Chapter 2 – Special Job Token

[Name: Lin Xiao Bei]

[Age: 23 (Male)]

[Title: None]

[Level: Lv. 0 / Lv.0 (Require Job Token to increase level upper limit)]

[Talent: Awesome Bragging (Locked) You can try bragging.]

[Talent Level: (Restore to Lv.1 after Trial)]

“Dammit, this only unreliable talent that I have is locked! The Fairy Guide’s advice is worthless!”

Lin Xiao Bei’s heart turned cold, won’t he be screwed at this rate?

Not wanting to believe it, he jumped to the Attribute Page to check his character attributes.

[Before going through a Job Change, the maximum innate attributes for each category is capped at 9.]

[Physique: 4] – Health: 40

[Strength: 5] – Physical Attack: 5

[Agility: 6] – Speed: 6

[Spirit: 9] – Magic Attack: 9, Magic Power: 90

[Perception: 9] – Probe: 9

In Lin Xiao Bei’s memories, <Age of Worldwide Monsters> is a type of Hardcore Skill-based Game.

He has two maximum innate attributes that gave him the aptitude to become a Magician, however without the corresponding Magic-Type skills, he was basically a weak chicken with low health.

Holding on to his last hope, Lin Xiao Bei opened the Skill, Equipment and Bag Page. Hoping that there would be a Fireball Skill waiting for him.

[Skill: None]

[Equipment: None]

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[Bag: Empty]

Triple empty! Lin Xiao Bei’s heart turned into ashes, with this type of prerequisites, he would not be able to even breath in this Trial that is filled with criminals.

[Ding. Stage-Wide Announcement!]

[The first batch of treasure boxes have arrived, the resource boxes this wave could be split into five grades: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Iron, and Wood. Inside these boxes, you will be able to find a large number of Job Tokens and equipment for newbies. Rejoice and snatch them up! There are even more treasure boxes waiting for you at the central part of the maze.]

Hearing the notification had caused the Trialists within Norman Maze to go crazy; they chased the bone dragons flying high above while they kill and plunder, as they charged towards the center of the maze.

Only Lin Xiao Bei stood at his original spot and blankly looked up at the sky!

Those flying bone dragons. Domineering! Tyrannical! It is the romance of men!

The mysterious Alderman Continent was heaven for frustrated people like him!

His girlfriend Shan Shan was also playing this game.

How Lin Xiao Bei wished that he could ride on one of those magnificent bone dragons and look down from the sky like a lord.

How he wished that he could tell Shan Shan, while under the envious gaze of the entire world, that he Lin Xiao Bei was not the trash you dislike.

Only allowed on


Your negative emotions have attracted the pity of a Lv.50 Bone Dragon.

[Ding. Your toe has been smashed by a treasure box. Health -1.]

“Goddammit, it’s painful! Can’t you let a guy be emotional for a moment!”

Lin Xiao Bei pointed a big fat middle finger at the bone dragon in the sky.

After a series of curses, Lin Xiao Bei lowered his head and saw a shiny treasure box.

“F***! A treasure box! What’s more, it is the highest Gold Grade!”

In a second, Lin Xia Bei turned into an infatuated little kid, all that was lacking was for him to stick out his tongue and start licking madly.

“Ma-Ni-Ma-Ni-Hom, thank you for blessing me Goddess of Mercy. I do not want equipment, just give me a Magician Job Token! Even better if it is a rare one with innate skills! Please!”

Lin Xiao Bei prayed as he touched the lid of the treasure box.

From the memories that the Fairy Guide transferred to him.

Job Tokens are the essence of <Age of Worldwide Monsters>.

Not only could it affect the maximum level of a player, but it also has fixed attribute growth that would determine the playing style of the player.

There were generally 5 different professions that a player could turn into, Warrior, Archer, Assassin, Magician, Pirate.

Lin Xiao Bei possessed the innate qualities of a Magician, so he naturally requires a Magician Job Token.

Of course, if it was a rare Job Token that possessed an innate skill and provides additional free attributes points, he would be even happier.

The treasure box opened, a white light filled his vision, inside laid a golden Job Token that was shining with brilliance.

[Ding. You have opened a Gold Treasure Box. Congratulations, you have obtained Special Job Token: Omnipotent Sailor]

Job Tokens could be split into two grades, Ordinary and Rare. As for Special-Types, there was an equal mix of good and bad ones, making it hard to evaluate their value.

Lin Xiao Bei immediately checked the golden token in his hand.

[Special Job Token: Omnipotent Sailor]

[Grade: 1]

[Function: After using, your maximum level would be expanded to Lv.10]

[Leveling Growth: All attributes +2, Free Attributes +1, Skill Point +1]

[Special Skill: I Am Omnipotent (Active)]

Skill Explanation: Lv.1 Effect: Omnipotent Sailor can choose one attribute and stack it onto another one.

