Chapter 4 – Blind Girl

Norman Maze is the resting place of the Abyssal Demon King Norman.

The entire maze was shaped like an inverted pyramid, with the first level having the broadest area, its edge was a boundless wasteland while its center was a forest maze of withered trees.

Currently, Lin Xiao Bei and several vicious looking men were dashing through the wastelands.

The strange thing was that they were not attacking each other but they were all desperately escaping.

That was because they have encountered a monster, a monster that could insta-kill a person.

‘Sha…sha…sha…” the monster was currently hunting.

“Help… Ah…” again another person was cut at the waist.

[Monster Name: ???]

(With a crooked figure that was covered in bandages, a pair of sharp sickle-like arms like a mantis and has a behavior that seems to favor waist cutting. You can guess the name of the monster based on your observations as well.)

[Species: ??? Initial Judgement – Abyssal type]

[Level: ??? Initial Judgement 15+]

[Health: ???]

[Attack: ??? Initial Judgement 70+]

[Defense: ???]

[Speed: ??? Initial Judgement 50+]

[Traits: ???]

[Skills: ???]

Seeing the huge red question mark hanging above the monster, Lin Xiao Bei’s heart wanted to cry but could find no tears.

“I am already maxed level, I am not afraid of it!” being life threatened, Lin Xiao Bei tried a big brag.

[Ding. The meaning of max level is obscure, determined that you have bragged a Lv.3 Awesome, obtained 3000 Awesome Points. Your current Awesome Points: 5070]

“I don’t believe it. I have 5000 Health; this monster is already killed by me!”

[Ding. You did not know the name and information of the other party. Exchange command is obscure, Talent Skill: Awesome Exchange failed]

“Damn! I have the legendary Stars’ Fury. I am going to insta-kill that thing!”

[Ding. Earth’s Reiki is not completely restored yet, Mother Earth does not have enough energy to set up the <World of Warcraft> Instance. Stars’ Fury is temporary not in existence, obtaining Awesome Points failed]

“Ah… my leg! Help me! …Ah!”

“I save your ass!” Unable to successfully exchange, the anxious Lin Xiao Bei gave a kick to the person who grabbed onto his leg for help.

At that moment.

‘Pu Chi’ blood flew everywhere as the person at Lin Xiao Bei’s feet was cut into half.

He abruptly turned his body as he saw a huge scythe heading towards his waist.

Treading between life and death, Lin Xiao Bei used the Wing Chun Blade Technique and with the rusty long blade that he has gotten from Uncle Tiger, he raised ferociously to meet the scythe.

[Ding. You have successfully blocked the attack, your opponent has an Agility boost, the huge impact has sent you flying, you received 12 internal damage. Obtained Internal Injury Condition]

[Ding. Your right arm received a powerful shock and is temporarily unable to be used.]

[Ding. Until you heal your internal injury, your Health upper limit would be reduced by 12. Your current Health is]

[Health: 10/28/40]

Only allowed on

3 consecutive notifications came, Lin Xiao Bei’s mood sunk to the very bottom.

Seeing the pursuing scythe monster, he changed to his left hand to wield the blade, preparing to risk it all for a chance to survive.

“Member of the Ye Clan don’t speak and don’t make any noise! I will distract it! You can use your thoughts to communicate with me.” A cold female voice suddenly appeared in Lin Xiao Bei’s mind.

Along with that voice, the monster in front of him suddenly changed directions, walked to a withered tree opposite from where they were and suddenly stopped moving.

“Who? Who are you?” the surprised Lin Xiao Bei used his thoughts to communicate.

“You do not need to know who I am, Old Master Ye of the Wing Chun Arts is my benefactor. You just need to know that I will not harm you.”

The faint female voice replied.

Wing Chun Arts? It seems like this girl has a misunderstanding.

However, Lin Xiao Bei’s life was currently hanging in the balance, he would not make the mistake of clearing up this misunderstanding.

“This monster is very strong, what are you going to do now?”

“This monster only has ears and its hearing is extremely sensitive. If you can leave here without making a sound, you will be able to escape.”

Not make a sound? How could Lin Xiao Bei that was internally injured be able to do that?

“It’s obvious that I am unable to do so.” Lin Xiao Bei was dismayed, the monster was too strong, it was highly likely that the girl would abandon him.

