rest is yours.”

The girl acted according to her words, she stood at her spot without moving and without any intention of coming over to split the spoils.

“Then, thanks!” Lin Xiao Bei quickly toss the items to her and continued searching.

“Eh, there’s a piece of equipment!”

Only allowed on

[Ding. You picked up a Purple Equipment]

Purple! Grey, White, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Orange. Purple was equipment of a relatively high grade.

Lin Xiao Bei quickly checked the attributes.

[Equipment Name: Shadowless Blade]

[Equipment Type: Dagger]

[Equipment Grade: Purple]

[Level Requirement: 31]

[Attack: 50]

[Attribute 1: Basic Attack can grow]

[Attribute 2: Increase Soundless Lethality probability rate by 30%]

[Attribute 3: Damage Stacking (When dealing consecutive attacks to the same opponent, each subsequent attack will increase 2 damage. When attacking the same spot, triple the chances of a critical attack, effect stacks with Soundless Lethality)]

Special Trait: Ignore Level Requirement (Due to Earth’s blessings, all equipment within the Trial would possess this trait)


Putting aside what would happen if this was in the hands of the Silent Assassin, even if Lin Xiao Bei is the one using it, his battle prowess will instantly explode as well.

The girl said that she only wants her profession Skillbooks and Rank 2 Job Token, then should he pocket this item?

When Lin Xiao Bei turned his gaze and looked at the girl not far away; she is very beautiful and possesses an extraordinary vibe, her empty eyes would make one feel pained and pity when looking at it.

“Hey. There’s a piece of good equipment for assassins, it suits you.”

The girl had saved his life, Lin Xiao Bei overcame his greed and passed the dagger to the girl.

“Keke, thank you.”

The pale face girl received the dagger, when suddenly, black blood leaked out from the corners of her mouth, she was about to fall.

“F***, what happen to you? Are you injured by the monster? I have HP potions.”

Lin Xiao Bei was pale with fright as he quickly went to assist the girl, he took out a red bottle and fed her.

“Not, nothing. Just that my health is dropping due to poison.” After drinking the red potion, the girl’s face turned rosier than before.

“Poison? You did not level up?”

Lin Xiao Bei was bewildered, most conditions should have been resolved after leveling.

“I am already Level 6. 200 experience is not enough for me to level up.”

“What? You are Level 6 already? The monsters here are so powerful, how did you level up?”

Lin Xiao Bei looked at the girl as though he was looking at a monster.

“Kill people. After obtaining my job, each person killed would give me 20 experience. I have already killed 81.” the girl said deadly earnest.

“What? 81! Are you in the same line as me!?”

Lin Xiao Bei was utterly shocked! The girl was blind and looked weak, how could she be so ferocious!

She must be the same as him, a bragger. Lin Xiao Bei started to hypnotize himself.

Upon hearing Lin Xiao Bei’s words, a weird glow flashed through the girl’s eyes.

“The Ye Clan is upright and righteous. Your Wing Chun Fist technique is very skilled, so you must be a direct descendant of the Ye Clan, how could Old Master Ye allow you to become a killer?”

The girl frowned as she silently tightened her grip on her dagger, it seems as though if Lin Xiao Bei did not give a good answer, she would immediately slice his throat.

“How could I be a killer, a killer? You are a killer? 81? Are you really telling the truth…?”

Suddenly, before Lin Xiao Bei could finish speaking.

[Ding. Stage-Wide Announcement!]

[A Trialist has completed the Trial and has obtained the Second Apostle Title: <Creation>. Special Rewards: 10 Skill Points, 10 Free Attribute Points, 1 Rare Skillbook. Apostle Moment Activated, please share your Apostle Glory!]

A pressured feeling descended from the sky again.

Lin Xiao Bei lifted his head and saw a skinny old man with white hair inside the mirage-like image in the sky.

The image zoomed out and revealed a burly robotic body below that old face.

At that moment, he was fiddling with a group of spider bots; his voice was shrilly and his words made no sense.

“Gi Ri Gu Lu ##%$#!#!%!#!$$…!”

(General idea of the language: Hello everyone, I am the Second Apostle, Professor Z. As all of you have seen, I have brought robotics and biochemistry into this world and has created the first Machine-type Profession. Powerful apostles, become my followers, become the founders of the Machine types. I currently have countless amount of Machine-Type Job Tokens and can guarantee your path of leveling would be smooth and unobstructed.)

[Ding. Stage-Wide Announcement!]

[On top of possessing the ability to command all Apostles, the top ten High Apostles can appoint 20 apostles to be their followers. If you do not wish to be commanded, then hurry up and fight for it!]

[Ding. Stage-Wide Announcement!]

[Second Apostle <Creation>. Rise!]

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Another spot in the top ten was taken.

Lin Xiao Bei turned to the girl in his arms and asked seriously, “Hey, did you really kill 81 people? Do you know the killing progress of others?”

“I will never lie. I am delayed due to this monster hunting mission, as for the others, they likely have caught up to my progress. Why are you asking?”

The girl frowned, the dagger in her hand tightened again.

“Why am I asking? You are asking me why? I have only killed one unknowingly and now time is short. I cannot let this continue, I must quickly find a Boss, I do not want to become a slave for a bunch of madmen! Dammit, Boss, where can I find a Boss?”

Lin Xiao Bei was anxious.

“I know a place where there’s a Boss. It is not far from our location, I was also injured at that place and escaped here.”

Hearing his words, the girl silently kept her dagger, yet her breathing was strange.

“There’s really a Boss? Take me there quick.” The impatient Lin Xiao Bei did not notice the girl’s change.

“One kilometer straight from here, I was ambushed and poisoned there. When we are there, the boss is yours and the people who injured me are mine.”

“Ok ok, bring me there as fast as you can, are you able to walk? If not, I will carry you, I still have two HP potions. Here, take them.”

Lin Xiao Bei was very excited, one kilometer was not far and would only take them at most ten over minutes to reach there, he has hope of becoming one of the top ten apostles.

“You carry me then, due to the poison, any intensive exercise will quickly decrease my Health.” the girl flipped her body and climbed onto Lin Xiao Bei’s back, not worried about attracting suspicions.

“Right, what Boss is it?”

As he ran, Lin Xiao Bei tried asking for information, what if the Boss was too powerful and he got insta-kill before he could start bragging.

“Ah, it’s two Dark Flame Bone Dragon Lords. My Silent Assassin Job Token came from the treasure boxes they carried.” The girl replied with deadly earnest.

“Say what? The Bone Dragon that made the airdrop?”

Lin Xiao Bei felt an uneasy feeling, Bone Dragons can fly and the one that gave him his treasure box was a Lv.50 airplane! Then a lord tier…

He suddenly looked at this pure and cute looking girl strangely. Could it be that this girl thought of him to be a King Kong; carrying its beloved girl while climbing a skyscraper and madly attack planes?

“Beauty, have you watched <King Kong> before? You have watched <King Kong> before, right?”

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