Skill Duration: 10 Minutes

Cooldown: 3 Hours

Lin Xiao Bei frowned when he saw the introduction of Omnipotent Sailor.

The Sailor is a branch of the Pirate profession. Pirates specialize in firearms, but also know magic and battle techniques. A profession that could be considered the most mixed, and of course, the number of attribute points and skill points required was also very demanding.

This Job Token provides 11 attribute points for every level up, 6 more points than ordinary Job Tokens. Its innate skill could also offset the prominent flaw of having an overly balanced attribute, overall, it could be considered as a good item to obtain.

However, Lin Xiao Bei was currently in a trial of life and death, and this Job Token did not have any attack skill!

“Chill, chill. So be it, let’s change into this, it is better than nothing.” Lin Xiao Bei sighed helplessly.

[Ding. You do not possess the requirements to become an Omnipotent Sailor. Job Change failed.]

“Say what?” Lin Xiao Bei stared wide-eyed.

He quickly turned to the Attribute Segment of Omnipotent Sailor.

Job Change Requirement:

Innate Physique: 9

Innate Strength: 9

Innate Agility: 9

Innate Spirit: 9

Innate Perception: 9

“F***! No wonder it is a Special Job Token, who would be so god damn lucky to roll all 9s…?” Lin Xiao Bei was both flustered and exasperated.

This feeling of being able to watch but unable to eat made him feel very dissatisfied.

Just as Lin Xiao Bei was about to chuck the token into his bag, he heard a bloodthirsty voice behind him.

“A Gold Treasure Box! Friend, it looks like you have obtained something impressive. Obediently take it out and Uncle Tiger will guarantee you a nice death si-mi-da!”

A Korean? Lin Xiao Bei turned around, and as expected, not far away was a muscular man in prison uniform, walking towards him while carrying a bloodied long blade.

The Korean was obviously a criminal and had also just killed someone not long ago! Lin Xiao Bei immediately ran without hesitation.

However, this Uncle Tiger lowered his body like a cheetah and appeared in front of him in a flash!

“It is no use running. Uncle Tiger’s innate agility is 9 and my talent is Godspeed that increases my agility by 5 times si-mi-da!” Uncle Tiger looked very proud.

5 times, that means its 45 Agility. He was so muscular, yet his talent was Godspeed, Lin Xiao Bei really wanted to send a billion curses to Mother Earth.

“This, this granddaddy is trained in Wing Chun. With… yes, with the Giant Strength talent that increases my strength by 5 times. I have 45 Strength, even if you have 9 Physique, I can send you to hell with two punches.”

There was no route to heaven while the path to hell was closed. Lin Xiao Bei could only start bragging.

“So, you are a Chinese Expert? Good! I am a martial arts expert from Funeral Society, I am called Jiang Zhong Hu, Blackbelt 4th Dan. Pleased to exchange pointers si-mi-da!” Uncle Tiger threw away the long blade and gave Lin Xiao Bei an ancient ceremonial bow.

Lin Xiao Bei had heard of Funeral Society before, they were a famous gang in Korea! Lin Xiao Bei wanted to cry but have no tears, he was now only waiting for the arrival of his death.

[Ding. Your talent Awesome Bragging has been unlocked, entering Awesome Exchange mode. Detected that you do not possess the Giant Strength Talent, you require 3000 Awesome Points to brag about Giant Strength Talent, your current Awesome Points is 0. Exchange failed. Automatically swap to Awesome Acquisition Mode.]

[Ding. Detected that you have bragged about a Lv.3 Awesome, obtained 3000 Awesome Points (A gentle reminder, you can use Awesome Points to exchange for anything awesome that you bragged about)]

Two consecutive notifications popped up and Lin Xiao Bei was dumbstruck at the sudden appearance of two new options, [Awesome Exchange] and [Awesome Acquisition].

He clicked [Awesome Exchange] before crossing his hands, adopting the classical Wing Chun stance that he learned from a movie as he faced Uncle Tiger.

“Wing Chun, Ip Man!”

[Ding. You bragged that you are the Martial Grandmaster Ip Man. Consumed 1700 Awesome Points to successfully honor your bragging. Please keep up the good work and continue to brag!]

‘Swoosh’, countless Wing Chun stances and countless Grandmaster level fights went into his mind.


Lin Xiao Bei uncontrollably displayed a funny face.

Because at that instant, he obtained a small enlightenment.

“Damn. As it turns out, only by bragging about being awesome, will you become truly awesome!”

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