Chapter 49: A Woman’s Vanity

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“I’m going up now. Be careful when you’re driving back.” Su Le was carrying many things in her hands as she spoke to Chen Yue, who was seated in a red sports car.

“I know. Remember to dress up properly tomorrow. I will also be attending and we will deal with anyone who runs their mouth off tomorrow!” Chen Yue furrowed her brows when she thought about some of their university classmates who enjoyed seeing others suffering. “Is great God Wei also attending tomorrow?”

Su Le nodded, “He said we will be going together.”

“Then everything will be alright. With great God present to guard, who would be stupid enough to make things difficult for you? I’m leaving now. Goodbye.” She stepped on the accelerator and left the area with ease.

Su Le sighed. It was clear that Wei Chu was still the God with a high status in Chen Yue’s mind. Maybe their difference in perspectives was because of the difference in distance between them. The more distant something was, the more beautiful it became.


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Women could be shallow, profound, indifferent, or even petty, but they only had 3 choices when an ex-boyfriend invited them to his engagement party, and the fiancee was someone else. The options were: ignore the invitation, keep a low profile when proceeding, or dress up beautifully when attending to show everyone else that she didn’t care.

With Su Le’s personality, she would have chosen the second option to dress modestly and keep a low profile. But when she discovered that Wei Chu was attending the party with her, she knew that keeping a low profile and blending in would be impossible, so she could only resign herself to shopping with Chen Yue. However, she was suspicious that Chen Yue was using the excuse that Su Le would need to dress up for the party just to go shopping.

After putting the pile of things down at her house, Su Le released a deep breath.

Two days ago, when Wei Chu took the initiative and told her during dinner that he would be accompanying her to Zhuang Wei’s engagement party, Su Le was clear that Wei Chu just wanted to prevent her from being embarrassed on the day, because Wei Chu, generally, did not have much interaction with Zhuang Wei in business or in private.

When she and Zhuang Wei were dating, there were quite a number of girls who said that she was like a sparrow that had become a phoenix. And when she split up with Zhuang Wei, she was aware that there were many who wanted to watch a live drama as well as her misfortune unfold. Now that Zhuang Wei was getting engaged with a rich girl, Su Le was unsure of how many people wanted to mock her. She could even predict what they would say to ridicule her. There were truly many of those people who took joy in other’s people suffering, and it was a common occurrence.

Su Le admitted that she was also a common person, so she knew that she had to fight to maintain her face and dignity. She also understood why Chen Yue kept reminding her that she should dress up well tomorrow. Although Chen Yue’s personality was fiery and bold, she was also very considerate towards Su Le, and her actions were proper. During her few years in university, no one dared to say any thoughtless remarks in front of Chen Yue.

There was a pile of tops, pants, and dresses on Su Le’s bed, and it had cost her quite a bit. Su Le felt some heartache for the money she had wasted. If she splurged money like this every month, she would be living on the streets within a few years. Her little bit of money couldn’t be compared to others with backers to rely on, those vanity thoughts should die!

When a man no longer loved a woman, one reason would always be that the woman was too vain, but the man also wished that their girlfriend would dress up beautifully so that they could maintain their reputation. It could be said men were contradictory creatures.

But it was natural for women to wish to be beautiful, and Su Le was no exception to this. Since she could dress up beautifully, why should she take the low-profile route for the engagement party? However, Su Le current thoughts had not reached this stage yet.

Su Le reached out and touched a cream-coloured dress. She shook her head. In this lifetime, she could only be a commoner without any deep thoughts or schemes.

In this world, there were no ugly women, only lazy women. Even a woman’s appearance that was 7/10 could become 10/10 with makeup. And so, the next day, Su Le took out her makeup bag and began the torture.


When Wei Chu arrived at the building, he started to make guesses about Su Le’s appearance for the party. With what he knew about Su Le, she would not attend Zhuang Wei’s engagement party dressed plainly. Instead, she would dress up for it. He liked this little bit of vanity Su Le had because her competitiveness was very cute.

As he thought, Su Le was dressed beautifully when she came down. The way she dressed was not over the top and would not overwhelm the main stars for today, but she looked extremely graceful. Wei Chu got out of the car to open the passenger door for Su Le, “You look lovely today.”

“You also look very handsome today,” Su Le smiled as she looked at Wei Chu. He was emitting the aura of a successful person. After getting into the car, she tidied up her curled hair. “Since it’s rare for me to dress up as a proper lady, of course I should dress up to look well-matched with the great God Wei that all our university classmates recognise you as.”

“It is my honour,” Wei Chu did not hide the surprise in his eyes. He liked seeing the different sides of Su Le.

Empress Su Le raised her chin slightly, “That is natural.” Sure enough, Su Le discovered that Wei Chu had many merits. She looked towards Wei Chu and she was sure that she could imagine a pair of dog ears on his head and the dog ears were twitching.

“Will there be many people attending the party today?” During the journey, Wei Chu noticed that Su Le did not seem unhappy, so he started a random conversation topic, “I heard that both the Song and Zhuang family have invited many of their business friends.”

