Chapter 298: A Tide Of Soul Artifact

Cheng Yu searched for a very long time but still couldn’t detect any hidden mechanism. Was his speculation incorrect?

Theoretically speaking, there were so many rare cultivation techniques here. Thus, the treasury should be hidden somewhere here.

“Senior brother, we have picked what we want. We have all copied down whatever we need. All the original copies are right here.” Just when Cheng Yu was contemplating, Tian Xing walked over and spoke.

“Alright. Then I shall keep them away. In the future, if there’s any more cultivation technique you wish to learn, you can come to look for me! However, I must still remind you. Don’t bite off more than what you can chew. Learning too many cultivation techniques has no advantage. The principal behind reading them was to study them!” Cheng Yu explained.

Although earth-rank cultivation technique was rare, it could still be found as one wishes. If a cultivator wishes to learn one, they can always go over to any number of auction houses to buy it. Of course, whether you could afford it was another issue. To Cheng Yu, even if he came across heaven-rank cultivation technique, he would only pick those he wished to learn. Otherwise, he would need to spend a lot of time studying it, making it a waste of time.

“En. We will be prudent in our choices.” Tian Xue nodded.

Followingly, the trio searched the room attentively.

“Senior brother, I think the treasury isn’t hidden in this room. Although what you previously said is very reasonable, I have also heard of another saying. ‘More dangerous a place was, the safer it is.’ I feel that the Palace Master had exploited this saying and hid the treasury at a place everyone could see.” Tian Xing was discouraged after discovering nothing.

“Impossible!” Cheng Yu shook his head.

“Why is it not possible? I feel that this is very likely. Normally, everyone would think that the treasury is hidden at some secret place. Hence, he purposely placed it at such an obvious location.” Tian Xing felt that his speculation was correct.

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“Firstly, where the treasury was located at wasn’t important. Even if the guards knew of it but do they dare to sneak in and steal the treasures in it? The reason why it was hidden away was not to protect the treasury but the treasures within it. Secondly, the palace master would certainly enter in and out of the Treasury frequently. Thus, this reasoning would never work if it was placed at an obvious location.” Cheng Yu analyzed.
If it was himself, he would definitely not do the very opposite. His wealth will all be placed somewhere hidden. This way, it would be convenient for him to enter in and out of the chamber as well as to hide a lot of stuff. By then, so what if people knew there were treasures in it, they wouldn’t be able to enter as well.

Not to mention placing it at somewhere filled with people, even if it was placed somewhere close to his loved one would make it very inconvenient. Therefore, it was better to placed at somewhere private.

“But this private room is only so big. If there’s a hidden mechanism hidden somewhere, we would have found it long ago.” Tian Xing was convinced but there wasn’t any peculiarity in this room. If there was, they would have spotted it long ago.

Looking at the shattered porcelain, Cheng Yu was also at a loss of what to do. Could there be another private room? However, they had already scanned through all the rooms here.

Cheng Yu sat down on the chair and stared at the painting on the wall. The painting show two elder playing chess. One of them was about to place his chess piece down while the others seemed to be in deep contemplation.

Cheng Yu turned around and stared at the other drawing on the other side. A lady wearing a greenish palace dress was sitting on top of a mountain playing zither. Behind her, a stream of water rushing down, turning it into a waterfall. Truly majestic.

In the 3rd drawing, a young man was standing near the window with a book on hand. His eyes were filled with vitality.

On the 4th drawing was a middle age man. He stood in the center of the landscape as he painted.

What does it mean? Playing chess, zither, reading books, painting? Cheng Yu was puzzled. Why would the palace master hang up these 4 drawings?

“Huh? Chess?” Cheng Yu hand was placed on the table. Just nice, he touched onto a chess piece above it.

“Senior brother! What time is it? You still have the mood to play chess?” When Tian Xing saw Cheng Yu was sitting down on the table while holding a chess piece on hand, he voiced out his anxiousness.

“Playing chess, zither, reading book and painting?” Cheng Yu looked at the four drawings and realized it was the four arts that shown how well educated a person was. It seemed as if he had understood the meaning behind those drawings.
“Senior brother! What’re you talking about?” Cheng Yu muttering was too soft, Hence, Tian Xing couldn’t hear it.

Cheng Yu looked at the four drawings. Followingly, he went to one of it as he felt that there was something amiss in the drawing.

“Could the mechanism be hidden in this drawing?” Just when Cheng Yu felt that there was something amiss in the drawing, Tian Xue walked over to Cheng Yu.

“I feel that there’s a profound meaning behind these drawings as if it represented something. Take a look at these four drawings. It represented the four major arts. And the way it was placed also how the four arts was ordered; zither, go, calligraphy, painting. Don’t you feel that it’s very weird?” Cheng Yu replied.

“What’s weird? Perhaps, the palace master likes the four major arts. Thus, he hung it up intentionally! This was also one of the ways to show what he likes!” Tian Xing spoke disapprovingly.

“No. I believe it wasn’t this simple!” Cheng Yu shook his head.

“Then could it be that the position of these four drawings is off?” Tian Xing pointed at those drawings and spoke.

“Hmmm……” Cheng Yu had also just realized the problem. But what relation did it have to the mechanism? Could the mechanism be hidden under this table?

Cheng Yu walked over to the table and took a look. There was nothing fishy here.

“Let me try shifting these four tables!” Tian Xing walked to one of the tables.

