Chapter 208: Inaccurately Estimating your Ability

The village wives usually had some or another form of contact with Sun Dongqing. It couldn’t be helped, she was an official’s wife after all. Sometimes, when they needed to do something, they found it difficult to contact Ye Zifan, but contacting Sun Dongqing was never a problem.

Cheap things and praises were both things that were well-liked by Sun Dongqing.

“My hubby Ye always says that although our Ying Ying isn’t male, her future will definitely not be a bad one. Soon, she’ll take her exams, and surely she will be able to enter Experimental High School. In the future, HuaQiao University and GuangXi University will both be in her reaches.” She started gaining momentum the more she spoke, to the point that saliva flew out from her mouth. Though her expressions were ample, her temperament really didn’t match with Ye Zifan.

The fellow ladies heard this and exclaimed with tsks and gasps, they praised her, “Isn’t that so, there’s no one who doesn’t know that the Ye family keeps producing brilliant geniuses, and that this brilliant genius even originates from your house. Ying Ying was born with good looks, and her studies are also excellent. In the future, when she becomes a university student, she’ll have become a golden phoenix that took flight from our poor mountain region.”

These praises were all the favourite ones that Ye Ying loved to hear.

After hearing that, she pursed her lips together and gave a very sweet smile, “Aunt Tao, I’ve heard little brother Xiao Dong got into the town’s middle school. If he needs anything in the future, you can tell him to look for me in my classroom at  anytime. If he doesn’t know where my classroom is, he can ask around, there will be students who will bring him to me.”

Aunt Tao had casually mentioned that Xiao Dong had gotten into the town’s middle school, and that she was worried about many things in the future. Anyone would instantly know the reason why she had come to them.

Since Ye Jian, that d*mn brat, kept making her life hard in the school, she’ll just have to think of a way to turn all of the villagers to her side. Ha, we’ll see if she has any dignity left to return to the village!

Lies and slander could kill. Since her plan of accusing Ye Jian of seducing a teacher had failed, then she just had to come up with something else. Grimness flashed under her eyelids as Ye Ying’s smile became even sweeter…, She would never believe that she would end up failing in a fight against an orphan!

If one year wasn’t enough, then it would take two years. If that was not enough, then three years! As long as the d*mned brat still returned to the village, she would still have a chance!

Aunt Tao heard her words and felt relieved, “Thank you so much, I say, Dongqing, your Ying Ying is so thoughtful!” No wonder everyone back in the village was saying that the Ye family was successful. They must be talking about this little lass called Ye Ying, now that I look at it, isn’t it so!

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Ye Zifan remained nearby and listened in for a bit. If it wasn’t for his title, he would have gone over without hesitation to teach the mother-daughter pair who knew nothing lesson .

He gripped the handles of the motorcycle tightly. Before he could leave, a car horn sounded behind him. A black sedan parked itself beside him, as he heard someone greeting him with a smile, “Deputy Mayor Ye, Deputy Mayor Ye.”

After the black sedan stopped, the person seated in the back walked towards him while laughing heartily, “Long time no see, Deputy Mayor Ye.”

“Isn’t it Secretary Wu? Ah, are you headed towards the school?” Ye Zifan hid his gloomy expression the moment he noticed the man heading towards him, welcoming him with laughter. He shook Secretary Wu’s hand and courteously asked, “Do you have any urgent matters to take care of in such hot weather?”

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Secretary Wu was the leader of the Education Bureau.

Aunt Tao heard the commotion and looked towards them, then she started saying in shock, “Old Ye is indeed a very busy person. As soon as you look at him, you can tell that he must be a high ranked official. Tsk tsk tsk, Dongqing, you sure are fortunate.”

Aren’t I someone with a lot of luck? Sun Dongqing smiled with arrogance. “I’ll have to go take a look; go ahead and do what you have to do. If you’re not heading back to the village by noon, then you can stop by my house for lunch.” As soon as she finished speaking, she pulled Ye Ying over and walked towards them.

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