Chapter 11 – Rank 1 Mental Power

“I have a boyfriend”

“Him? He is just trash, following him will only make you experience many sufferings”

Yang Tian waved his hand and said disdainfully.

The next moment, before Guan Qing Xue could react, she was brought into the small house within the manor.

Guan Qing Xue did not move for a while and she suddenly felt nervous. However, when she saw Yang Tian had walked out of the house, her expression turned calm again.

Yang Tian lightly smiled when he left the building. Compared to the indifferent attitude of her previous life, the current Guan Qing Yan acted exactly like an ordinary girl.

“Watch them properly”

Yang Tian ordered the mutated pig to watch them. The smell of the pig pen could hide the scent of humans, Yang Tian would not mind letting them stay if they know their place and remain inside the pig pen. If they start having any weird ideas, he would not hesitate to kill all of them.

Yang Tian sat outside the house and took out the Mental Energy Crystals.

Ten Mental Energy Crystals would be enough for Yang Tian to reach Rank 1, there would be no need for him to wait for the Blood Rain three days later.

Yang Tian’s current Mental Power was too weak, to make it easier for him to absorb the crystals, he needs to place it at a location closest to his brain. In the future when his Mental Power strengthens, he would not need to do so anymore.

Yang Tian placed an energy crystal on his forehead, he controlled his weak Mental Power and slowly absorbed the Mental Energy Crystal.

The Mental Energy Crystal seemed to have turned into droplets of water and slowly flowed inside Yang Tian’s brain. The process of absorbing Mental Energy Crystals was the most difficult, merely absorbing one had caused Yang Tian’s head to be covered in sweat.

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Second piece

Third piece


Tenth piece

After absorbing all ten crystals, Yang Tian’s Mental Power has reached Rank 1. Now that his Mental Power has been improved, Yang Tian would be able to perform a more active role during the Blood Rain infusion.

His Mental Power has reached Rank 1, but without the right ability, it would be hard for him to properly display the full advantage of Mental Power.

However, with Rank 1 Mental Power, Yang Tian now possessed the ability to communicate with the mutated fruit tree.

It was now the morning of the second day, it took an entire night for Yang Tian to finish absorbing all the Mental Energy Crystals.

The nine students remained obediently within the pig pen. With the mutated pig watching them, they did not dare to pull any tricks.

Yang Tian took out a box of hardtacks, three chicken jerkies and a bottle of coke, and went inside the small house. Guan Qing Yan was currently seated on the chair and fiddling with her handphone.


Yang Tian placed the food he took from the warehouse in front of Guan Qing Xue.

“Thank you”

When Guan Qing Xue saw the food in front of her, she found it hard to believe that Yang Tian had brought it here for her.

Guan Qing Xue took a meat jerky and slowly chewed it while occasionally taking a sip of coke.

“Stop fiddling with that thing, it cannot be fixed”

Yang Tian pointed at the pink handphone on the table and spoke. The moment that Apocalypse arrived, the change in Earth’s magnetic field would cause all electronic equipment to be destroyed, resulting in Earth nearly entering a state of paralysis.

Yang Tian remembered that it was only until very late into the Post-Apocalyptic Era did humans started to slowly stand up against the otherworlds invasions and was no longer placed in a passive position. After that, a group of weirdos appeared within the Celestial Empire, they came together to form an organization that specialized in researching the new magnetic field of Earth. In the end, they even succeeded, however, their success at that time was only at the level of reinventing the lightbulb and other miscellaneous stuff.

They had once declared that given enough time and resources, they would be able to restore Earth to the Scientific Era. However, before Yang Tian could witness if they were successfully or not, he died within the mountain cave.

“Do you have a phone here? We can try contacting the outside world, it is better than being stuck here”

“You can forget about it. The outside world is currently several times more dangerous than this place. They could not even save themselves, yet you want them to come and save you?”

Yang Tian dealt a mercilessly blow. Rather than let her indulge in false hopes, it was better if she could come to terms with the current cruel reality.

“Impossible, the monsters are only relatively large. With our level of technology, it is impossible that we are unable to deal with them” Guan Qing Xue did not believe Yang Tian’s words.

“Earth’s magnetic field had experienced a change, the technology that you spoke of no longer exists. When humans lose their high-tech weaponry, do you still think we can remain at the top of the food chain?”

“In the current Earth, even rats have become more powerful than humans. How long do you think humans can survive under such circumstances?”

“Impossible, these are all your one-sided statements”

Still unwilling to face reality?

Yang Tian no longer tried to persuade her. It was enough if his words had some effect on her, she would eventually come to terms with reality.

Yang Tian walked out of the house to give Guan Qing Xue some space to think alone.

He was feeling hungry

Yang Tian went to the warehouse and took out a sack of rice. He found a large vat and filled it with half a bag of rice and the remaining portion with water. He started a fire underneath the large vat and added some seasoning inside the vat.

However, this was not for the students to eat, it was food for the mutated pig.

After cooking for an entire hour, the rice was finally cooked.

Yang Tian had sealed the large vat firmly, preventing any fragrance from coming out. After that, he went to fill a bucket of mud and poured it inside the vat the instant he unsealed it. By mixing the cooked rice with mud, it would hide the fragrance of the food.

If he did not cook the rice, one bag would certainly not be enough to fill the needs of the mutated pig. However, if it was cooked, half a bag would be enough to satisfy it.

The mutated pig was also not picky, it would accept anything as long as it was edible.

“Oink Oink”

The student’s stomach started to growl when they saw the mutated pig enjoying its meal. Especially when they saw its satisfied expression, they felt even hungrier.

Yang Tian took out a bottle of water and some pieces of pork jerky from the warehouse. These would be enough to fill his stomach.

Yang Tian did not deliberately avoid the students when he started eating.

After having his fill, Yang Tian started to work. He wants to try communicating with the mutated fruit tree.

His Rank 1 Mental Power moved through the fruit trees and reached the one in the center.

“This is my territory”

When Yang Tian was within close range of the fruit tree, it received a warning from it.

“This is my manor”

“Get out of my territory, don’t blame me for not warning you”

“If you have the ability, you would have acted long ago. Why are you shrinking back there?”

Plant creatures would never tolerate other creatures being near them. However, Yang Tian was still able to stay within the manor safely. The only explanation for this situation was because the mutated fruit tree’s ability had a strong limitation.

“However, you also do not dare to offend me”

Its intelligence was not weak, this was the first conclusion that Yang Tian reached. Now that his Mental Power had reached Rank 1, Yang Tian was able to determine the rank of the mutated fruit tree and it was also a Rank 1. Yet the mutated fruit tree displayed a much higher power when it dealt with the Red Carapace Beetle of the same rank.

Covered in thorns, the fruits it produced was black and it possessed quite a level of intelligence. Only a handful of Rank 1 creatures fit this description.

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