Chapter 754 – Apologize?

She turned around to walk away, she did not want to continue watching Bai Li Zi Xi putting up an act.

However, things did not go the way she wanted as she was called out by Bai Li Zi Xi, “Isn’t that Lady Huan? What a coincidence, you are here as well?”

Tuoba Yu’er did not saw Huan Qing Yan earlier on as she was at the back of the group, but now, she was throwing a murderous glare and viciously said, “Huan Qing Yan! You ruthless and heartless bitch. You are the one who caused me to become like this and also caused the death of Shang Qiu Yan. Are you satisfied now?”

Huan Qing Yan shrugged, her pair of phoenix eyes shined, “Your ability of venomous slandering is not bad. As for who is the one that harmed the other, I have the Projection Stone as proof, do you want me to show it to everyone to see?”

When the words left her mouth, Tuoba Yu’er’s fire was noticeably reduced.

Even Bai Li Zi Xi also frowned, unnoticeable.

Everyone started to gather to watch the show.

Bai Li Zi Xi continued, “Lady Huan, no matter what is the enmity between the both of you, it does not amount to death. Now that Shang Qiu Yan has died from the bee stings and Tuoba Yu’er is blinded in one eye, you are somewhat responsible. How about this, since a person has died, there is no way she can come back to life. Yu’er is still alive, apologize to her and clear this enmity.”

Huan Qing Yan did not want to be bothered with her, “You are just making trouble without reason, what has it got to do with me when a person died and the other got blind? I do not have a reason to apologize, thank you! Don’t block me from harvesting pearls.”

Before the Saintess could speak, a youth in his twenties that was handsome looking, yet possessing an evil tinge between his brows spoke out.

This was a Xuan Chu Empire prince who possessed a relative high cultivation talent, called Chu Yuan. He was a disciple of the Holy Academy and was of the same batch as the Saintess. He had always felt adoration towards the Saintess and was a loyal member of the Saintess group.

He stepped out, “Audacious! Is that the attitude you can use when speaking with the Saintess?”

Before Huan Qing Yan could speak, Dorna spoke first, “Audacious! Is that the attitude you use when speaking to my team captain?”

Huan Qing Yan spurt out a laugh.

Yes, a small two-man team. She is the captain and he is the team member?

“Shorty! What are you talking about?”

Dorna summoned his Spirit Treasure, adopting a stance of ‘if we cannot conform then let’s fight’.

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Everyone looked at Dorna in surprise, “This dwarf might be small, but his guts sure aren’t!”

“I have never seen such a short person, is he a special race?”

“I don’t know, but he looks cute…”

Bai Li Zi Xi needs to uphold her Saintess image in front of these many people, it was not convenient for her to turn hostile. If it were a secular place like the Honey Bee Nest Cave, she would have likely turned hostile now.

“Lady Huan, when will you be willing to apologize to Lady Yu’er? Lady Yu’er’s body has received heavy injuries while her heart has turned extremely fragile, you need to apologize to console her.”

Huan Qing Yan looked at Bai Li Zi Xi from top to bottom, her cultivation was high, so her fortunate finds were likely not small.

“Little Bowl. Can you find any good items on that person which we can use?”

Very quickly, notifications came from the ancient bowl.

“Ding. Discover target’s body possessed the Gu Gu Grass, Spirit Plant that has yet to be planted…”

“Ding. Discover target’s body possessed the Mystic Gem Flower, Spirit Plant that has yet to be planted…”

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“Ding. Discover target’s body possessed the Storm Purple Bamboo, Rare Spirit Plant…”


Huan Qing Yan broke into a cold sweat, the ancient bowl was truly immodest; it stripped down the person to the very bottom and revealed everything she was holding.

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