Chapter 3 – My Awesomeness My Say

<Age of Worldwide Monsters> is a hardcore game.

Earth’s martial arts and the likes of it might not be able to be turned into skills, but it could allow the digitized body and skills within the game to be unleashed with greater effectiveness and without restraint.

At the edge of the withered Norman Maze, Lin Xiao Bei and Uncle Tiger was facing each other.

When experts exchange blows, they focused on one window of opportunity.

Currently, Lin Xiao Bei was like an unsheathed sword after obtaining all the experiences of a Wing Chun Grandmaster.

The massive pressure of a Grandmaster was pressing down on Uncle Tiger, making him feel suffocated.

“A battle between martial arts is about having fairness. I shouldn’t be using my innate talent, but this one admits that you are a master of masters, my apologies si-mi-da!”

Uncle Tiger was unable to withstand the pressure as he activates Godspeed and initiated an attack.

He leaned forward and moved like a cheetah, appearing behind Lin Xiao Bei in a flash.

He lifted his leg and sent a sweeping kick.

As the wind pressure from the kick came, Lin Xiao Bei instinctively stretched out his left palm, spreading it and tried to use a Short-Bridge Strike to block the attack.

However, Uncle Tiger’s 45 Agility boost was too quick for him, Lin Xiao Bei was unable to clearly see the trajectory of the attack.

“Dammit, if I can’t defend then I will just have to attack! At most both sides suffer!”

Lin Xiao Bei’s hand turned into a Clap Hand and sent a Long-Bridge Strike while turning and preparing his body to receive Uncle Tiger’s sweeping kick.

‘Bang’, ‘Pa’!

The kick landed on Lin Xiao Bei’s left shoulder.

[Ding. Your left shoulder has received a kick, the opponent’s charging attack has an Agility boost, causing 17 damage. Current Health: 22]

The Clap Hand slapped onto Uncle Tiger’s face causing him to go into a daze.

[Ding. You attack a player’s face, Wing Chun Special Power added, causing 8 damage.]

Through this exchange, Uncle Tiger managed to obtain the advantage due to his superior agility.

“Slapping one’s face means a death enmity si-mi-da! Chinese Expert, you did not have any Giant Strength Talent at all. This fight, you are going down!”

Having experienced the advantage, Uncle Tiger did not hesitate and sent a Karate Chop at Lin Xiao Bei.

Feeling the air pressure of the incoming strike and with only 22 Health left, Lin Xiao Bei screamed and instinctively used his hands to block.

Eh? How come I can see his moves now?

Lin Xiao Bei immediately got excited, as he grabbed Uncle Tiger’s Karate Chop and counterattacked.

[Ding. You have stopped the opponent’s attack and dealt a counterattack, causing 8 damage.]



[Ding. You have stopped the opponent’s attack and dealt a counterattack, causing 8 damage.]

4 consecutive notifications appeared, his attacks had dealt a total of 32 damage, Lin Xiao Bei was ecstatic as he quickly sent another attack.

However, this time it missed.

‘Sou’, seeing that his Health turned yellow and has only 30 Health left, Uncle Tiger immediately jumped 8 feet backward.

He suddenly exclaimed in surprised, “So that’s the case! Without a charging attack with agility boost, this one will not be able to win you in close combat si-mi-da!”

His expression changed as he viciously glared at Lin Xiao Bei, “Sorry Chinese Expert, this one already knows your weakness. Only by using a Charging Sweep Kick, will I be able to grind down your Health si-mi-da!”

Hearing the words of Uncle Tiger, Lin Xiao Bei felt his heart turn cold. That Uncle Tiger’s words were true, he could at most endure two more Charging Sweep Kicks.

“Wait a minute! Strong Man! You have earned my approval, let us make peace and become friends!”

With no other choice, Lin Xiao Bei pressed [Awesome Exchange], hoping that this brag would turn into the truth.

[Ding. Your martial arts have already earned the respect of Uncle Tiger, you guys are already friends. Exchange invalid]

Hearing the notification, Lin Xiao Bei felt that this matter should be settled.

At that moment, the touched voice of Uncle Tiger came.

“Friend, to be able to call an expert like you a friend, this one is extremely happy si-mi-da! However.…” Uncle Tiger shed tears as he continued.

“However, as compared to being friends, this one prefers to taste the fresh blood of experts even more. Rest assured, this one will use my gang’s most honorable rites to bury you. Friend, die, si-mi-da!”

Uncle Tiger turned into an afterimage.

“F*** you, a damn pervert that likes to kill even friends, this daddy will insta-kill you now!”

The afterimage approaches, being on the line of life and death, Lin Xiao Bei also got angry and sent a ruthless Killing-Neck Hand at the afterimage.

However, this attack was again a miss.

[Ding. You bragged about the death of your opponent, your opponent’s remaining Health is 30. Successfully consumed 30 Awesome Points, your opponent is dead. Remaining Awesome Points: 1270]

[Ding. You killed one enemy, obtain 1 Kill Point. Main Mission 2 Progress: 1/100. As you have not performed a Job Change, you are unable to obtain any experience from killing the enemy]

Seeing the fallen Uncle Tiger in front of him, Lin Xiao Bei blinked hard.

