Chapter 50: Rejoicing In Others Misfortune


Branded cars with handsome men, sleek cars with beautiful women… When these combinations appeared, it would always attract others’ attention. So, when Wei Chu’s car stopped, many people were already glancing in their direction.


“The legendary aura of a great God’s entrance.” When Chen Yue heard this from Li Xuan Ran as she walked by, Chen Yue laughed mysteriously. “Maybe you can see the aura of an empress entrance as well.”


“What do mean? Empress …” Li Xuan Ran suddenly widened her eyes. She couldn’t believe that after Wei Chu got off the car, he opened the car door on the opposite side. There was someone seated in the passenger seat! And it was a woman!


Everyone watched as a fair hand held onto Wei Chu’s hand. Then, a slender leg came out out the car and then the other followed. The woman’s pair of legs was very beautiful. All the men at the party had already started to make guesses about whether the woman was Wei Chu’s girlfriend.


“Su Le?!” Li Xuan Ran was shocked as she watched Su Le use Wei Chu’s hand as support to get off the car. As Su Le stood beside Wei Chu, her existence definitely wasn’t overshadowed by his. Instead, she was so dazzling that it made others praise them as the  perfect couple. Li Xuan Ran subconsciously glanced at Zhuang Wei. As she reeled in shock, he was also staring at Su Le and Wei Chu. His expression was not a very nice one either.


Touching her chin, she looked at the few people who had spoken badly of Su Le. As expected, their expressions were also very… interesting. Sure enough, life was like a play and a play was like life. This particular play was very exciting to watch.


Su Le’s skin was fair and white while her hair was in soft curls. She was wearing a long girdle dress that was of a vintage style. Su Le looked stunning. Also, Wei Chu easily coordinated his movements with Su Le’s. iI Su Le walked faster, he would take larger steps, and if she walked slower, he would follow her and walk slower. It was like he only paid attention to Su Le in the party, and everything else was not as important.


“Su Le, why did you arrive with God Wei?” He Li didn’t want to believe that Su Le was there, standing not too far away from her. She couldn’t believe that Su Le was part of an eye-catching pair. Many girls in the university liked Wei Chu but no one actually dared to confess their feelings to him. In their hearts, Wei Chu was like a God; he was someone who could be watched from afar but was unattainable.


Why did such an amazing person use such warm eyes to gaze at Su Le?




So, the great God could also be a normal man and have such a considerate side and coax his girlfriend?


A few people from the business circle also quietly discussed Su Le, who was beside Wei Chu. They didn’t recognise her, so they assumed that she wasn’t a daughter of a rich family. But Su Le’s temperament matched well with that of the eye-catching Wei Chu. She did not pale in comparison to him.


With Wei Chu’s current status, as well as the Wei family’s older generation’s background, it didn’t seem like Wei Chu would attend Zhuang Wei’s engagement party for any business reasons like making a profit. Unless… he had relations with the Song family? But they hadn’t  heard of any collaborations between the Song family and Wei Chu’s company.


People with sharp ears quickly found out the truth. So, it turned out that Wei Chu’s girlfriend was classmates with the young Zhuang Wei. It appeared that Wei Chu came specifically to accompany his girlfriend.


A few of the older people suddenly laughed once they understood. So, this usually capable and rational young man would also be submissive in front of his girlfriend.


Zhuang Wei’s fiancee, Song Wei, had never thought that Wei Chu would also attend their engagement party. After a moment of slight shock, her gaze fell onto the female next to Wei Chu, “She is your friend?”


Zhuang Wei forced a polite smile and moved his sight away from Su Le, “She is a classmate from university.”


Song Wei was secretly surprised. She never thought that Wei Chu would actually treat a woman so considerately. It was rather unexpected. She had assumed that someone like him wouldn’t believe in something minor like love.




“I feel like many women here want to kill me with their gazes,” Su Le pulled on Wei Chu’s arm. With a smile, she lowered her voice and said, “How many flowers do you want to attract?”


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“Jealous?” Wei Chu whispered into Su Le’s ear, “I can see that many men are also looking at you as well. I haven’t complained about it.”


“Don’t they just want to see what the great CEO Wei’s girlfriend looks like?” Su Le frowned and stealthily pinched Wei Chu’s arm, “As I have already mentioned before, I suffer a loss by dating you.”


