Chapter 209: Revealing Your Ugly Side

Aunt Tao, who wanted to deepen her relationship with them, didn’t dare to keep them occupied. She watched the mother-daughter pair walking away, and then left after a small pause.

“Only now do I know that you are Ye Jian’s uncle, that must be…”

Sun Dongqing heard Ye Jian’s name and started acting like a cat whose tail had been stepped on, instantly angry beyond measure. “Ye Jian? Old Ye, what did that d*mned lass do this time? I’m telling you, whether she’s dead or alive, it has nothing to do with our family! D*mned lass, white-eyed wolf, if it weren’t for us taking care of her, she would have been a beggar begging for rice on the streets a long time ago!”

Her tone was fast and quick, she didn’t even pause for a breath, finishing her sentences as if she were setting off fireworks. Yet, she didn’t even notice that Ye Ying, who was standing beside her, was already sweating in anxiety.

“Ma, you… what are you talking about?” Ye Ying was afraid that she would spout some unpleasant nonsense and hurriedly pulled her back, mumbling to her, “Ma, Pa’s complexion has already changed, and you’re still talking! You didn’t even pay attention to who this esteemed person is. Once you open your mouth, nothing good comes out of it.

Ye Ying was an expert at observing social cues. However, she too liked to let others know more about Ye Jian’s disgraceful actions and mistakes.

But now,… who was this person, and what was he doing here? All of them did not know why he had arrived to look for Ye Jian.

Sun Dongqing became slightly upset. “What, what? How long has that d*mned lass not showed up? I’ve asked you, and you said that you don’t know. I’ve asked your dad, you dad won’t tell me! Who knows whether she has stirred up trouble outside! That d*mned lass, she just doesn’t…”

“Ma, can you stop talking?” Ye Ying’s face was drained of colour, Ye Zifan’s glare that had just swept across them was so stern that she couldn’t help but feel a bit chilly.

Secretary Wu had been cheerfully speaking. Listening to Sun Dongqing’s rant, and realizing that something was fishy, his face didn’t reveal anything. Instead, he just smiled and asked, “And this is…”

“Ai, please excuse us, this is my wife, she doesn’t know anything. The only thing she knows is how to make our meals. If the kids make a slight mistake, then she loves to rant about it everywhere.” In the company of others, he couldn’t just directly discipline Sun Dongqing. People who meddled in politics were the best at rounding corners. They didn’t explain anything, but still managed to make everything clear.

Secretary Wu regained his composure and still wanted to chat for a bit, but now he was no longer in the mood to do so. From the looks of it… it would be better for him to wait till Ye Jian was back before discussing it. He smiled, “I see, so this is Mrs. Ye, and this child must be the daughter of Deputy Mayor Ye.”

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“That is so. Come, Ying Ying, greet Secretary Wu.” Ye Zifan clearly spotted the change in his attitude. He had come just for Ye Jian, but he couldn’t take the initiative to mention it, so he would settle the scene before mentioning it later.

Ye Ying had always been a courteous and polite child during social interactions. But after Sun Dongqing’s previous mistake, Ye Ying was very formal in both her actions and language. “Nice to meet you, Uncle Wu. If my mother said anything to offend you, please don’t take it to heart. She has also been worried sick about my sister, that’s why she did not choose her words carefully. I hope you wouldn’t blame her for that.”

Ye Zifan, who was filled with anger, saw this, his anger was quenched a bit. His daughter was quite knowledgeable, but her foresight was still a bit too narrow; he would just have to slowly lecture her about that in the future.

“Family worries are normal, if that’s the case then I’ll excuse myself. Deputy Mayor Ye, we’ll chat next time when we have the chance to do so.” Secretary Wu spotted some foreshadowing clues, but to save Ye Zifan’s reputation, he naturally wouldn’t let his wife feel any embarrassment. Thus, he simply said a few courteous words and did not disgrace Ye Zifan.

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