“Aren’t you here with me? Remember to warn me if there is anything that doesn’t seem right.” Truthfully, Su Le was not very familiar with the business circle, but she had always been flexible and was able to adapt to the situation, so she probably wouldn’t make any major errors.

“Ok, then you must remember to stay by my side,” Wei Chu smiled warmly. “After we’re married, you won’t need to worry about not knowing those people, since people in the business circle will naturally have interactions with each other.”

Hadn’t they strayed too far away from the topic? Su Le blushed when she heard about marriage. For some reason, the image of Wei Chu cooking while wearing an apron from two days ago drifted in her mind. It would really cost her life.

“Marr … Who’s getting married?” Su Le harrumphed. “Aren’t you thinking too much?”

She was already stuttering? While gripping the steering wheel, Wei Chu smiled widely till his eyes became little crescents.

The engagement party was luxurious with a lush grassland, a banquet, a band, many guests, and all kinds of fine liquor. Many guests had already arrived. There was much noise from the chatting and music, which made the party very festive and lively.

When classmates were reunited, it was natural that they had many topics to discuss. A few classmates from the same city grouped up to discuss work, pay, and development opportunities, and naturally, each topic was better than the last. It was like they were competing rather than reminiscing with each other.

“Su Le has still not arrived,” He Li had paid attention to the area the minute she arrived. 30 minutes have passed and the engagement party is going to start soon, but it is unfortunate that Su Le hasn’t arrived yet, He Li thought maliciously. Maybe Su Le wouldn’t come.

“It’s not your business whether she comes or not,” Tang Qian Yu did not like the manner in which He Li spoke. They were all classmates; was there a need to throw stones at someone when they were down?

He Li glanced at Tang Qian Yu, “I was just saying. Anyway, wasn’t she being all grand 2 days ago?”

Another female classmate carried on the topic in a quiet voice, “We originally thought that she had managed to become a phoenix from a chicken, but in the end, the prince still ended up with the princess. She was nothing.”

Li Xuan Ran, who just passed by, frowned when she heard those words. At the reunion from a few months ago, she knew that certain girls enjoyed others being trapped in a calamity. Now, a few months later, those girls’ bad habits had not been fixed. In fact, they had gotten worse, “Zhuang Wei is not some kind of prince and Su Le is not some mountain chicken. Don’t display your jealousy so evidently; it’s so repulsive.”

“What, we’re jealous about her getting dumped by Zhuang Wei?” He Li saw that it was Li Xuan Ran, who always voiced her opinions bluntly, that spoke out. Previously at the reunion, Li Xuan Ran was not polite to Lin Qi, who was Zhuang Wei’s girlfriend at that time, so He Li restrained herself and did not speak anymore.

The other female who joined in became silent as well.

“Isn’t that Lin Qi? Why is she here?” Someone spoke and they dispersed the awkwardness instantly in the small group. They all simultaneously looked towards the table where the guests registered when they arrived.

It was really Lin Qi who had just arrived. She had kept a much lower profile as compared to how she was at the student reunion. Lin Qi wore a dark coloured dress and it seemed like she had lost a lot of weight. Everyone knew that she was originally the third party who ruined Su Le and Zhuang Wei’s relationship. Now, with her ending up like this, some people were sympathetic while some thought that it was karma’s work.

“I heard that she is currently working as a server at a holiday resort,” a female said with a hint of ridicule in her tone.

When Li Xuan Ran heard this, she did not respond. After what Lin Qi did, it was destined that she would not have a good ending. The Zhuang family would not be able to accept someone who acted like Lin Qi as their daughter-in-law, but it appeared that Lin Qi did not understand that.

Li Xuan Ran had also heard about what had happened at the business party from a few months ago. After that, she did not hear any more news about Lin Qi. She didn’t expect Lin Qi to end up like this, but it could be considered as a good lesson for Lin Qi.

A bright red sports car stopped at the parking area at the edge of the greenery. The people who all spoke badly about Su Le behind her back twitched their lips because they could all recognise that the car belonged to Chen Yue, who was more valiant than Li Xuan Ran.

Chen Yue was wearing a bold but casual suit as she stepped out of the car. After closing her car door, she walked towards the venue in her high heels. She confidently signed her name at the register and took a glance around the surroundings. She didn’t see Su Le or great God Wei’s figure.

Indeed, the great God would only show up at the most crucial point. Chen Yue touched her chin. It seemed like Su Le was taking the same path as God Wei. The path that was so-called keeping a low profile, which was actually really eye-catching.

She shot a glance at Zhuang Wei. In the distance, he was wearing a white suit and dressed up like Prince Charming. Chen Yue smiled coldly. She wasn’t sure how much regret this man had in his heart.

Not too far from her, a black car steadily drove closer to the venue. Some guests with sharp eyes recognised that this was Wei Chu’s favourite car. Wei Chu was JinChu’s owner and one of the most promising and youthful entrepreneurs.

“Isn’t that Senior Wei’s car?!” A classmate spoke loudly in a high pitched voice. This made everyone who also came from the same university glance at the black car that had just parked at the parking area.

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