Chapter 51: Love Or No Love

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When the ex-students from B University saw Wei Chu and Su Le walking closer to them, they instantly straightened their backs. Su Le had once again experienced Wei Chu’s charisma. It was unfortunate that all these people were tricked by the man’s appearance.

“Long time no see, Chen Yue,” Wei Chu took the initiative to greet her when he saw Chen Yue.

“Hello, Senior Wei,” A few months ago, he didn’t even know who she was. But now, he was the one who greeted her first. Was this considered as a benefit of being Su Le’s good friend? Chen Yue shot a glance at Su Le and tried to communicate to her with her eyes. He’s a good man, don’t let other women snatch him away.

Su Le looked up at the clouds above.

Chen Yue rolled her eyes. So useless!!

“Senior Wei.” Everyone started to greet Wei Chu and those who knew Su Le also greeted her and sent their regards.

“Hello everyone,” Wei Chu simply nodded his head. He only brought Su Le over to let the old schoolmates know that Su Le was his girlfriend and not someone whom Zhuang Wei had discarded.

Wei Chu can imagine what would be said even if he couldn’t hear them, and he was not willing to let Su Le suffer from them. He was more unwilling for these people to associate her with Zhuang Wei.

With Wei Chu present, who still dared to stick out? Su Le saw how everyone looked at Wei Chu like he was their idol, and immediately felt that all the time she had spent to dress up today was wasted. Even if she were dressed in rags, she would still have the spotlight as long as she had the title of ‘Wei Chu’s girlfriend’.

One of the most promising youth in business with a solid family background, a handsome appearance, he was recognized by the older businessmen and admired by the young entrepreneurs. There were hardly any others like him. His family even had the ability to keep their lineage pure.

Anyway, Su Le sighed as she shook her head at the others’ blind admiration. The so-called God Wei was still just an ordinary person.

Seeing the situation, He Li and her other classmate, who spoke badly of Su Le, did not have a friendly expression on their face. They quickly left, their tails between their legs.

Chen Yue sneered as she watched He Li. She wanted to see others become a joke, but in the end, she probably didn’t expect to become the joke instead.

“What’s wrong?” Su Le noticed that Chen Yue’s expression was not very friendly and whispered in her ear. “Does she owe you money? Or did she steal from you?”

“She said that she was waiting to see you become a joke previously.” Chen Yue complained in a low voice, dissatisfied. “She thought of you as the type of woman who relied on a man to live. Not to even mention Zhuang Wei, even if you didn’t have Wei Chu, you could still live better than her. I don’t even know what’s in her brain; she just doesn’t want others to live well.”

“I was wondering what you were angry about,” Su Le looked at a few young men who were currently chatting with Wei Chu. When she knew he did not notice them, Su Le carried on, “Back in university, our relationship was not great anyway. But no matter what, I will still pass my days according to my wishes. When faced with that type of people, there is no point arguing with them, we should just live better than she does.”

“Then you must be very relieved in seeing Zhuang Wei’s current state,” Chen Yue smiled brightly.

“What should I be relieved about?” Su Le did not understand.

“Because he’s not living well.”


Another person who rejoiced in others’ misfortune!

At this moment, Wei Chu came up to them and held Su Le’s hand, “There are a few of my friends from business projects other there. You can stay and chat more with your friends.”

Su Le knew that Wei Chu was using this excuse to give her more time to socialize with Chen Yue alone, so she nodded, “Go. Go.”

Chen Yue rolled her eyes. This girl was really heartless.


Song Wei had never thought that she would shame herself on such an important day because of a woman who was never in her sights. After changing her clothes, she walked up to Zhuang Wei, who was standing by the door, “Why did you invite her?”

“I didn’t invite her,” Zhuang Wei’s expression was also not very friendly. After all, who would still be in a good mood after getting splashed by a drink in front of all their guests?

Song Wei glanced at him before walking out of the changing rooms without waiting for him.

Zhuang Wei stood expressionless in one spot. He did not catch up with Song Wei.

“How come Su Le and Senior Wei are together? I really don’t know what Senior Wei likes about someone like Su Le.”

“What else apart from the fact that she has good tactics. Back in university, wasn’t Zhuang Wei also vigorous when he pursued Su Le? At that time, wasn’t it often rumored that Zhuang Wei really loved Su Le but, in the end, didn’t he still cheat? So even if Senior Wei is currently with Su Le, it doesn’t mean they will last in the future.”

“But Zhuang Wei and Su Le’s relationship back then was really like a drama, a rich and infatuated male lead, and an ordinary female lead. Unfortunately, reality and fairytales are different. Su Le did lose quite badly to Lin Qi.”

“Only Zhuang Wei knew whether or not he had any real feelings. At least, now, he is engaged to someone else and Su Le is dating someone better.”

Song Wei stood behind a corner as she listened to the 2 of Zhuang Wei’s classmates’ chat. She didn’t think that Wei Chu’s girlfriend had had a relationship with Zhuang Wei in the past before. And according to the conversation, their past seemed rather eventful.

The way Zhuang Wei looked at Su Le was truly different from how he looked at that woman called Lin Qi. Although he did look regretful towards Lin Qi, his gaze held an extra complexity as well as regret when he looked at Su Le. Song Wei suddenly understood. The regret towards Lin Qi was that he regretted getting together with Lin Qi in the first place. As for Su Le, he regretted how he had originally betrayed her.

So it turned out that her fiance had a different woman in his heart. She looked back at the hallway behind her and saw that Zhuang Wei was still standing, dazed, at a distance.

“What’s your relationship with Su Le like?” Song Wei stared at Zhuang Wei. She wanted an answer from him.

Zhuang Wei stared back at her. He replied after a moment of silence, “We are now only old classmates.”

“Is it her that thinks of you as a classmate, or is it you who thinks of her as a classmate?” Song Wei breathed in deeply. “Listen up, Zhuang Wei, I don’t care how many relationships you’ve had in the past with numerous women but I do need you, from this moment, to stop thinking about other women.”

Zhuang Wei replied indifferently, “We’re already engaged.”

Song Wei listened to his indifferent tone and got slightly annoyed, but she restrained it in the end and replied, “There are still guests outside. We should go out.” After all, some matters could be slowly dealt with in the future.

Zhuang Wei gazed at her but did not give her a reply. He only left and went to chat with the guests, leaving Song Wei standing in her original spot . . .


“It’s such an honor for Senior Wei to personally get me drinks,” Chen Yue basked in Su Le’s light and received a glass of orange juice from Wei Chu. The other glass naturally went to Su Le.

“There’s no need to be courteous. Le Le’s friends are also my friends,” Wei Chu openly befriended Su Le’s good friend. Su Le rolled her eyes.

“So Miss Su likes drinking orange juice,” Song Wei smiled as she walked closer. She greeted everyone that was around Su Le and said some courteous words. During the chat, she saw Wei Chu help Su Le put an empty glass to the side, then he took out a white handkerchief to wipe Su Le’s hands.

Su Le acted very naturally towards Wei Chu’s actions. There seemed to be an unexplainable understanding between them.

Song Wei understood the situation even more. To Zhuang Wei, Su Le may still be the person he liked, but to Su Le, Zhuang Wei was only someone who had betrayed her and now, he was just a classmate whom she had no feelings for.

Once she got her answer, Song Wei left the small group. While Su Le was somewhat doubtful, she thought that Song Wei’s gaze did not have any good intention when she stared at her before. Maybe she was wrong?

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