Chapter 100: Unconvinced

Ning Meng Yao was a little stunned at first and then nodded her head as she looked at Yang Le Le,  “Yes, a few days ago she did approach me to send her outside as well, but I didn’t agree to it.”


When Yang Le Le heard that it really was all because of that, her expression darkened, “Are you planning to let Yang Xiu Er off like this?”


“For now, yes, I have a lot of things to take care of, so I don’t have time to deal with her right now.” Ning Meng Yao frowned and said.


So long as Yang Xiu Er didn’t come to make trouble for her again, she would do the same for Yang Xiu Er. Only, apparently that girl didn’t think that way.


“You’ll have to be a little more careful. Yang Xiu Er isn’t the same anymore.” Yang Le Le thought about it for a while before coming to this conclusion.


“En, I got it.” Ning Meng Yao naturally knew that Yang Xiu Er had changed. No, not changed, but her heart had become greedier. She was deluded into thinking she could get things that didn’t belong to her, just as before.


When Ning Meng Yao first arrived, the things Yang Xiu Er did weren’t too extreme, so she didn’t bother herself about it. But as a result, Yang Xiu Er and her mother had become bolder now.


“As long as you know, that’s fine. What do you want to do? Do you need my help?” Yang Le Le didn’t keep on asking as she watched Ning Meng Yao mumble to herself as she continued to write things down.


Ning Meng Yao’s hand paused for a moment and she looked up, “Do you know how to calculate finances?”


“This type of thing I can’t don’t know how to, but I can definitely learn. I want to help you.” From the time Ning Meng Yao saved her brother’s life, she vowed that no matter what Ning Meng Yao needed, she definitely would help her – even if it cost her life to do so.


“Alright, when you go back, I’ll have someone teach you how to do so.” Ning Meng Yao directly said after thinking it over.




Ten days went by quickly and it was time for Yang Le Le to leave. On the day she was set to leave, Madame Yang was reluctant to see her go, “Make sure to take good care of yourself.”


“Mom, rest assured, I will. Mom, Dad, whatever you guys want to eat, just go ahead and buy it. There’s no need to be thrifty, ok? Brother, take good care of mom and dad.” Yang Le Le was also reluctant to leave, however, she’d be able to come back again soon so it wasn’t unbearable.


“Don’t worry, I’ll be here with mom and dad. You don’t have to worry.”


Yang Le Le nodded her head and got into the carriage. The carriage was about to leave, but at this time a person suddenly burst forth. Before the crowd could react, she climbed into the carriage and held on for dear life saying that no matter what she wouldn’t get off.


Seeing the way that Yang Xiu Er was acting, Yang Le Le laughed mockingly at her. This was exactly like Yao Yao had said – Yang Xiu Er would for sure try to follow her.


“What do you think you’re doing, Yang Xiu Er?” Yang Le Le said angrily.


“What am I doing? Why is it that that b*tch is so good to you yet treats me like this? I want to go with you.” Yang Xiu Er said ruthlessly.


No matter what she definitely had to leave together with Yang Le Le. She had to see where Ning Meng Yao had arranged for Yang Le Le so that she could figure out how Yang Le Le was able to change in such a short period of time.


Yang Le Le laughed at Yang Xiu Er, who looked like a scoundrel, “I must say, Yang Xiu Er, are you some kind of thug? You said that Yao Yao is a b*tch and that she treated you wrongly. I want to ask, how exactly did Yao Yao treat you? You on the other hand, with your insatiable greed, are always causing trouble for Yao Yao. Have you already forgotten the trouble your mom stirred up when she went to her house?”


The words that Yang Le Le said was a direct hit to Yang Xiu Er’s sore spot, and she waited to see just what Yang Xiu Er would do about it.


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Sure enough, Yang Xiu Er’s eyes were filled with alarm and she snapped angrily, “I’ve helped her so many times, how could she be so ungrateful?”


Just when Yang Le Le was about to respond, she heard Ning Meng Yao’s cold voice, “You said you helped me out a lot, may I ask just what did you help me with?”


Ning Meng Yao’s voice caused Yang Xiu Er to subconsciously shrunk back in fear. She lowered her head and became silent.


“Yang Xiu Er you said that Yao Yao owes you. In that case, here in front of all these people, let’s talk about it. Let’s see who it is that owes the other more.” Yang Le Le said directly.


An alarmed and bewildered expression finally appeared on Yang Xiu Er’s face. She started to stammer out a response only to realize she really hadn’t done anything to help Ning Meng Yao before.


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