Chapter 53: To Sow Discord

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When Su Le received Song Wei’s call, she was sorting out some documents. She felt somewhat surprised when she heard an unfamiliar voice.

She didn’t think Song Wei would be such a stubborn person, or should she say a bit difficult? Song Wei was different from what she thought.

“Miss Song,” Su Le forced out a smile when she saw Song Wei. She declined softly when a waiter came up to ask what she wanted. Instead, Su Le asked Song Wei, “May I ask why Miss Song wants to meet up with me?” Since she was going to meet Wei Chu’s parents this weekend, she was trying to complete all her work for this week in advance. And as for these shops where even one cup of coffee cost her a few days of her living expenses, it was better for her if she visited these shops less often.

“Miss Su is very busy?” Song Wei slowly stirred the cup of coffee before taking a light sip. Her actions were very graceful and nice to look at, and others could tell with a glance that she had a good family background.

“It’s alright,” Su Le watched Song Wei’s movements; she was good enough to appear on a magazine. In her mind, she was dissatisfied with herself as she thought about how she usually ate so ungracefully.

“I believe Miss Su has been really busy of late since you need to work and write novels,” Song Wei laughed lightly, “Zhuang Wei might not know, but his ex-girlfriend is a talented woman.”

Su Le coughed. As she thought, the trouble stemmed from Zhuang Wei. “Miss Song may have gotten it wrong. Lin Qi is his ex-girlfriend, not me.”

“Whether or not I have gotten it wrong, we are both clear about it. To Zhuang Wei, Lin Qi was just a toy,” Song Wei smiled magnanimously, “Rich men… which one of them doesn’t have some sort of past?”

Su Le understood Song Wei’s actions. Song Wei was not worried about whether Su Le and Zhuang Wei would get together again; instead, she was just felt slightly discontented. Every woman would get curious about their boyfriend’s ex, it was just that some people squashed their curiosity while others would ponder over it. Song Wei was originally curious whether that was the reason why she had met up with Su Le, but her words also carried a hint of being the one with power. She hinted that Su Le was hiding the fact she was writing novels and tried to deceive Zhuang Wei. Su Le felt rueful. Rich people sure were great. It was so easy for them to investigate something if they wanted to. It really could make one cry.

Women naturally understood other women, so Su Le soon figured out that the person sitting opposite her didn’t really like her. Neither did she thought highly about her. Su Le didn’t understand why the rich people liked to use tactics to mess around. She had also heard some rumors about how some rich people played with or even kept celebrities as sugar babies. Su Le was clear about the level of her appearance and she was not good-looking enough to reach the stage of being kept as a toy. No matter how wrong Lin Qi was, at least she had sincere feelings for Zhuang Wei. If someone asked Su Le who had made her feel more disgusted when Lin Qi broke off her relationship with Zhuang Wei, she would pick Zhuang Wei without hesitation.

In any ruined relationships, the 3rd party was usually in the wrong, but the man who had had stray thoughts and didn’t control themselves was worse. Since Song Wei said something so unpleasant, Su Le was slightly unhappy, “People who like playing with others will get played by someone else in the future. No one is an exception.”

Song Wei didn’t expect Su Le to respond that way. Her hand that was holding the cup froze. Song Wei immediately laughed scornfully, “Miss Su’s words are really interesting but I can only see that Lin Qi was being played. A poor woman who relied on her barely passable face to climb up the ranks and marry into wealth… Aren’t they the best type of people to be played with?”

Su Le furrowed her eyebrows. Song Wei was clearly talking about Lin Qi, but was she indirectly talking about her as well?

She raised her brows and reminded her, “If one mocks someone else, then they may get mocked by someone as well. It’s best to not to go too far.”

Song Wei paled from these words. She thought that Su Le was mocking her, so her next words became sharper, “This Saturday is elder Wei’s 80th birthday, I heard that many are going to celebrate. I wonder if Miss Su has been invited?”