“Dafuq! There’s such a method? Bragging a person to death? Isn’t this Talent to freaking awesome!”

Emotional sigh complete, Lin Xiao Bei immediately opened his Attribute Panel. Ever since his talent has been unlocked, he has yet to find the time to properly understand what this Awesome Bragging Talent was about.

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Open Skill Page.

[Talent Skill: Awesome Bragging]

[Skill Explanation: After making an awesome brag, you will obtain a corresponding amount of Awesome Points.]

Lv. Max: Based on the level awesomeness you bragged about (Lv.1 – Lv. Max), you will obtain Awesome Points.

Lv. 1: Obtain 1 – 100 Awesome Points.

Lv. 2: Obtain 101 – 1000 Awesome Points.

Lv. 3: Obtain 1001 – 5000 Awesome Points.

Lv. 4: Obtain 5001 – 20000 Awesome Points.

Lv. 5: Obtain 20001 – 50000 Awesome Points.

Lv. Max: Obtain a random amount of Awesome Points.

Number of uses during Trial: 1/5

[Talent Skill: Awesome Exchange]

[Skill Explanation: By consuming Awesome Points, you can exchange for any Awesome Brags that you have made.]

Number of uses during Trial: 2/5

(The Will of Earth has increased your Talent to maximum level during this Trial, the current skill explanation is not final. After the Trial ends and after your Talent level is reduced to Lv.1, will the explanation be final.)

Only allowed on

Seeing the skill introduction, Lin Xiao Bei finally understood how awesome the Awesome Bragging Talent was.

Didn’t this mean that by paying the corresponding Awesome Points, he would be able to exchange for whatever he wished for? Like summoning a Divine Dragon!

Lin Xiao Bei’s eyes shined. If that’s the case, he would just have to brag continuously, and he would constantly earn Awesome Points.

Then when the time comes, if Lin Xiao Bei brags that he has 1 million, he would really possess 1 million!

Wasn’t Shan Shan playing this game as well? He could just brag out any equipment that she lacks, he might even brag out several peerless beauties and make her jealous.

Right, the Job Token! Lin Xiao Bei immediately thought about the Omnipotent Sailor Job Token.

“I have 12 Free Attribute Points!”

[Ding. You brag about having 12 Free Attribute Points, successfully consumed 1200 Awesome Points. Please keep up the good work and continue to brag!]

“What! 100 Awesome Points for 1 Free Attribute Point, that’s so expensive!”

However, complaining aside, Lin Xiao Bei still immediately filled his Innate Attributes to the max.

[Ding. You have successfully become an Omnipotent Sailor]

[Name: Lin Xiao Bei]

[Age: 23 (Male)]

[Title: None]

[Level: Lv. 0 / Lv.10]

[Experience: 0/50]

[Rank: Private] (Follows Military Ranking: Private – Corporal – Sergeant – Staff Sergeant – Second Lieutenant – First Lieutenant – Captain – Major – Colonel – General)

[Talent: Awesome Bragging (Locked) You can try bragging.]

[Talent Level: (Restore to Lv.1 after Trial)]

[Talent: Awesome Bragging (Locked) You can try bragging.]

[Talent Level: Lv. Max (Restore to Lv.1 after Trial)]

[Awesome Acquisition: 4 Times Remaining]

[Awesome Exchange: 2 Times Remaining]

Lin Xiao Bei was very happy to see that his level upper limit has been increased to 10 as well as the appearance of his power rank.

However, his Talent Level would be reduced to Lv.1 when the Trial ends, therefore he must try to gain the maximum benefits possible from the remaining uses of his two Talent Skills.

Only by doing that, would he have enough capital to establish a foothold on Alderman Continent.

Become stronger, and be even stronger, he cannot let Shan Shan look down on him again!

Lin Xiao Bei made this resolution.


[Ding. Stage-Wide Announcement!]

[A Trialist has completed the Trial and has obtained the Apostle Title: <Chaos>. Special Rewards: 10 Skill Points, 10 Free Attribute Points, 1 Rare Skillbook. Apostle Moment Activated, please share your Apostle Glory!]

A pressured feeling descended from the sky, causing people to feel out of breath.

Lin Xiao Bei lifted his head while being overwhelmed with shock and saw a huge mirage-like image appeared in the sky.

The image was blood red and filled with countless bones.

On the peak of the corpse mountain, a pair of blood-red eyes opened.

“Since I have already embarked on this path, then, nothing can prevent me from going down this road. From now on, I am the First Apostle!”

(English: Since I have already embarked on this path, then, nothing can prevent me from going down this road. From now on, I am the First Apostle!)

[Ding. Stage-Wide Announcement!]

[The Top Ten Apostles will become High Apostles and will possess the ability to command all Apostles. If you do not wish to be commanded, then hurry up and fight for it!]

[Ding. Stage-Wide Announcement!]

[First Apostle <Chaos>. Rise!]

Top Ten Apostles?

Lin Xiao Bei did not want to be ordered around by a bunch of crazy murderers.

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