Under the teachings of love, Wei Chu smiled elegantly, “Yep, I will definitely compensate you properly in the future.” It appeared that the teachings have gone up a level.


“Are those two trying to irritate us singles?” Chen Yue fussed over them as she watched Wei Chu and Su Le whisper to each other intimately from a short distance away. “It’s really going to blind my eyes.” But Su Le did dress up beautifully today, and it seemed that God Wei had also dressed up. Did he do it to match Su Le, or was it to state his position to Zhuang Wei?


Men that were serious about love were pleasing to look at, no matter where one looked.


With Wei Chu’s status, it was natural that it was Zhuang Wei and Song Wei who came up personally to greet him, rather than a staff employed for the occasion.


“Congratulations, I wish you two will be married soon and have a happy life together,” Wei Chu gracefully gave his well wishes, and his expression looked sincere.


“Congratulations,” Su Le nodded to the pair. Her sight fell onto Song Wei. Her appearance was not bad, and the gown she wore complemented her skin tone. When Su Le saw the happy smile on her face, Su Le knew that Song Wei did somewhat care for Zhuang Wei.


“Is Mr Wei not going to introduce me to this pretty lady?” Women always loved to notice other women. Song Wei carefully observed Su Le, the woman whom Wei Chu treated so considerately. Although Su Le was not stunningly beautiful, her appearance did make others take a second glance at her, and her temperament was likeable. But Song Wei noticed that Zhuang Wei seemed to know the other woman. She restrained the doubt in her heart and smiled appropriately for the occasion.


“She is my girlfriend, Su Le. And Su Le, this is the Song family’s daughter, Song Wei,” Wei Chu knew that while Miss Song looked weak and delicate, she actually had some tricks up her sleeve in business. “Miss Song is a successful woman in the business community.”


“No, CEO Wei is exaggerating,” Song Wei relaxed her guard against Su Le a little. After all, since Su Le was Wei Chu’s girlfriend, it was impossible that anything would happen, no matter what feelings Zhuang Wei used to have for her. Song Wei smiled, “Since CEO Wei is complimenting me so much, be careful when Miss Su ignores you later if she misunderstands.”


“Of course not, Wei Chu is just speaking the truth. Even if I want to be angry, I can’t find a reason to do so.” Su Le understood the reminder in Wei Chu’s words. Once Su Le listened to Song Wei speak, she thought it was expected for such a woman to have quite a number of tactics. If Song Wei knew about the past between Su Le and Zhuang Wei, no one knew what would go through Song Wei’s mind. Su Le did not want to find any trouble for herself.

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When Song Wei heard Su Le’s response, she started to smile happily and she personally took a few glasses of champagne from the waiter’s tray and handed them to Wei Chu and Su Le. “Since both CEO Wei and Miss Su have praised me so much, we will definitely need a toast. Tomorrow, I will definitely flaunt it to my friends that CEO Wei and Miss Su praised me. It would be such a waste to not let others know.”


Such a smart woman, Su Le admired secretly. That single sentence had greatly raised both Wei Chu and her position. Maybe truthfully, Song Wei didn’t actually know who she was. But in that sentence, Song Wei placed Su Le and Wei Chu as equals. No wonder Wei Chu would compliment Song Wei.


“I’m really thankful that you have come to mine and Wei Wei’s engagement party,” Zhuang Wei reluctantly drank some champagne to move his sight away from the intimate couple. “The party should start soon. Please excuse us.”


“Certainly,” Wei Chu smiled, “Le Le and I should also go and chat with a few old classmates.”


Song Wei glanced once at Zhuang Wei and once at Su Le before she nodded with a smile. Then, she turned and walked away while holding on to Zhuang Wei’s arm.


The so-called engagement party was just set up for two families who were impatient to work together, but they also did not trust each other. So, the engagement was to balance the relationship. As for how much real feelings existed between the couple, nobody knew. Couples who truly loved each other would not hold such an extravagant engagement party. Instead, they would hold it and have a luxurious marriage ceremony.


After exchanging the engagement rings, the future couple cut the cake together. They would give fake smiles to pretend that they were truly happy and blessed. Su Le stood below the stage while watching the pair on stage embrace each other. She felt rather odd, but she wasn’t upset at all.