Pow! “Are you stupid? Did you not see these tables are fixed down and can’t be move? If there is a mechanism hidden in them, wouldn’t it be destroyed by you! If you want to shift, you should shift the drawing!” Cheng Yu slapped onto Tian Xing forehead.

Cheng Yu came before the zither drawing. He truly couldn’t understand the theory behind moving these drawings.

Eh? Just when Cheng Yu was about to take it down, he realized the drawing was also fixed onto the wall. Cheng Yu floated himself up and realized that the string attached to the drawing had penetrated through a weird stone cover.

Cheng Yu stared at the cover cautiously. Subsequently, he removed the cover slowly, it was only then did he discover that there was four channel on the wall. Just so right, the 1st and 3rd channel seemed to be identical to the two protruding sides of the cover.

Under his curiosity, Cheng Yu went over to another drawing. These time, he also pulled out the stone cover. Similarly to the previous stone cover, there was four channel behind it and the protruding side of the cover was identical to the 1st and 2nd channel.

Cheng Yu took a look at the chess drawing. He realized the opposite of it was the zither drawing. Hence, he took out the stone cover from the zither drawing and compared it to the four channels before him. Unexpectedly, the zither stone cover was identical to the 2nd and 3rd channel of the chess channel!

Kacha! Cheng Yu hung the zither drawing up. The zither stone cover had been inserted into the chess drawing channel perfectly.

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Followingly, Cheng Yu brought the chess drawing to where the zither drawing was located previously. However, after trying for some time, the stone cover could not be fitted into any of the 2 channels.

Cheng Yu lowered his head and saw that in the other direction, it was the painting drawing. Cheng Yu went over and took down the painting before hanging the chess drawing on it. Surprisingly, the chess drawing stone cover fitted into 2 of the channels perfectly.

Hence, Cheng Yu followed this method and did it to the other few drawings. Ultimately, all four drawings position had been switched.

Ka~ Ka~ Ka! The book shelve had actually started moving towards its right.

“Open! It’s open! Sure enough, it’s like what I said. Senior brother, this time it’s all thanks to me!” Seeing a new darkroom appearing before the trio, Tian Xing voiced out his complacency.

“Haha. Not bad. You finally do me proud and have learned some superficial knowledge.” Cheng Yu laughed.

“What! This is all because of my intelligence!” Tian Xing retorted.

Pow! Pow! Pow! The moment the dark room was fully opened, the green spirit lights immediately lighted up.

Cheng Yu lead at the front as he carefully threaded his way in.

The corridor of the darkroom wasn’t very long. After entering, Cheng Yu was able to cover everything in a glance. Similarly, it had three doors and the key to opening it was the heavenly tree key.

Cheng Yu opened up the 1st door. Whoosh!

Before the trio had time to react, an extremely domineering green sword image charged over.

Pu! Cheng Yu vomited a mouth of blood and was sent flying off! Whoosh! A dark green sword that was flickering in radiance flew out.

“Supreme-grade Soul Artifact!” Cheng Yu was shocked. He didn’t expect to find a supreme-grade soul artifact here.

However, this supreme-grade soul artifact seemed to be not interested in the trio as it passed through the trio, escaping out.

Whoosh~ Whoosh~ Whoosh! It was at this moment, the other soul artifact inside the room also flew out. In total, there were twenty of them. High-grade Soul artifact, Middle-grade Soul Artifact, low-grade Soul artifact. All grades of artifact can be spotted in the twenty of them.

Tian Xue and Tian Xing gasped in surprised. They had never once witnessed such a magnificent sight before! The soul artifacts flew out like a tide!

“Wish to escape?” Cheng Yu was also taken aback. He hurriedly flung the heavenly tree key out towards the supreme-grade soul artifact. It was a supreme-grade soul artifact he was talking about. Just a step more and it would become an immortal artifact. How could Cheng Yu let it escape away? Besides, there was a group of rebellious ‘kid’ following behind it.

Buzz Buzz Buzz! The heavenly tree key shone in green radiance as it rushed towards all the soul artifact. The soul artifacts slowly quieten down as if they had all been hypnotized. Subsequently, the low-grade soul artifact fell to the ground.

Not long later, the middle-grade soul artifact also fell to the ground. Ultimately, the high-grade and supreme-grade soul artifact as well.

Cheng Yu turned elated and quickly went forward to retrieve all of them away.

“Senior brother, you have strike rich this time. Even a supreme-grade soul artifact had appeared. Can you give us one high-grade soul artifact? Middle-grade is fine as well!” Witnessing such a magnificent sight, Tian Xing quickly went forward to bootlick.

“No way!” Cheng Yu shook his head solemnly.

“Oh……” Tian Xing immediately nodded his head disappointedly.

“Is not me being petty. But soul artifact is truly too alluring. The current two of you already have a defensive and offensive soul artifact. It is sufficient for you two. If I were to give you a middle-grade soul artifact, you will not be able to fully utilize its strength, it would also bring you endless troubles. If others were to know that you two possess middle-grade soul artifact or even worst, a high-grade soul artifact, I believe your days will be numbered.” Cheng Yu didn’t wish for them to develop any weird thinking. Hence, he explained.

“I understand, senior brother.” Tian Xing nodded. However, his mood was still very depressed.

“I promise you two. As long as you can break through to the Nascent Soul Realm, you can come over to look for me. I will gift you a middle-grade soul artifact. Perhaps, even high-grade soul artifact wouldn’t be a problem. I will absolutely not be stingy.” Cheng Yu promised.

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