Chapter 1 – Age of Worldwide Monsters

Humans wished for longevity, Earth, wished for longevity as well.

Year 2096. The devastated earth was on the brink of its ruin.

Year 2097. The Will of Earth awakened and connected to another plane, attempting to use the Reiki from the Otherworld to reinject vitality into itself.

Year 2098 January. The Will of Earth communicated with the Will of the Foreign Plane, designing the Game App: <Age of Worldwide Monsters>

March the same year. Mother Earth released the first batch of Special Internal Codes for <Age of Worldwide Monsters>, hoping that humans would assist in opening the Door of The Otherworld.

November the same year. For the sake of preserving society, the humans that have obtained power came together to seal the Door of The Otherworld, blocking off the invasion of Reiki.

Year 2099. The Will of Earth was furious and gave the second batch of Special Codes to a group of madmen who were dissatisfied with society, commanding them to break open the Door of The Otherworld, bringing about the true Age of Worldwide Monsters.

After several years, these group of madmen who obtained the Special Codes were later known as History’s Most Evil Apostles.

[Ding. Special Code activated.]

[Confirming Player Identity: Chinese Federation Citizen. Lin Xiao Bei, 23 Years Old.]

“I am Lin Xiao Bei, who? Who is talking?”

[Ding. A powerful talent discovered. It may not be enough to allow Player to become the peak existence of the food chain. However, most Players at the peak of the food chain would normally possess a powerful talent.]

[Ding. We base your most prominent characteristic as the Talent Reward. Searching Character Talents, your Talent: Awesome Bragging.]

Awesome Bragging?

That’s right, Lin Xiao Bei’s parents died young, due to not wanting to be looked down by others, he had developed the bad habit of bragging.

“Oh right, the interviewer today was looking down on me, so I made a huge brag and earned a huge harvest of feeling good, but I also immediately failed that interview. What to do now? It has been a year since I’ve graduated, Shan Shan would certainly break up with me this time. Wait a minute, where am I now?”

[Ding. Your attributes are currently being scanned…]

[Did you commit a despicable crime and got nowhere to escape?]

“Commit a freaking crime? Who the heck are you?”

[Or were you standing at the epitome of your life and had lost interest in this world?]

“I still want to live! Where the heck is this place?”

[Or maybe you have fallen to the lowest point of your life and wanted to give a heart-wrenching shout of despair?]

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“That…” Lin Xiao Bei fell into silence.

His parents were no longer around while the only closest relative he has would be Shan Shan, his girlfriend of five years. However, the opportunities within the psychology industry were too limited; he has been staying at home since he graduated. Shan Shan was becoming more and more dissatisfied with him, so he might lose his last relative.

[No matter if you were a criminal that has committed an unspeakable amount of crimes, or a commoner who has lost hope with life, or an upper-class noble who lacked interest in life. <Age of Worldwide Monsters> would be that dawn of light within your despair. Welcome to the game, Player Lin Xiao Bei.]

“Game?” Lin Xiao Bei stared wide-eyed.

A year ago, Shan Shan got addicted to a Game App, saying something about equipment, skills from within the game could be used on Earth.

Due to that, she had become strangely close to her gaming buddies, playing it every day without regard for his feelings.

It has gotten even weirder recently. Despite her poor family background, Shan Shan started to wear branded goods and even started to look at him with unbridled disdain, causing their relationship to drop to an icy degree.

That game seems to be called <Age of Worldwide Monsters>.

[Ding. Player Lin Xiao Bei scanning complete. Transferring to Trial, the countdown begins in 10… 9…]

“Hey what is this game called?

[8… 7…]



Lin Xiao Bei was thrown into darkness.


Lin Xiao Bei opened his eyes and looked at his surroundings, grey desolate city walls, withered grasses, and rotten trees. He felt as though he has been thrown into a land of death.

“Where, where is this place?”

“This is a Forbidden Land of the Adelman Continent. Norman Maze Level One.” A voice came from Lin Xiao Bei’s heart.

“Who?” Lin Xiao Bei jumped in surprised as his surroundings were desolated and voided of people.

“Hello Player Lin Xiao Bei. I am your Fairy Guide, as time is urgent, please allow me to help you unlock the information regarding Adelman Continent.”