The man who exchanged rings with another woman was actually her boyfriend a few months ago. She spent 2 years of her youth on this man and she did once consider marriage, having children, and growing old together. Unfortunately, fate was so strange. Just when you think happiness was not far, everything will change in the next minute.


The couple on the stage was currently kissing. The sound of people applauding was heard everywhere. Su Le held her hand out to starting clapping like the others. But she felt nothing inside.


Not love. Not hate.




It was the sound of glass shattering. Su Le looked towards the direction of the noise. There were quite a number of broken wine glasses at the feet of an attendant. Drops of champagne were trickling down Lin Qi dress. It could be seen with a glance that it was Lin Qi who crashed into the tray that the attendant was carrying.


At such a happy occasion, it was unlucky for things to be broken and the attendants had gone through professional training for this such that they would not commit such mistakes.


The elders of both the Song and Zhuang family did not have nice expressions on their faces. Since the person was a guest, it wouldn’t be good for them to say anything, so they could only get someone to clean it up and laugh dryly, “Blooming flowers on the ground, it’s good luck.”


Song Wei’s smile became unnatural. She walked closer to Lin Qi and smiled falsely, “Miss, you shouldn’t mind it too much. It just needs to be cleaned up.” When Lin Qi lifted her head up, Song Wei’s expression changed a little.


Song Wei had seen Lin Qi before. She was Zhuang Wei’s ex-girlfriend. Seeing Lin Qi in such a sorry state, Song Wei forced a smile, “So it’s Miss Lin. I’ll get someone to take you to get a change of clothes.”


“There’s no need,” Lin Qi patted her dress and looked at Zhuang Wei, who was already behind Song Wei. She clearly saw the annoyance in Zhuang Wei’s eyes and taunted, “Zhuang Wei, you are actually more pitiful than me.”


Song Wei frowned, “Miss Lin, if you are going to continue to utter nonsense, then I can only ask you to leave.”


“I don’t need you to ask. I’ll leave by myself. I just wanted to see how this nauseating man was going to act,” Lin Qi laughed coldly. At that moment, a waiter carrying drinks came by, so Lin Qi picked up a glass of orange juice and splashed it onto Zhuang Wei’s face. Zhuang Wei’s white suit instantly got stained with orange patches


“Why are you pretending to be a prince charming when you act so disgustingly?” Lin Qi looked at Song Wei again. “Miss Song, you have already used money to threaten me once,  so I’ll use this chance to tell you here in front of everyone that only you want this man called Zhuang Wei. I will be leaving tomorrow, so you don’t need to use your family’s influence to threaten me!”


Once Lin Qi finished speaking, she turned and looked at Su Le standing in the crowd, before leaving the venue without looking back.


Song Wei paled considerably. She never imagined that this woman would actually do something like this. She looked at the guests around her, and then at her dress that had also been stained by the orange juice. She stiffly squeezed out some words, “I’m sorry but please excuse us for a moment.”


Lin Qi actually has this side of her. Su Le, for some reason, actually felt some admiration for Lin Qi. Splashing Zhuang Wei with juice… she had also thought about it, but unfortunately, she never had the chance to do so. But she never thought that Lin Qi would fulfil her wish and as for Song Wei, why did she bother Lin Qi? That move was too foolish.


But Miss Song wouldn’t give her, the ex-ex-girlfriend, trouble, right?




“I suddenly find Lin Qi a bit more pleasing to look at,” Chen Yue said after watching the show from the edge. She sighed, “There isn’t any need to be polite when dealing with men who don’t want any reputation like Zhuang Wei.”


Li Xuan Ran nodded in agreement.


Both the Song and Zhuang family had lost a lot of their reputation. Luckily, all the guests present were clever people, so they quickly started chatting and laughing again like it had never happened. But their eyes were filled with extra excitement that had not been present before.


As expected, the majority of humans liked watching a play while rejoicing in others’ misfortune. Su Le shot a glance at the invited guests who were chatting. She was certain that all the large corporations would soon learn of what happened today. After all, good actions weren’t spread but bad things were passed around quickly. That was the truth.


“Actually, I think using red wine to splash someone would have a better effect,” Wei Chu said lightly by Su Le’s ear. “It would be more satisfying.”


“. . .” Su Le didn’t know how to respond.


Wei Chu, aren’t you God? You shouldn’t make it so obvious that you rejoice in others calamity!

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