Chapter 157: Fang Fei Yi Ren Closes Down

Luo Fei Yan specifically paid a visit to Liu Fei Hong this afternoon.

Since they were technically acquaintances, she didn’t have to go through Su Ke2Su KeMain Character.

Liu Fei Hong already knew Fang Fei Yi Ren1Fang Fei Yi RenThe beauty parlour Su Ke works at and the one Luo Fei Yan owns’s situation since yesterday and sent people to investigate Wu Yi Ren today. Luo Fei Yan may just be facing off against the assistant bureau chief of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, but when Liu Fei Hong investigated it, there were a lot more details.

The relationship with the deputy mayor that Wu Yi Ren always mentioned, even though it wasn’t fake, it wasn’t so deep of a connection. Also, this mayor seemed to be preparing to move up the ladder; there was a huge possibility of him being transferred out of Wei Hai City.


While Wu Yi Ren kept treating a chicken feather like an arrow, becoming the fox that exploited the tiger’s might, she had found out everything about him.

Originally, she didn’t want to shed all sense of cordiality so quickly.

Who knew that when she walked to the door, she actually heard Wu Yi Ren say such nasty things. The anger that she had been suppressing for so long finally burst forth as she yelled, “What did you say!?”

Wu Yi Ren’s stopped in his tracks as he looked at Luo Fei Yan in disbelief; he almost thought he was hallucinating.

Luo Fei Yan combed through her wine-red hair. Only then did she give the first smile since she walked in. It was very warm, her red lips slightly tilted up and her voice distinct, “Please leave!”


Wu Yi Ren’s face stiffened, obviously furious as he yelled, “Luo Fei Yan, you need to think about who you’re talking to right now!”

It was unknown how Lin Xiao Bai felt when she was being degraded by him; after she was shamed into anger, her voice went up a few octaves.

“I know, it’s Chief Wu! Assistant Bureau Chief Wu!”

Luo Fei Yan remained unmoved, keeping to the same movements as she especially emphasized

the word “assistant”.

“Ha! Fine, you’ve got guts! Luo Fei Yan, do you not believe that I’ll revoke your business license and make you close down!?”

Wu Yi Ren was furious, feeling like he was being played.

“Please!” Luo Fei Yan’s words were blunt as she shrugged and muttered, “Some people need to be clear that they are only an assistant bureau chief!”


Wu Yi Ren was no longer calm as he shouted himself hoarse, “You sl*t! You’ve climbed onto a high branch and want to throw me away? I’m telling you, you’ll always be a sl*t!”

However, before he could finish speaking, he felt his collar tighten and his body fall backwards.

Su Ke had rushed over and opened the door, hearing the last of Wu Yi Ren’s words.

Maybe it’s because he had just fought in school and had yet to cool down, or maybe it was because Wu Yi Ren was scolding his own boss, or maybe because there’s a whole other reason.

He didn’t think twice about it as he rushed over and grabbed the back of Wu Yi Ren’s collar.

He didn’t allow for an explanation as he dragged him backwards.

“Hey! What are you doing!?” Wu Yi Ren stumbled, his steps unsteady as his arms waved about frantically. However, his body just kept being pulled backwards.

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When he turned around to look, he actually saw that it was Su Ke.


Wu Yi Ren became even more of a scoundrel, uncaring of his image as he just cursed, “F*cking let go!”

“Did you forget what I said last time?”

Su Ke didn’t even turn around; his arms filling with more strength as he directly dragged Wu Yi Ren outside.

After they were out of the store, Su Ke let go and exclaimed, “Scram!”

What made Su Ke surprised was that after Wu Yi Ren stood up properly, he crazily charged forwards.

Su Ke once again grabbed Wu Yi Ren’s collar, only this time, they came face to face as he slapped him with a ‘Pa!’ sound.

After the slap, his golden glasses were twisted and about to fall off, only one temple was left hanging on his ear and a handprint appeared on his face.


The slap had actually cleared Wu Yi Ren’s mind. After many years of wine, good food, and s*x, he had long weakened his body. Compared to the young and vigorous Su Ke, he had no way to counterattack. After he acknowledged this fact, he became like a dead pig who wasn’t afraid of boiling water and glared at Su Ke.

“Chief Wu, I’m sorry! I was too harsh!” Unknowingly, Su Ke’s aura had changed a lot, especially when he was angry; even the way he spoke was different from usual.

His left hand gripping Wu Yi Ren’s collar tightly as he slowly lifted up his right hand.

Wu Yi Ren’s mind went blank, but he realized that Su Ke was not going to slap him, but rather had helped him straighten out his glasses.

“Chief Wu, I won’t bother you any longer! Watch out next time!”


However, Su Ke didn’t let go. The corner of his mouth curved downwards as his palm slapped continuously against Wu Yi Ren’s cheek. At this time, the people on the streets saw what was happening outside Fang Fei Yi Ren and came to gawk.

Su Ke didn’t want to speak, so he immediately let go and yelled, “Scram!”

Wu Yi Ren stumbled backwards, his face coloured like pigs’ liver, especially the right side of his face, which was obviously swollen on that side. Seeing all the people gawking at him, he was even more ashamed, his sorry figure scurrying to his car. He opened the door, but his body suddenly paused.

“You guys just wait! If I don’t kill you all, I’m not f*cking surnamed Wu!”

After he spoke, Wu Yi Ren quickly entered his car, started it, and fled ignominiously until there wasn’t even a shadow of him.

Luo Fei Yan also heard Wu Yi Ren’s hateful words, but other than sneering, she made no movements as she watched Su Ke come back.

“Little Brother Su! You came at just the right time!”

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Su Ke shrugged as he said, “After I got Sister Bai’s call, I hurried over! Luckily nothing happened!” As he watched Luo Fei Yan’s relaxed figure, he felt rather suspicious.

Yesterday, she was still pondering how to deal with Wu Yi Ren, but why was she so calm and collected today?

“Sister Yan, why don’t you seem worried?” Su Ke was a little embarrassed.

Previously, he scared Wu Yi Ren away, but this time he really took action.

He didn’t know if he would bring trouble for Fang Fei Yi Ren.

“Ha! What do you need to be so worried about!? At most, we’ll close for a few days!”

Luo Fei Yan was very relaxed as she spoke before turning around to face Lin Xiao Bai and continuing, “Xiao Bai, go inform the workers that from tomorrow onwards, they have a three day holiday!”


After Luo Fei Yan finished speaking, she saw Su Ke’s face become ugly, so she quickly explained, “It’s fine, don’t worry! It’s not because of you. Before you came, I had already fallen out with him. You slapping him helped me vent some of my anger!”

“Sister Yan, I still have something to do today, so I’ll take my leave!”

Su Ke felt uneasy as he thought about how Luo Fei Yan was forced to close the shop because of Wu Yi Ren, making him feel rather helpless. If only he could finish this task and get a wish.

Thinking until here, Su Ke suddenly made a decision and immediately asked for leave from Luo Fei Yan. After he left, the first thing he did was give Li Fei Fei a call.

1. Might have translated this wrongly before, but this is the correct position for Wu Yi Ren

  1. Meaning to take something and make it seem more dangerous than it actually is
  2. Quite a common idiom, but basically using a stronger figure to threaten others
  3. The long part of the glasses that hook onto your ear
  4. Meaning: Someone who has nothing to lose

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