Chapter 97: Yang Le le Is Sold Off By Her

Yang Xiu Er was furious until she laughed. As she stared at Ning Meng Yao, she said with a voice laden with ruthlessness: “I will let you know the outcome of rejecting me.” Finished, she turned and left.


Since Ning Meng Yao had not look favorably on her, then why should she continue staying? Was that not seeking for one’s humiliation?


Seeing Yang Xiu Er’s leaving back, Ning Meng Yao also turned to leave. Toward people who thought the world revolved around them, she could not bring herself to like.


Once she arrived at the entrance of the house, Ning Meng Yao saw Qiao Tian Chang standing there waiting for her. Her heart which was disrupted by Yang Xiu Er became better instantly.


“How is it?”


“You can rest assured about it. I have dug up the grape seedlings back with the help of others, only waiting for you to give instructions on planting them.”At the time Ning Meng Yao told him to plant grapes, he had invited people to the mountain and planted grape seeds in all the possible places he knew. He hired people to go with him, fifty wen a day.


It was not the time for harvest, so people who knew a bit of martial arts were willing to go with him, since if they miss this opportunity, the village won’t have any store.

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In the span of five days, Ning Meng Yao’s courtyard laid stacks of grape seedlings. After that, she found people to help her dig holes in the dry land to plant the seeds in. At the same time, she also planted other kinds of trees such as peach, apricot, eucalyptus, and others.


Even after five to six days, not all of these trees were successfully planted.


Though at this time, the villagers suddenly pointed their fingers at Ning Meng Yao.


“Yao’Er, I also don’t know who spread the rumor of you selling Le Le off outside, never to come back.” When Madam Yang came to Ning Meng Yao’s place, her face was white and angered. How could there be such a shameless person?

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She had even received her daughter’s letter before. In the letter, it was written that she was well and would come back at the end of the month. Who knew that things would be rumored like this? If she knew who spread such rumor, she would shred those broken mouths of those gossipers.


“Aunt Yang, I’m not even angry, why should you be angry?” Ning Meng Yao stared at Madam Yang and smiled.


Madam Yang saw that she could smile even at times like this and did not know whether to laugh or cry: “Things are already like this, how can you still smile?”


“If I’m not smiling, then should I be crying? The truth will reveal itself. Le Le would come back in around two more days. When the time comes, those people would naturally shut up.” Ning Meng Yao spoke to Madam Yang while she did something else.


Madam Yang thought it over and it was indeed true, so she nodded and did not say anything else.


The villagers saw that once the village head and his family heard these words, although they were angry, they did not find trouble for Ning Meng Yao, which felt weird. No little amount of people doubt the rumors circulating.


Just like this, the atmosphere in the village became weird, up until two days later.


A well-built carriage arrived in the village. The women chattering in front of the gates looked at it in curiosity, especially seeing that the carriage stopped in front of the house of the village head.


Right after, they saw a maiden coming down from the carriage. Who could it be if not Yang Le Le?


After coming down from the carriage, she also brought down not little things. There were big one and small ones, fishes and meats, clothes, and many other things.


Seeing these things, the discussion in the village became even fiercer. They thought that Yang Le Le was sold to a rich family as a concubine by Ning Meng Yao. If not, how could she bring back so many things? You must know that those things were worth at least seven to eight silvers.


“Le Le, ah. Where did you go these past few days? I heard that you were sold to a rich family.” There was someone who could not reign it in anymore and asked in front of the gate of Yang Zhu’s house.


Yang Le Le swept her gaze to the person speaking and faintly spoke: “Auntie, I’m not happy to hear these words. What do you mean by saying that I was sold to a rich family? I just went to the embroidering pavilion to become an official embroider, how come it changed to being sold to a rich family?”


In just twenty short days, Yang Le Le changed, as if they were not at the same level of people.


The person who came to ask heard Yang Le Le’s answer and awkwardly walked away.


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