“Then the only way is to kill it! It is afraid of fire!” the girl’s voice was frosty.

“Fire? Oh right, how come you know that it only has ears and is afraid of fire?” Lin Xiao Bei was amazed.

“I am blind, my talent is Inner Eye. Not only could I sense everything within my range of perception, but I can also probe and acquire all the related attributes and information of things within it.”

“What? You can see the monster’s stats? Quick, tell me the information about that monster!”

Lin Xiao Bei was spirited, with the monster’s name he would be able to brag the death of that monster.

[Ding. An unknown player has sent a party request, you can hide your name and join the party with as an unknown entity]

“Form party.”

After he spoke, Lin Xiao Bei was able to see the monster’s information that was shared by the girl.

[Monster Name: Silent Walker]

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[Species: Abyssal]

[Level: 31 (Special Mission Boss, Non-Boss)]

[Health: 3000]

[Attack: 80]

[Defense: 15]

[Speed: 138]

[Traits: Listening (Only has ears, has an extremely sharp hearing]

[Weakness: Fire (Its body is covered in white phosphorus bandages, very flammable)]

[Skills: Waist Cut, Bandage Binding]

The information was very detailed, Lin Xiao Bei spirits lifted, just as he was about to use a brag to kill it.

“I can smell the scent of cigarettes on you, do you have a lighter? If you have it, I will be able to kill it.” The girl asked.

“I have, but its speed is too fast. I am afraid the instance I try to light the lighter, I will be cut at the waist.”

Lin Xiao Bei frowned, this girl couldn’t be thinking of asking him to be a bait, right?

“This is my Mission Monster for my Job Change, there is no need for you to use the lighter. Where did you keep your lighter, I will retrieve it.”

“The shirt’s upper pocket.” Lin Xiao Bai frowned even deeper, is the girl not afraid of alarming that monster?

Suddenly, Lin Xiao Bei felt the zipper of his pocket being pulled down. Like a ghost, the girl suddenly appeared beside him without any indication while his lighter was now also strangely in her hand.

“You, are you a human or a ghost?” Lin Xiao Bei jumped in shock, not only did the girl know how to communicate through thoughts, but there was also no sound of movements when she walked.

“I am a Silent Assassin and possessed the special passive skill [Noiseless], there is no need for you to feel strange, now I need your help.”

As she spoke, the girl distanced herself from Lin Xiao Bei, her movement was truly without any presence of sound.

“What help?”

“When I count to 3, you make a shout, then I will light the lighter to attract it again. During this period, I will use the fastest speed I could muster to light up this bottle containing high concentration alcohol. Then you make another sound again to attract its attention, else if I die, you will not have it easy as well.”

“Its Speed is 138, isn’t this too risky?”

Lin Xiao Bei has his own plans in mind, using Awesome Bragging was a much safer option. In addition, he only knew the girl for less than ten minutes, they had not even established a basic level of trust.

“This is my Mission Monster, I must kill it. You do not need to be suspicious as well, I will not harm a member of the Ye Clan. What’s more, if not for me, you would have been dead long ago.”

As she spoke, the girl pulled further away from Lin Xiao Bei.

“Fine.” The girl’s words were logical, and Lin Xiao Bei did not wish to waste precious exchange usage if he could help it, so he reluctantly agreed. However, his hand was hovering above the [Awesome Exchange] button.

“Okay. On my count, 1…2…3…!”


‘Pa’, with the lighter lighted, the girl quickly ignited the bottle in her hand.

“Dumbass!” the monster turned and chased after Lin Xiao Bei once again.

“This way!” as she spoke, the girl tossed the flaming bottle at the monster.

Upon contact, the fire immediately spread throughout the monster’s entire body.

“Ji… Ji…” the Silent Walker released a heart-wrenching scream.

[Ding. Your teammate has dealt 10 Fire Damage per second to the Silent Walker]

[Ding. The fire is spreading, your teammate has dealt 20 Fire Damage per second to the Silent Walker]


[Ding. You and your teammate has successfully killed the Silent Walker]

[Ding. Detected that Silent Walker is a Mission Monster, experience to be adjusted and reduced by 90%. After sharing within the team, you have obtained 100 experience. Due to the Trial’s Experience Multiplier, you have obtained 200 experience]

[Ding. You have reached Lv.2. Obtained 2 Free Attribute Points, 2 Skill Points]

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