Chapter 299: Spiritual Crystal Vein!

“I promise you two. As long as you can break through to the Nascent Soul Realm, you can come over to look for me. I will gift you a middle-grade soul artifact. Perhaps, even high-grade soul artifact wouldn’t be a problem. I will absolutely not be stingy.” Cheng Yu promised.

Without possessing monstrous strength and yet used such an alluring treasure would only bring them nothing but troubles. Cheng Yu didn’t wish for them to die and also for the soul artifact to fall into enemy hands.

“Really? Senior brother, you had said it yourself. When the time comes, you mustn’t go back on your words.” Obtaining Cheng Yu’s promise, the disappointed Tian Xing immediately liven up.

“Of course. As long as you possess sufficient strength, I would never go back on my promises. However, with your current strength, you might need to put in a little more effort. Otherwise, I might give out your soul artifact to someone else.” Cheng Yu laughed.

“What? How can you! Senior brother, you must definitely leave one behind for senior sister and me. We will certainly put in more effort in cultivating.” When Tian Xing heard Cheng Yu had the intention to gift the soul artifact away, he immediately got anxious as he replied hurriedly.

“Alright. Be relieved! With your current cultivation speed, it might be a long time before you can even reach the Nascent Soul Realm. Perhaps, I would already have piled up a number of supreme-grade soul artifact for you to choose from.” Cheng Yu also hoped for them to grow stronger faster. After all, he only had these two friends in the cultivation world. It was natural for him to hope that they can become a lot stronger.

“Hmph! Don’t look down on us. When the time comes, you better not humiliate yourself if you can’t bring out a pile of supreme-grade soul artifact for us to choose from.” Although she knew that Cheng Yu was doing so for their sake, Tian Xue still felt extremely dissatisfied after being looked down by Cheng Yu.

“That’s if you truly had such ability. Even if I need to rob one back for you, I would also do it.” Cheng Yu joked. Hmph, do they really think that breaking through to the Nascent Soul Realm is that easy?

“Senior brother, then I also want a supreme-grade soul artifact!” Hearing his senior sister reward had upgraded, Tian Xing also wished for one himself.

“Sure. There’s still quite some treasures inside. You two can pick a few to keep for yourself!” Cheng Yu was too lazy to continue bickering with both of them. There was still a bunch of treasures waiting for him to be received.

Previously, this place was the core of the forest city. Such a prestigious and flourishing place was not something those protector palaces could be compared with. Cheng Yu was filled with expectant towards the other two treasure doors.

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Cheng Yu brought the heavenly tree key with him to the 2nd door. Inserting the key in, the stone door gradually opened! Spiritual qi. A tremendous amount of spiritual burst out, causing Cheng Yu to be astonished. Such dense spiritual qi made him feel that he had as if returned back to the immortal world.

“Spiritual Crystal Vein!” Cheng Yu was capering madly in joy. This place actually had a Spiritual Crystal Vein! No wonder the spiritual qi here was so much denser.

Spiritual Crystal Vein was born from crystal veins that had absorbed a countless amount of spiritual qi. The spiritual crystal not only could produce spiritual qi, but it could also create artifacts.

In the Death Fantasy Ocean, when Cheng Yu arrived at Huoyu’s nest, he found five spiritual crystal. But over here, he discovered a Spiritual Crystal Vein! The happiness index in him grew exponentially as he felt that this discovery was a dream to him.

The joy in him was abnormally high as he looked at the glistening Spiritual Crystal Vein hovering above the room.

“My God! This……. This is a Spiritual Crystal Vein!” Tian Xue and Tian Xing had also come over. When they saw the spiritual crystals floating over them, both of them widened their mouth in stupefied.

In today’s cultivation sect, Spiritual Vein was already something very precious to them. As for Spiritual Crystal Vein, perhaps only those secluded sects like Limitless Palace would possess them.

But now, there was a Spiritual Crystal Vein before them. How shocking was it to them?

With a wave of the hand, Cheng Yu stored the Spiritual Crystal Vein into his Mountain River Diagram. The Spiritual Crystal Vein immediately grew countless time bigger, extending out to thousands of kilometers. Looking at such a scene, Cheng Yu was almost about to turn mad.

Cheng Yu no longer hesitated himself as he stored the other 10 spiritual veins that were hovering about the sky, throwing them into the Mountain River Diagram.

When the duo saw Cheng Yu kept so many treasures into the Mountain River Diagram, they gulped down several mouths of saliva as they hesitated to voice out their opinions.

After all, Spiritual Vein was truly too precious. Even though Cheng Yu already possesses so many of them, if they asked him to gift them one, it was nigh impossible for it to happen.

This time, Cheng Yu didn’t elaborate himself because he knew that if he spoke about it, it might possibly hurt their friendship. Cheng Yu stored away 80% of the spiritual stone portion, leaving behind the others for the duo.

All the wealth of the Heavenly God Palace was in this place. Just 20% alone was already very petrifying. After all, this 20 % was a lot more compared to the 25% they received previously. Besides, the tremendous amount of spiritual stone was sufficient for them to squander as much as they wish. But Cheng Yu was different from them. He still had a grand plan that still needed to be fulfilled. Regardless of how much resources he obtained, he felt that it was never enough.

Cheng Yu arrived at the 3rd stone door and opened it. An incomparably rich pill fragrance burst out from within. Cheng Yu stored the majority of the spiritual-grade pills away. Followingly, he arrived beside a large box. The box didn’t seem like it was used to store pills.

