Chapter 156: Luo Fei Yan is About to Explode

Wei Lan’s round face still carried traces of baby fat as she tugged on Su Ke2Su KeMain Character’s arm.

She then glanced behind her and saw that another girl had appeared.

Worst of all, it was the girl who confessed to Su Ke earlier.

Li Fei Fei could clearly tell that Wei Lan’s words and actions were trying to show off her sovereignty.

Jealousy unknowingly leaked out of her heart as she gazed at Su Ke with some bitterness.

Just as Liu Qing Qing walked out, she saw a bunch of people kneeling in front of Su Ke.

She then noticed a guy with dyed blond hair speaking with Su Ke.

She immediately understood the situation after hearing what the kneeling students were saying.


Su Ke had only just returned when he was sandwiched by these 2 girls.

Liu Qing Qing took a deep breath and walked out from where she was standing in the crowd and walked over to Su Ke. The situation right now was really awkward.

Even though the three girls didn’t communicate with each other, they were giving off murderous glares.

In ancient times, there were two heroes fighting against Lu Bu(1).

Now, there were three beauties fighting for Su Ke.

Su Ke shook his head and looked at Liu Qing Qing as he exclaimed, “I’m fine! Are you still not going home?”

Only when he spoke until here did he notice that Liu Qing Qing’s eyes lit up as she stepped forward and said, “Brother Su Ke, can you send me home?”


Su Ke wanted to agree since it’s Liu Fei Hong who tasked him with taking care of Liu Qing Qing, but before he could open his mouth to speak, he heard Wei Lan say, “Su Ke, you don’t have to send me home today! I’ll go home by myself!”

After hearing Liu Qing Qing speak, Wei Lan looked up at Su Ke.

On one hand, she wanted to let these two women know that Su Ke always sent her home.

On the other, she wanted to remind Su Ke.

As expected, he was at a loss for words as he glanced around and didn’t know what to do.

His phone then suddenly rang, breaking him out his stupor as he read the caller ID.

“Wei, Sister Xiao Bai!” Su Ke didn’t know why Lin Xiao Bai would call him, so he answered with a surprised voice.


Lin Xiao Bai was really agitated, even her voice was trembling as she deliberately suppressed her voice and yelled, “Su Ke, that despicable Wu Yi Ren is back! Come and help me!”

“Oh? Okay, I’ll go immediately!” Su Ke thought that this would be a good excuse.

He looked around at the three girls staring at him before giving an embarrassed smile and saying,

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“I have something to do, so I’ll head out first!”

Su Ke then let out a sigh of relief before he escaped on his bicycle.


“Wei! Did you hear me talking to you!?”

Wu Yi Ren was at the front counter with a furious and cold expression on his face, looking like he was reprimanding his subordinates.

“I’m sorry, Director Wu! Please wait just a moment! Didn’t you give Sister Yan a call just now?” The last time Wu Yi Ren came to Fang Fei Yi Ren1Fang Fei Yi RenThe beauty parlour Su Ke works at and the one Luo Fei Yan owns, he was chased out by Su Ke, so Luo Fei Yan had instructed her specifically to ignore Wu Yi Ren if he came to cause trouble again.

Lin Xiao Bai didn’t even make tea.

“Looks like Luo Fei Yan’s store doesn’t want to operate anymore!”

Wu Yi Ren seemed very emotional as he paced around the reception area with his hands behind his back.

Originally, he thought about organizing a joint inspection and using Lang Ming to exert pressure to make Luo Fei Yan fall in line. However, when he called her today to talk about things, he was directly rejected. Then, when he called again, she turned off her phone.

Wu Yiren, who had always garnered respect and obedience, immediately felt that his authority was being challenged.

After work in the afternoon, he ran to Fang Fei Yi Ren, but found out that Luo Fei Yan was not there.

In the end, he vented the fire in his heart on Lin Xiao Bai, “As far as your attitude is concerned, it completely deviates from the teachings of the service industry! Do you treat customers like this!? Looking at only this, I have to doubt your professionalism!”


“Director Wu, our professionalism is based on the reviews of our customers. Our beauty clubs have always been committed to our brand. Please don’t spew nonsense!”

With Lin Xiao Bai’s soft character, it was hard to imagine her being so angry as she was pushed to the brink.

“What!? Reviews? Brand?” Wu Yi Ren sneered, the eyes behind the gold wire glasses were filled with disdain.

“During this time’s joint inspection, we have found many illegal elements!”

“Forced consumption, false advertising, fake and inferior beauty products, and even some of your beauty salons have become a breeding ground for crimes! They’re beyond dirty!”

Wu Yi Ren’s was full of righteous fury, and if one didn’t know his personality, one would mistakenly think that this grieving and lamenting person was a good officer.

Lin Xiaobai was so angry, her little face turned blue as she stood behind the front desk and yelled, “Secretary Wu, please pay attention to the consequences of your words!”

Since she was so angry, her breathing was rushed and her two busty peaks shook about as she raged, causing Wu Yi Ren to shift his gaze.

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“Hah! Pay attention to the consequences? I now suspect that you people from Fang Fei Yi Ren are all involved!” Wu Yi Ren then lifted an eyebrow as he smirked and continued, “Can you ensure that the beauticians upstairs have never done this?”

“You’re slandering!” Lin Xiao Bi screamed, her small hands ruthlessly slamming onto the tabletop. She was so angry she wanted to slap Wu Yi Ren silly.

“Haha, I’m slandering? This is my job scope. The municipal party committee and the municipal government have ordered again and again that we must strictly check this kind of service-oriented places. I am responsible for the four million people in this city! What do you understand?”

At this time, Luo Fei Yan pushed open the door and came in. No anger could be seen on her face as her high-heeled shoes slammed against the floor and she said,  “Oh? Why is Director Wu so furious! Who made you angry?”


Luo Fei Yan walked straight in and smiled at Wu Yi Ren, but it didn’t have any warmth.

She then sat on the sofa in the hall. In the afternoon, she had received several calls from him constantly trying to tangle with herself, so she turned her phone off.

“Fei Yan, you’re back!” Wu Yi Ren immediately changed his facial expression as his serious attitude disappeared without a trace and he exclaimed, “I wasn’t angry! It was all to develop and protect Fang Fei Yi Ren better!”

Luo Fei’s mouth was slightly upturned as she leaned deeply into the sofa chair, her arms crossed below her chest, making her upper body look more obvious and full of seduction as she exclaimed, “Then I have to thank Mr. Wu for his kindness!”

“No need for thanks; what is our relationship? You’re treating me like a stranger! Do you have time tonight? We haven’t gone out to chat for a long time!”

When Wu Yi Ren finished speaking, he took a few steps forward and bypassed the coffee table, wanting to sit with Luo Fei Yan.

Luo Fei Yan’s face was ice cold as she looked up at Wu Yi Ren and commanded, “Director Wu, stop! I’ve taken your good intentions to heart!”

She then pointed at the main glass doors as she continued, “Now, I’m asking you to leave!”

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