Su Le’s expression changed slightly. Elder Wei’s 80th birthday? Wei Chu didn’t mention it. Thinking about the people who would possibly show up at the Wei’s home on that day, Su Le immediately wished that she could go back in time to the day she had agreed to visit Wei Chu’s parents. No matter what, Su Le had to go. She didn’t expect that scoundrel to have other intentions when he asked.

When Song Wei saw the change in Su Le’s expression, she picked up her cup, in a better mood now, “Could it be that CEO Wei never told you? Maybe he was just too busy and forgot to mention it to you?”

“Many thanks for Miss Song’s reminder. I just thought that Wei Chu was just inviting me to see Auntie and Uncle. So there was another reason behind it. If you didn’t remind me, I would have embarrassed myself and gone empty-handed,” Su Le smiled sincerely. It was as if she didn’t understand the hidden meaning in Song Wei’s words.

It was obvious that Song Wei didn’t expect Su Le to reply that way. After she blinked a few times and returned to her senses, Song Wei’s internal alarm started going off. This woman was not simple to defeat. Su Le was much harder to deal with than Lin Qi and she wasn’t someone that was quick to anger either.

As expected of the proper ex-girlfriend of Zhuang Wei. Song Wei smiled coldly. She did like Zhuang Wei, but it was because she felt that he was appropriate. She had also liked Wei Chu before, but he was too conceited. Also, the woman next to him would become overshadowed. During their collaboration in the past, Song Wei had hinted to him many times but the other party never gave her any reaction in return. He treated her like she was just a normal collaboration partner, so she chose Zhuang Wei instead. She had not chosen him just for his appearance. The other reason was that Zhuang Wei hadn’t entered the society for a long time, so she was confident that she would be able to control him.

The Zhuang family wanted to use the Song family, but there was nothing that came for free in this world. Everything had a price.

“Miss Su wouldn’t embarrass herself.” Song Wei smiled stiffly, “If Miss Su was someone who easily made a fool herself, CEO Wei wouldn’t be so infatuated with you. You may not know of this but they are many young ladies from good families who have a crush on Wei Chu. All of them are fighting to be CEO Wei’s girlfriend. But in the end, CEO Wei’s heart only moved for you. I have no idea how many people are jealous of you.”

Was she trying to sow discord? Su Le noticed that the other party had no intention of stopping herself and glanced at her watch. It was getting late. Normally, she wouldn’t mind listening for longer but she had been rather busy in the past few days.

“Mrs Wei is not an easy title to uphold. I don’t know if Miss Su has to confidence to sit firmly in that position,” Song Wei appeared to smile considerately and asked, “After all, being the wife of a CEO is not easy.”

“Many thanks for Miss Song’s concern, but what I’m worried about is whether or not I can be a good husband for Xiao Le.” Song Wei turned her head. Wei Chu was standing right behind her with only a step between them. Because Song Wei’s back was facing the shop’s door, she didn’t even realize that Wei Chu had entered. For a moment, her smile became awry, “When did CEO Wei arrive?”

“Not too long ago,” Wei Chu went to Su Le’s side. He was relieved when he saw that she didn’t seem upset and continued, “I didn’t interrupt, did I?”

“Of course not,” Song Wei laughed dryly, “It’s just a little chat. There’s nothing to be interrupted.” Since she didn’t know how much Wei Chi had heard, Song Wei’s attitude was very courteous, “Please take a seat. Would you like to drink anything?”

“No, thank you. I just came to pick Xiao Le up. If Miss Song doesn’t have anything else to discuss, then Xiao Le and I will take our leave first. Recently, Xiao Le is very busy, I’m worried that it won’t be good for her health if she carries on staying up late.” Wei Chu pulled Su Le up. While his speech was still polite, his actions had already indicated that he was leaving.

“Take care,” Song Wei sent them off with a smile but she knew inside that Wei Chu was angry. Even though Wei Chu had always kept a distance with women, he had always maintained a polite tone. But this time, his tone when speaking to her was not very good.

She took a glance at the pair who was already leaving the shop. Song Wei wrinkled her brows. What she had done today was indeed too rash.

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