With his curiosity in place, Cheng Yu opened it. Inside was a few pieces of jade bamboo slips. Cheng Yu used his mental energy to read through the details within. The cultivation technique was called ‘ 3 Dan God Fantasy Technique’. When Cheng Yu continued reading the details, he got more and more astonished before reaching a petrified state.

This was clearly the Arts of Derivation From All Living Things. However, it seemed to only be a portion of it. Under his astonishment, Cheng Yu read the other slips. One of them was ‘6 Dan God Fantasy Technique’. After reading the content within, Cheng Yu was shocked to the point of being speechless.

How could it be like this? Cheng Yu’s mind was in chaos. This was clearly a portion of Arts of Derivation From All Living Things. That was to say that the reason why he had six Golden Core was that he was cultivating the Arts of Derivation From All Living Things?

But why would this place possess the Arts of Derivation From All Living Things cultivation technique? Could Cultivator Thousand Saint had also transmigrated over? Subsequently, he founded this forest city?

Or that the Palace Master of this forest city had transmigrated to his previous world, becoming Cultivator Thousand Saint? Cheng Yu mind was in chaos as he pondered.

Ta Ta Ta! Hearing Tian Xue duo footsteps, Cheng Yu didn’t have the time to read through the other bamboo slips before storing the box away. Followingly, he kept away another portion of the pills, leaving behind some for the duo.

“Senior brother, journeying with you have truly broadened my horizon. How could this be called training? It’s clearly looting resources. I believe with the senior brother’s current wealth, it is sufficient to open up a big sect in the cultivation world. Haha!” Seeing Cheng Yu leaving behind so many pills for them, Tian Xing was extremely happy.

“One must be low-key. If you still wish to get your supreme-grade soul artifact in the future, you better not leak out any of it you had experience here. Otherwise, once the whole cultivation world becomes my enemy, you will also be finished!” Cheng Yu warned.

In this world, which sect would possess 20+ spiritual vein and also an extremely precious spiritual crystal vein? By comparison, Cheng Yu was certainly the wealthiest person in the cultivation world.

Of course, compared to the whole cultivation world, Cheng Yu’s wealth could be counted as nothing. But when compared to those big sects, it was a tremendous amount.

Although Cheng Yu possess more resources than all the other sects, he still must not look down on them. Especially so for the ten great sect as well as the secluded sects. The resources he obtained from the death forest was accumulated after countless of years but those sects had also been through generations after generations. The amount of wealth they accumulated in all those generations wouldn’t be much lesser than him. The only thing that could cause a significant difference was that these sect had big expenditures while the palaces he obtained the resources from no longer had any expenditures.

Regardless, with the resources on hand, it was sufficient for Cheng Yu to establish a supreme sect. However, he wouldn’t do it. At least for now.

A Golden Core Realm cultivator creating a supreme sect. Although he might be able to recruit people, the people he attracts might not necessarily harbor good intentions. The worst-case scenario would be a supreme expert coming over to eliminate Cheng Yu, stealing away his resources. Therefore, this was not any different from committing suicide.

The only thing Cheng Yu could do now was to keep a low-profile and slowly foster his trusted aide as well as his strength.

“Heh heh. Senior brother, you can rest assured. I’m not a big mouth. I wouldn’t tell anyone.” Tian Xue kept the pills away elatedly.

“Alright. Since you have taken your share, let’s get out of this place.” Now that he had completed his objective and also obtaining so many resources, Cheng Yu couldn’t wait to return back to the secular world.

“What’s wrong?” On their way out, Cheng Yu saw Tian Xue acting somewhat worried.
“Are we just leaving just like this?” Tian Xue asked.

“Of course. Do you still wanna stay here? Don’t you wish to treat your mother earlier?” Cheng Yu truly couldn’t understand this woman. When they couldn’t find the god water, she would mumble that she needed to look for god water every single day. Now that they found it, she still wants to continue staying here? Isn’t she trying to be ridiculous?

“No. I didn’t mean it that way. I only…… only aren’t assured that the green clay is something that can treat my mother. What if it couldn’t? Wouldn’t my mother be in danger?” Tian Xue voiced out her worries.

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Although they experienced the miraculousness of this soil, they still couldn’t prove that this was the god water. Perhaps, there might be another Death Shrine. And the real god water is inside it?

“This is hard to say. If the god water can really heal your mother illness, this would be it. As far as I know, there are only five palaces in this whole Death Forest. And there is only 1 palace in the core region.” Cheng Yu replied.

“How did you know?” Tian Xue was unconvinced.

“I obtained this information from those keys. Before they were all submerged below the ground, this forest had a total of 5 palaces. You two had followed me for three of them while the other two was located in the Death Swamp and Death Bone Tomb. And inside those two palaces, there was no such god water that you were looking for.” Cheng Yu felt that there was no point concealing it from them.

“Really? Then can this green clay be the one that we are searching for?” Tian Xue felt a lot more assured.

“Of course. That’s all I know. But if the Death Shrine was established after those five palaces had submerged into the ground, then I would truly have no idea.” Cheng Yu further elaborated.

After all, countless of years had passed and all kinds of thing can happen during those years. Therefore, it was not surprising if someone were to had established an influence here.

“Ah? If it’s so, then what should we do? Cheng Yu, how about we continue searching for a while more!” Tian Xue replied hurriedly.

“This…… this was just a speculation. Believe me, this green clay is certainly what you are searching for. At most, once you return, if this isn’t what you are looking for, I will try to find some time and accompany you two back here. How about that?” The corner of his mouth twitched. For what did he analyze the situation. Now he just pulled himself back into this problematic trouble again!

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