Chapter 95: Where is Yang Le Le?

When the uneasy Yang Le Le heard the words Qing Zhu spoke, she leaped and stretched her hands tightly around Ning Meng Yao’s neck. “Yao Yao, did you hear that? I passed! I passed!”

Ning Meng Yao’s neck felt a bit uncomfortable being wrung, and she couldn’t help but frown. She reached for her neck and pulled down the hands that were around it. “Calm down, don’t get so excited. I almost got strangled to death by you.”

At once, the hands that were around Ning Meng Yao dropped. Yang Le Le contritely rubbed her nose and said very apologetically, “Yao Yao, I’m sorry, I was just too excited.”

“It’s ok. Qing Zhu, please make the arrangements for Le Le.” She naturally understood Yang Le Le’s feelings so she didn’t blame her.

“In a month, you’ll work for twenty days and have 10 days of rest.” Qing Zhu pondered over it for a while before responding.

This form of arrangement, Yang Le Le felt was just too good of a bargain.

“Qing Zhu, thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Starting from tomorrow, you’ll be staying here and twenty days later there’ll be someone who will send you back. However, there is something we must be clear on. Everything that you see and hear here must not be told to a single soul, not even your parents.” While saying these words, Qing Zhu came across not as Ning Meng Yao’s aide but as the manager.

Yang Le Le nodded her head in agreement without any hesitation, “No problem.”

“Ok then, I’ll find someone to take you to the embroidery room.” She said before leaving.  

“I’ll tell Yang Shu and her family that there will be a decent amount of earnings every twenty days. Don’t worry.”

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“I trust you.” She will follow them along. The reason why she wanted to be here was not only because Ning Meng Yao brought her out of her village, but more importantly, because she wanted to see what else was out there in the world.   

Even though she currently was still in the Embroidery House, when she came to this place she could tell that Ning Meng Yao wasn’t just any ordinary person and by following her, she’d be able to reach for the things she wants. So she wasn’t in any rush.

After organizing everything for Yang Le Le, Ning Meng Yao and Qing Zhu left the Embroidery House and returned back to White Mountain Village.

After seeing her daughter leave with them but not return with them, Madame Yang and family grew a little worried.

“Yao Er, Le Le she …”

“Aunt Yang, Le Le will only be gone 20 days of every month and for the remaining 10 days will return here.” Ning Meng Yao naturally knew the things that Madame Yang wanted to ask, so she directly answered her questions.  

Only spending twenty days of the month outside? This type of arrangement was easier to accept for the Yang family.

“Then we can put our minds to rest.” Although they won’t be able to see each other every day, this arrangement wasn’t bad. After all, if they were to haggle over the work situation too much, it would appear that they weren’t sensible people.  

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Yang Le Le’s matter passed just like this. It was not known from where Yang Xiu Er heard that Yang Le Le had been sent by Ning Meng Yao outside to learn embroidery from. But the news caused her face to twist up with jealousy.  

Ning Meng Yao … was really too great! She was so nice to Yang Le Le, yet she drove her away like some kind of beggar.

As she tightly clasped her hands together, Yang Xiu Er’s eyes filled with a vicious light.

Madame Luo became frightened and a little worried when she saw her daughter act this way and asked, “Xiu Er, what’s wrong with you?”  

“Mother, Ning Meng Yao that b*tch sent Yang Le Le outside.”  For all of Yang Xiu Er’s life, she had never been to any other place except the local town. Previously, would have cared less about this, because no one else from the village had gone out. But she was now bothered because Yang Le Le had left unexpectedly, what’s more, she heard that she went to a big city.  

Continuously filled with jealousy, she couldn’t calm herself. No matter what, she definitely was going to find out from Ning Meng Yao what was going on.

After that, Yang Xiu Er continuously went and try to block Ning Meng Yao. It was just now there were a lot of people at her house so it wouldn’t be possible to do it at her home. Most importantly, Qiao Tian Chang was building a house, right next door to hers. If she ended up doing anything, Qiao Tian Chang wouldn’t help her out.  

Finally, after Yang Le Le had been gone for half a month, she finally found a chance. It was when she passed by Yang Le Le’s family house on her way back home that she confronted that person at the foot of the mountain.

Seeing the person in front of her whom she hadn’t met for a while, Ning Meng Yao’s eyes filled with puzzlement and doubt, “Can I help you?”   


Yang Xiu Er suppressed the raging anger in her heart and looked at Ning Meng Yao and coldly demanded, “Where is Yang Le Le?”

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