Chapter 13 – Mutated Wild Wolves

“We want to go in as well.”

The four female students requested beseechingly when Yang Tian got Guan Qing Xue to hide inside the house.

“Not possible. You can either leave this place or fight.”

Yang Tian did not pause to think when he rejected them. He only wants to protect Guan Qing Xue, the others were at most flower vases, and he did not need flower vases.

Yang Tian took out nine Tang Sabers and eight shields from the warehouse and tossed it in front of them. One of the shields was corroded by acid, so he has only eight left. However, there were nine of them. Therefore one of them would eventually lack a shield to use as protection.

“Hold them well. These are capital that will determine whether if you survive or not.”

Lee Si Kai was the first to take up a Tang Saber and shield, Hu Jun hesitated for a moment before he equipped himself as well. The boys have stronger adaptability than the girls before the girls could equip themselves, they have already taken a set for themselves.

“There… there’s one less shield.”

The last girl who when to take the equipment said timidly.

However, what replied her was Yang Tian’s disregard.

“Everyone spread out. Immediately kill any the mutated wolves that enter.”

Following Yang Tian’s arrangement, all of them were spread evenly along the walls of the manor. The boys were still okay, but it was apparent that the girls were unable to hold both the Tang Saber and the shield at the same time.

As for the girl with only one Tang Saber, tears were forming at the corner of her eyes but when she saw Yang Tian just looked at her coldly. She finally chose a spot and stayed there.

“Go inside the house immediately.”

Yang Tian said when he saw Guan Qing Xue blankly standing at her original position and not moving.

Only after she heard Yang Tian’s voice, did Guan Qing Xue slowly go into the small house.

Why did he treat her so coldly when they first met but suddenly became so nice to her after knowing her name? He even knew the name of her student, Xiao Mei Yi, but why was Xiao Mei Yi sent out to fight as well?

Guan Qing Xue thought of many things, but none of them was a reason she could convince herself with.

Rank 1 Cheetah Warrior

Rank 1 Flame Warrior

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They could be said to be the main fighting force in the upcoming battle. As for the other students, they could not even hold their weapons properly. In Yang Tian’s eyes, they were sometimes no different from baits.


The sounds of wolves kept increasing, even Yang Tian’s eyes revealed a trace of nervousness.

If it were his previous life, Yang Tian would just need to only wave his hand, and a Rank 7 Beast Wave would be torn apart by his tamed beasts, let alone a Rank 1 Beast Wave. However, the current Yang Tian was only an ordinary human whose Mental Power has reached Rank 1. And without the corresponding abilities, it was very hard for him to bring out the advantages of his Mental Power.

It was akin to having a gun, but you do not have any bullets. It might be possible to use it to frighten someone, but during moments when it matters, it would not be of much use.

The sounds of wolves were getting closer and closer, the girl with only one Tang Saber started to cry. However, when she saw Yang Tian’s cold gaze, she immediately controlled herself.

If she were to continue crying when Yang Tian looked at her, he would immediately kill her without the need for the wolves to come. Yang Tian did not want her to expose their positions due to her cries and place them in a passive position.

It might also because she had sensed Yang Tian’s killing intent that made her stop crying.

They are coming.

A mutated wolf entered the estate and glared at Yang Tian and the rest viciously when it saw them.

“Act now.”

The mutated pig was the first to charge towards the mutated wolf. However, a wolf was much more agile than a pig, it easily evaded the attack of the mutated pig.


A Tang Saber slashed the left foreleg of the wolf, due to the lack of strength, the attack only managed to injure it and not enough to hack the leg off.

Fortunately, a Cheetah Warrior was known for its speed.

The one who attacked successfully was Lee Si Kai. With his legs in beast form, he could produce speeds that were on par with a mutated wolf.

The ferocity of the mutated wolf was ignited after being injured.

However, Yang Tian would not give it time to react as he immediately hacks down on the mutated wolf. In terms of speed, he might not be like Lee Si Kai, but in terms of experience, no one could outmatch Yang Tian.

The mutated wolf wanted to escape out of Yang Tian’s attack range, but Yang Tian was prepared for this long ago, he threw a Scimitar at the retreating beast.

The retreating beast had no way to react in time as the Scimitar struck its chest.

On top of that.

The mutated pig attacked once again, and this time, the mutated wolf could no longer evade the attack. The half-meter long fangs of the mutated pig pierced through the mutated wolf’s chest.

The mutated wolf wanted to release a final howl, but Yang Tian would not give it any chances, he stabbed the Tang Saber into the vocal cords of the beast.

“Quick” Yang Tian shouted towards Lee Si Kai.

Lee Si Kai understood Yang Tian’s intent, he gripped his Tang Saber and hacked the neck of the mutated wolf.

Not enough?

The blade stopped when it was one third into the mutated wolf’s neck.


Lee Si Kai hacks several more times, finally detaching the mutated wolf’s head from its body.

The mutated pig released its fangs, and Yang Tian checked the head of the wolf.

Fortunately, there was an energy crystal. Mutated wolves belong to agility-type beasts, the energy crystals they develop was of that attribute. Agility-Type Energy Crystals were also compatible with Lee Si Kai.

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“Absorb it.”

Yang Tian passed the energy crystal to Lee Si Kai. Lee Si Kai was one of their main fighters, it would be best that he could get as powerful as possible so that they could better face the approaching situation.

“How do I absorb it?” Lee Si Kai looked at energy crystal uncertainly and asked.

“Just eat it, and it will do.”

Lee Si Kai placed the energy crystal in his mouth. He initially thought that it would be hard to swallow, but when the crystal entered his mouth, it easily slid pass his throat and stayed within his stomach.

“My strength… and speed are increasing.”

Lee Si Kai was startled at the growth of his attributes. His speed has increased by a third. If he eats more of this, won’t it be…

“Every time you absorb the same type of energy crystal, the effects of the crystal will scale down.”

Yang Tian immediately destroys Lee Si Kai’s fantasy. Seeing that his thoughts have been recognized, Lee Si Kai scratched his head embarrassingly.

“Stay alert in the next fight.”

Yang Tian was not only telling this to Lee Si Kai, but to the rest who has yet to act.

A Rank 1 mutated wolf was easy to handle, but it would not be the same if they come in twos and threes.

The beast wave had only just started, there were still many mutated wolves to come, he could only hope that the mutated wolves that would pass by the manor would not be too much.

Before they could rest, five more mutated wolves entered the estate.

The arrival of five mutated wolves has frightened the students to the point that some even dropped the shields they were holding.

Yang Tian could not be bothered with their condition as he commanded the mutated pig to get ready to act. Lee Si Kai was also afraid, but having just experienced a strengthening, he had developed some confidence.

Three of the mutated wolves charged towards Yang Tian, their animal instincts were telling them that Yang Tian was the most dangerous. As for the other two, they moved away and dashed towards the mutated fruit tree…

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