Chapter 52


At Chen Yue’s home, Su Le sat on a sofa as she ate an apple. She absentmindedly held the remote control.

“God Wei really treats you well. The way he acted when he attended Zhuang Wei’s engagement party with you was so eye-catching.” Chen Yue sat next to Su Le. She had a black mask that was smeared on her face untidily. Su Le avoided her and shifted away.

“What kind of look is that?” Chen Yue rolled her eyes when she saw Su Le’s expression, “I’m talking to you. Are you listening?”

“I’m listening, I’m listening, God Wei and my entrance was very eye-catching. Anything else?” Su Le nodded. She stopped changing channels and carried on chewing the apple loudly.

“Are you really stupid or just pretending to be stupid?” Chen Yue poked Su Le’s forehead, exasperated, “He has already done all this, can you not be so heartless?”

Su Le fell back against the sofa after getting poked, “Who said I’m heartless?” She paused for a second. It was like she had just remembered something unpleasant, but it was only for a short while as she soon returned back to normal.

Chen Yue did not notice that something was not right in that moment of silence. Instead, she carried on uttering to Su Le about how good men were difficult to find, and it was even harder to find one that was also rich and considerate.

During Chen Yue’s long speech, Su Le’s phone, that was on the coffee table, started to ring. Chen Yue consciously became quiet and she stood up to leave the room.

“Wei Chu, what’s the matter?”

That was the last thing Chen Yue heard before she shut the door. Chen Yue smiled. Not all men were like Zhuang Wei; Su Le should give love another chance.


Half an hour later, Chen Yue came back to the room and saw Su Le hugging a cushion while watching TV. She couldn’t help but tease her. “It has only been half a day, is God Wei already missing you?”

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Su Le beamed but she did feel rather nervous when she remembered what Wei Chu had said about taking her to see his parents this week.

“Since you’re smiling so much, did something good happen?” Chen Yue asked.

“He told me that I should go visit his family with him this weekend,” Su Le twisted the cushion in her hands. “I feel strange.”

“You’ll soon reach the stage of the wife meeting with the in-laws.” Chen Yue was moved. No wonder he was God Wei; he did things so quickly.

Su Le rolled her eyes. Then, she went to the kitchen and scooped a bowl of soup that she had already simmered for some time, “Come, my young mistress, I simmered some duck soup for you.”

“Thank you, my love,” Chen Yue used a cloth to lift up the lid. A lovely fragrance overwhelmed her senses. She scooped some out to try. The soup tasted wonderful.

“Remember to rest when you’re working,” Su Le released a breath when she saw that Chen Yue was drinking the soup happily. She glanced at the time, “I should leave now. I still have work tomorrow.”

“Okay. I’ll give you a lift back home,” Chen Yue agreed and put down the ladle to get her car keys.

“There’s no need. You have just recovered from your illness, I shouldn’t bother you,” Su Le stopped her. “Wei Chu also happens to be nearby discussing business. I’ll get him to pick me up on the way.”

With God Wei’s attentiveness, even if they were in opposite directions, he would still say that it  was on the way. Chen Yue did not speak anymore and watched Su Le leave. With a bang, the door was closed shut. She walked to the windows and pulled the curtains apart. In less than 2 minutes, she saw Su Le walking out the building, and a black Mercedes Benz stopped in front of her.

The man in the car got out and opened the car door for Su Le before getting back on. Soon, the car drove out of the small neighborhood.

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As the car drove further and further away, Chen Yue smiled. Then, she went back to the sofa to sit down and carried on drinking the bowl of duck soup.


In the car, Su Le looked at Wei Chu restlessly, “Are we really going to see Auntie and Uncle this weekend?”

The car stopped at a red light. Wei Chu smiled at her with great care when he saw her restlessness, “If you don’t mind, we can go today.”

Su Le coughed dryly and moved her sight away from Wei Chu, “It’s the green light now, you should just keep driving your car!”

Wei Chu made a face at Su Le and restrained his laughter from her previous response.

“You don’t need to worry. My parents are easy to get along with. They have both seen you before and they like you a lot,” Wei Chu consoled her gently. “I recently called them and they often ask about you. They also told me to quickly bring back their daughter-in-law to see them.”

“Who’s your wife?!” Su Le felt her cheeks heat up and turned her head away to one side. Her heart began beating a little faster. What wife . . .

That night, a sharp-toothed potato suddenly popped out and called out “Wifey” in Su Le’s dream. She was scared awake. Then, she pulled the quilt over her head. It was all Wei Chu’s fault. That scoundrel, why did he suddenly talk about wives? She was woken up by her dream in the middle of the night. It was so scary.


The next morning, she had dark circles under her eyes, though it was not very noticeable. Su Le sighed as she stared at the mirror. When she left her home, she got onto Wei Chu’s car since he gave her a lift to work. By now, many of her colleagues knew about her relationship with Wei Chu. All of the male colleagues who used to actively help her carry her things became aloof, while her relationship with the female colleagues did not change much apart from the occasional looks of envy.

Su Le did not have the mood to think about what each person thought of her, so she worked like how she normally did and treated her colleagues the same way. In the afternoon, she got stopped by Jiang Ting after Su Le delivered a document to her.

“Su Le, one of our company’s clients said that they wanted to see you,” Jiang Ting appeared rather busy. She was collecting documents while typing non-stop on her computer.

A client? Su Le was surprised. She was just a manager’s assistant; her job scope did not include that.

Jiang Ting saw the puzzled look on Su Le’s face and explained, “She is the young owner of a food company; she’s called Song Wei. Do you know her?”

Su Le was even more puzzled. She had only said a few sentences to her during the engagement party, so they weren’t close enough to meet up and chat alone. “Why does she want to see me?”

“If you’re not willing, then don’t go.” Jiang Ting saw that there was something strange about Su Le’s expression and carried on, “I didn’t give her a direct reply. I just told her that I’ll pass the message to you. This is her business card.”

“Thank you,” Su Le was sincerely grateful for Jiang Ting’s consideration. If this had happened with another boss, then Su Le wouldn’t even have the chance to choose. Instead, she would be ordered to see the person directly.

“Alright, you can handle this matter yourself.” Jiang Ting nodded and didn’t say anything else.

Su Le left the general manager’s office, puzzled, with a business card in her hands that had a faint scent of perfume. When she returned to her own office, Su Le frowned as she looked at the business card. What did Song Wei want?

If it was in the past, she wouldn’t have thought about it too much since she didn’t have anything that would cause others to scheme against her. But now, she had the title of JinChu CEO’s girlfriend, so even if the other party was not scheming against her, it didn’t mean that they were not scheming against Wei Chu. Besides, this was someone that even Wei Chu had praised, but his hidden meaning was that Song Wei was not a simple woman.

Su Le didn’t remember offending the woman during the engagement party, and if she wanted to collaborate with JinChu, then she shouldn’t be looking for her. If it was about friendship, that was further out of the question as they had nothing to talk about.

Unless Song Wei was so idle that she was simply bored?

After she thought it through, Su Le still couldn’t come up with any answers, so she put the business card to one side and carried on working. As for someone who was not important to her like Song Wei, she was quickly pushed to the back of Su Le’s mind.

But who knew that just as Su Le was about to end her work day, she received a phone call from Miss Song.

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