[Ding. Fairy Guide is transferring information…]

Pain, a head-splitting pain.

Lin Xiao Bei felt several things has been poured into his brain like it was a duck being force-fed, allowing him to instantly understand everything about this game!

<Age of Worldwide Monsters> is another world that Earth has connected to for self-preservation.

This world was called Alderman Continent, a place filled with endless Reiki, magic, strange abilities and battle techniques.

The player’s body would become digitized when they were here, the professions acquired, the equipment obtained, and all mastered skills could be brought back to Earth. You would not be constrained by worldly restrictions and be able to do whatever you want.

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As it turns out, the conversations that Shan Shan and her game buddies were all true!

They have obtained a supernatural power!

“Is Earth undergoing a great change?” Lin Xiao Bei sighed.

The restoring of Reiki was a form of salvation for both Earth, who was on the brink of collapse, as well as for people like him who have lost hope in life.

“Correct, but also not so. <Age of Worldwide Monsters> will have a public release 3 days later. However, the Door of The Otherworld is still being sealed by the first batch of Players. As Reiki is still not yet restored, Mother Earth is still in danger.”

The voice of the Fairy Guide gently spoke.


“Yes, Player Lin Xiao Bei. Are you willing to open the Door of The Otherworld to help Mother Earth obtain a new lease of life?”

“It should be fine.” Lin Xiao Bei did not think too much of it.

“Good. Then your first mission is to survive and complete this Trial and become an Apostle of Mother Earth.”

“Mission?” Lin Xiao Bei was uncertain.

[Ding. Stage-Wide Announcement. 3 million Trialist have obtained Special Codes this time, each one possessing an extraordinary talent. You will be completing your Trial Mission within Norman Maze Level One.]

[Ding. Individuals who have successfully completed the Trial will receive the title of Apostle and be sent to various locations on Alderman Continent. You will be completing your duties as an Apostle by being a Player, an NPC or a Monster. Losing means death!]

[Ding. During the Trial, resources such as Job Tokens and equipment etc. would be airdropped, please properly use these resources to complete your mission.]

[Ding. There is no need for trash amongst Apostles. There are no restrictions such as robbing or killing, Trialist could do whatever they want in this Trial.]

[Ding. Receiving mission…]

[Norman Maze Great Escape]

Mission Explanation: Norman Maze is the resting place of the Abyssal Demon King of Alderman Continent, the lowest level monsters found within the first level of the maze are Lv.15 Elites

[Main Mission 1: Kill 1 Boss-Class lifeform.]

[Main Mission 2: Hunt 100 Players.]

[Complete either one of the two main missions to obtain an Apostle Title and leave the Trial.]

[Ding. Trial begins in… 30… 29…]

“Level 15 Boss? Isn’t that forcing others to commit murder?” Lin Xiao Bei was astonished.

From the information transferred, one needs to obtain a Job Token to level up within <Age of Worldwide Monsters>, one Job Token was capped at 10 levels. How to kill a Boss like that?

[14… 13…]

“Player Lin Xiao Bei, 90% of the Trialist participating are criminals who have committed several crimes. Please retract your sense of compassion, or else you might die very miserably.”

[Ding. Your Death Node has been established. If you were to die in the game, you will be struck by lightning and burnt to ashes back in reality.]

“F***! Criminals!” Lin Xiao Bei’s expression turned extremely ugly. He might be able to act ferocious in front of ordinary people, but if it were criminals, they would be even more vicious than him.

“One final word of advice for you. Mother Earth has expended great amounts of energy for the trial this time to make it convenient for all of you. Please properly use your innate talent and Airdrop Resources to obtain even more advantages, doing so will allow you to rise above the others when it goes public 3 days from now. Remember, if you can complete both main missions at the same time, you will be able to retain your Talent Level, goodbye!”


The Fairy Guide disappeared.

“Talent. That’s right, I still have my Talent!” Lin Xiao Bei checked his Character Panel.

At that moment.

‘Wooo… Haooo…’ a mournful sound torn through the night sky.

Lin Xiao Bei lifted his head, under the gloomy moonlight he saw a group of domineering bone dragons that were holding treasure boxes in their mouths; the Airdrops have arrived.

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