Chapter 94: To pass a test

The amount earned was three hundred liang and not three liang, and it had only taken Ning Meng Yao half a month to embroider one screen. Just think how much profit could be made through this craft.

Her sister-in-law was also pretty amazing. Before the New Year, her six sets of pillow covers had been sold for around 50-60 liang. Before, they had never dared dream about getting that amount of money.  

50-60 liang was already enough to cover their living expenses for ten years.  

Madame Yang listened to what her son and daughter-in-law said and thought about it. She thought there was some merit to what they said. Suddenly she laughed embarrassedly, “I know you’re right, it’s just that Le Le has never left home before so I’m a little worried.”

“You’re just a worrywart.” Yang Zhu glanced at Madame Yang before getting up to leave.

Once Yang Le Le had gotten her family’s approval, she left with Qing Zhu and Ning Meng Yao.

The three secretly arrived in Luocheng, less than 300 miles from the capital city.

They came to the courtyard of an ordinary looking house. Surprisingly, it was a large embroidery yard with several embroidery ladies at work and the quality of their work was all excellent.

Yang Le Le stopped beside of the ladies embroidering and watched them closely without disturbing them. She realized that their needlepoint style was very familiar. She raised her head and glanced at Ning Meng Yao, and a thought flashed through her mind: it looks like they were all taught by Ning Meng Yao.   


Ning Meng Yao and her servant waited at a side as they watched Yang Le Le. After she returned to their side, the three of them left together.

Upon entering the study, Qing Zhu turned and looked seriously at Yang Le Le, “Although you are said to be friends with the Young Miss, there are still procedures that must be followed.”

“I understand.” Yang Le Le nodded her head. Since Yao Yao was willing to help her, how could she hold Yao Yao back?

Qing Zhu took out a piece of ordinary white cloth and gave it to her together with some silk threads. “These are for you. In three days’ time, I want you to create your own piece of embroidery and show it to me.”

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“Three days?” Yang Le Le was dumbfounded. She was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to complete it in three days.

“Any size is fine.” Qing Zhu said coldly.

Yang Le Le grit her teeth and replied, “Alright.”

Qing Zhu nodded her head in satisfaction and then took Yang Le Le to arrange a room for her. After the two of them left, Ning Meng Yao picked up the account book that was on the table. As she looked at it, her expression went from solemn to chilly.
Mixed within the middle of the account book was something else – it was a piece of information from the capital.

It turned out that before she left, Ling Luo hadn’t given up looking for her. However, less than two months after she left, Ling Luo married the princess Xiao Zi Fu from the Xiao Royal Family.

This news made Ning Meng Yao furrow her brow. She then walked over to the candlestick and put the piece of information into the fire. As she watched it slowly burn, her eyes were filled with a deep look of derision.

Even with a beautiful lady by your side, you still want to find me. Ling Luo, who do you think you are? What kind of person do you take me for?

During the three days, Ning Meng Yao took care of a lot of business affairs. Qing Zhu also brought up different issues regarding the Embroidery House.

In the blink of an eye, three days had come to an end. On the fourth day in the morning, Yang Le Le, with her face filled with fatigue, headed towards the study.

Ning Meng Yao took a look at her face and was a little worried. But looking again, she saw that though she was exhausted, her eyes were sparkling, and that relieved Ning Meng Yao’s heart quite a bit.

Yang Le Le handed over a piece of embroidered pillow case.
Qing Zhu took the piece and examined it carefully. It was of a scenery full of trees, flowers, and birds. Although it was an ordinary piece of embroidery, the colours and the positioning used were all  complimentary.

Yang Le Le had taken a simple item and completely took it to a new level. Not only that, her needlepoint workmanship wasn’t bad either.  

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Ning Meng Yao took the piece and examined it as well. A perfect job would be rated 100 points; this piece of embroidery could be rated around 70 points.

This was already the highest rating that these two had ever given to a new arrival.

Yang Le Le looked at the two of them with apprehension. “Yao Yao, is it no good?” Seeing the serious expression on the two faces, she really worried that her work wasn’t good enough.

Ning Meng Yao looked at Yang Le Le who was sweating nervously and did not toy with her. “It’s good. Although there are some parts that are a bit rudimentary, it’s still quite good overall.”

“For real? Does that mean I passed?” Yang Le Le looked at them with great eagerness,  like a dog making puppy eyes at its owner.

Ning Meng Yao and Qing Zhu glanced at each other, both had smiles in their eyes.

Finally, upon seeing that Yang Le Le was truly worried, Qing Zhu looked at her with a serious expression and answered, “You pass.”

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