Chapter 12 – Incoming Wolf Wave

Yang Tian could only communicate with it using his Rank 1 Mental Power, and it was still not enough to identify the exact species of the mutated fruit tree.

Unable to sustain the connection for long as his Mental Power was still at Rank 1, Yang Tian retreated.

The distance between Yang Tian and the mutated tree was at least a hundred meters. Using Rank 1 Mental Power to communicate across such a long range was also very demanding.


Yang Tian wiped the sweat off his forehead. Just using his Mental Power to communicate was not enough. Without an ability to back him up, he was unable to produce enough threat to subdue the mutated tree.

Having depleted large amounts of his Mental Power, Yang Tian sat down and rest.

By the time he recovered, it was already past noon, and no insects came to harass them.

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It seems like otherworld creatures preferred to gather around places that were densely populated such as cities, unlike mutated animals that preferred to roam around in the wilderness.

There was a large mountain behind the manor, on its left was a river, it was also the place that the Blood Water Fleas attacked the students. On the right was a quite populated town, it was likely that many of the otherworld creatures have gathered there. Stretched in front of the mountain, was a patch of forest.

Before the Apocalypse,  Yang Tian would sell the fruits and vegetables produced in his manor to the town on the right or a wholesale buyer. The town on the right was also the only way for him to reach F City.  Even now, that road was the shortest way for him to enter the city.

At least he knows that inside the town, there would only have Rank 1 otherworld creatures. However, he could not say the same for the animals who have mutated and hiding within the forest and mountain.

Earth’s animals that have experienced mutation might not be any less dangerous than the otherworld creatures.

“What do you want.”

Lee Si Kai approached Yang Tian slightly embarrassed.

“Can we buy some food from you.”

They have not eaten for an entire day, so it was natural that they were starving. Lee Si Kai wanted to buy some food from Yang Tian.

“Sure! However, what are you going to buy them with.”

Yang Tian did not believe that Lee Si Kai would still have another Devil Fruit on him. Being able to find one had likely used up all his luck.

“With this”

Mental Energy Crystal

Lee Si Kai held one in his hand. He got this during the initial clash between the Blood Water Fleas and Nightwalker Bats, one of the bats died near him, and Lee Si Kai was lucky enough to pick it up when the crystal fell out of the bat’s head.

“It is only enough to exchange for one meat jerky.”

Yang Tian spook without expression. His reply disappointed Lee Si Kai. He initially thought that the crystal would be enough to exchange for a portion of food.

During yesterday’s trade, when Lee Si Kai saw how Yang Tian had allowed them to stay here for that strange looking food, he thought that this crystal would surely possess a higher value than that fruit.

However, when he took it out today. It was apparent that the fruit was of much higher value than the crystal.

“Can… you give some more?”

Lee Si Kai thickened his skin and asked, one piece of jerky was truly not enough to share amongst nine people.

“No. You can also eat it yourself and tell the rest that you did not manage to exchange for any food” Yang Tian immediately saw through Lee Si Kai’s thoughts.

However, in the Post-Apocalyptic Era. If you could not even take care of yourself, how could you think of taking care of others?

Yang Tian took out a piece of pork jerky and placed it in Lee Si Kai’s hand.

“Take it. They will have a huge argument just for the sake of one bite of this jerky. However, if you eat it yourself, they would not be able to say much about you. Besides, this is your food; eating it is also your right.”

Lee Si Kai’s eyes were initially filled with hesitation, but after hearing Yang Tian’s words, decisiveness replaced his uncertainty.

“Don’t choke yourself.”

Lee Si Kai stuffed the jerky inside his mouth.

That’s right. It was something that he had exchanged for, why must he share it with them.

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Maybe it was because he was too hungry, Lee Si Kai finished the jerky within a couple of bites. However, one piece of jerky was not enough to satisfy the stomach of a Cheetah Warrior.

“Still hungry?”


“I think we can make a deal.”

“What deal?”

“Your soul.”


From Lee Si Kai’s point of view, the thing called Soul was fuzzy and intangible, and as an Atheist, he did not believe in the existence of a soul. However, witnessing the presence of large monsters now, Lee Si Kai was starting to think that the soul that Yang Tian spoke of might genuinely exist.

“No. I need to think about it.”

Even if he has doubts about the existence of a soul, Lee Si Kai strongly believed that trading his so-called soul would have a significant impact on himself. It was something he cannot decide rashly.

After eating the jerky and temporarily relieving the condition of his stomach, Lee Si Kai returned.

Sounds of arguments came from the pig pen, the other four boys with Hu Jun leading were showing hostility towards Lee Si Kai. However, with the mutated pig watching over them, they dare not act rashly.

The four girls were all timidly hiding at one corner. It was the first time they saw such a situation as well. For the sake of food, everyone was no longer as harmonious as before, and it seemed like they have also lost trust with each other.

Only by hugging themselves would they seem to feel some sense of security.

The night quickly fell. They did not encounter any danger during the day, but that did not mean that night would pass peacefully as well.

Guan Qing Xue stayed within the small house the entire day. It seemed like she was still unable to accept the shocking news from Yang Tian.

Yang Tian peeked through the window and saw that Guan Qing Yan has been seating on the dining table and has never moved.

Still fiddling with the handphone?

Guan Qing Xue was not willing to believe Yang Tian and kept fiddling her handphone. Each time she pressed on the power button, her eyes would hold a trace of expectation. However, it was quickly replaced with disappointment.

At night, Yang Tian held the Tang Saber in his hand and cautiously observed the surrounding situation.

The four students within the pig pen have already slept while the other four boys were still displaying hostile intentions towards Lee Si Kai. They wanted to give Lee Si Kai a lesson, but with the huge mutated pig nearby, they did not dare to act. Lee Si Kai also stopped entangling with them and went to a corner to rest.



Yang Tian frowned, this was the situation that he least wanted to encounter.

“Ah-woo ah-woo… ah-woo”

Wolf wave

When a wolf wave appears, it meant that there was a Wolf King within the wolves.

A large group of mutated wolves was not something the current manor could handle. He hopes that their target was not somewhere near the manor.

The howls of the wolves have instantly woken up the students. The eyes of the mutated pig were also filled with nervousness, it was an instinct of fear between the two species.

“What happened?”

Guan Qing Xue also heard the wolf howls inside the house and quickly came out. The students also came out of the pig pen and stood beside Yang Tian.

“Prepare for battle.”

These three simple words immediately caused the students to turn pale. It was as though they saw death approaching.

“You should return into the house and remain there.”

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